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Celebrity Apprentice Episode 8 Recap: Lou Ferrigno and Lisa Lampanelli Go At It


Last week in episode 7 of Celebrity Apprentice we saw Debbie Gibson get canned, Dee Snider get screwed, and Aubrey O'Day walk off the show at the end. O'Day couldn't take the heat when Arsenio called her out for her BS. In the end, Arsenio was quite emotional over the whole thing because he had a loved one die of AIDS. And, he will do anything for his dear friend Magic Johnson, who runs the charity devoted to providing support for low-income individuals afflicted by the disease.

Turns out Aubrey didn't quit the show. She returned this week reluctantly and smoothed things over with Arsenio (to his face). Then once she was alone and the camera was on her she remarked how she lost all respect for Arsenio Hall and would forever dislike him for saying those "hateful" things towards her.

Team Unanimous is down to just four members after losing Dee last week. Lisa lets it be known to Penn that he better get used to doing 50% of the work with her because Dayana and Lou have a combined "5 brain cells between the two of them." Lisa also calls Lou a loser, which really sticks in his crawl. Later on we see this really come to a head in the boardroom. It's understandable that Lisa gets frustrated by having to carry the load, but she did take the low road this week by insulting Dayana and Lou in that manner.

Team Forte on the other hand is clicking. Aside from Aubrey, everyone on this team likes eachother and respects one another. Clay and Arsenio have forged a nice alliance similar to John Rich and Lil' John last year. This is why I see Clay and Arsenio ultimately making it to the final 4 now that Dee was screwed.

This week Unanimous and Forte are charged with the task of creating a commerical for entertainment.com. They will be graded on brand messaging and the overall effectiveness of the commerical.

Dayana wastes little time in stepping up to be project manager this week, which draws the ire of Lisa. And, Teresa steps up as PM for Team Forte. She wants to redeem herself after her team came up $15 short in a fundraiser last week.

Dayana steps up in a big way this week and finally gets some respect from Lisa. She comes up with a concept for the commerical built around a couple who meets, gets married, and ultimately has a baby. They utilize the APP to find the best places to eat and eventually take their little one.

Team Forte and Unanimous Each Create an Ad for Entertainment.com

On the other team, they decide to make the most use of Paul - by making him look like a grandfather. When Ivanka stops in to see how things are going she is blown away by how "different" Paul looks. She really amazed at how their commercial is coming together. The premise is that Paul's grandfather character walks in on Aubrey's character and her boyfriend who sound like they are ready to engage in sexual intercourse in their room, but instead he's just showing her how to work the APP.

Lou seems turned off by the idea of his team's commercial from the get-go. Rather than utilizing the talent on their team, Dayana decides to use actors for the commerical. Lou also suggests a camera-angle change, but is blown off by Dayana since they "don't have much time."

The executives decide that Team Forte has the better commerical - just slightly. It's a little edgy, and they may turn off people by calling Paul "old fashioned," but their commercial is stronger. Plus they show the mobile APP in use, which is huge.

Things Get Ugly in the Boardroom as Lou Ferrigno Turns on His Team

Now it's yet another week of losing for Lisa's team. Things get really ugly between Lisa and Lou. Lou turns to Lisa and tells her that if she were a man he'd "throw her through that wall" for calling him an "F'ing loser."

And, Lou gets thrown to the wolves after he turns on his team. Like Benedict Arnold, he tells Donald Trump he likes the other team's commercial better. This pisses off Penn, Lisa, and Dayana - who no longer want him on their team.

Lou's fate is sealed and Donald Trump decides to fire him.

Now that Team Unanimous is down to just 3 members to the 5 on Forte, there is a chance Trump will put a new member on their team. Just who will it be? Aubrey? Arsenio?

I am predicting that Aubrey will be placed on their team. She's still not working well with her team and does seem to get along with Lisa. At the same time Lisa and Penn are clicking and are putting themselves in position to make the final 4.

Now that Dee has been eliminated, I am predicting that Clay will take the prize this year.

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