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Celebrity Apprentice Episode 11 Recap: Dayana Mendoza and Lisa Lampanelli Duke it Out


Clay Aiken survived last week's defeat on Celebrity Apprentice, when he delegated most of the task to his teammates. One of the big surprises was that Dayana Mendoza and Lisa Lampanelli actually got along. That honeymoon proved to be shortlived.

This week, Team Forte and Team Unanimous had to create, write and produce a jingle for the Good Sam Club - an organization of RV owners. Then, they had to perform the jingle live. The winner would receive $20,000, plus another $25,000, for his or her charity. On top of that, they would receive 100 percent of the money generated by the sale of bobbleheads of the club’s mascot, Good Sam.

Dayana took on the role of project manager for the challenge, which was a dumb move on her part - considering she has zero experience in the music industry. And, Arsenio took the helm for his team.

Dayana's Shoddy Management Drives Clay and Lisa Up a Wall

celebrity apprentice episode 10

Dayana was completely out of her element this week. She was trying to tell Clay and Lisa what to do, despite the fact that they are career performers. She on the other hand, got famous for her "good looks" as Lisa would say.

Dayana was so clueless that she suggested Duran-Duran when Lisa and Clay suggested using 50's or 60's music.

Dayana was left with nothing to do but offer up terrible ideas, which drew the ire of Clay and Lisa.  Even Clay (who is normally under control) got into it with Dayana.

This friction erupted into a full-blown Atomic explosion. Lisa finally had it and revealed to Dayana just how much she can't stand her. She also told her to not even bother speaking to her until she apologizes.

This would be the proverbial nail in the coffin for Dayana should they lose this challenge.

Aubrey Once Again "Does Everything and Comes up With Everything"

For the 11th time in 11 episodes this season, Aubrey boasted about how her (you know what) never stinks. She is the only one on her team with the ideas, a total genius, and God's gift to creativity.

Aubrey overstepped her bounds big-time in the studio when she thrust herself into the mix and sang back-up on the jingle. This left Arsenio flabbergasted.

The team managed to put together a nice enough performance though. It was nothing special, but just a tad better than the other team's jingle. Arsenio said off-camera how Aubrey was much easier to work with this week. Aubrey on the other hand was trashing her teammates behind their backs.

Dayana's Team Loses and It Seals Her Fate

Dayana's shoddy management of the task and her feud with Lisa sealed her doom this week. Donald knows that he can't keep Dayana around when she's clearly not a strong player like Lisa or Clay.

Now, we're down to the final five contestants. Next week, two people will be fired.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Teresa and Aubrey will both get the axe next week. Then, our final three will be rounded down to Arsenio Hall, Lisa Lampanelli, and Clay Aiken.

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