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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: 'Before Sunset'


In last week’s episode, Before Sunset, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) sought out an unlikely ally to save Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) life.
Hostage taking and grief paintingVampire Diaries photo: CW

Caroline (Candice Accola) and Rebekah arrived at the high school for the post-dance clean-up committee. Tyler (Michael Trevino) had to bail on the project because Klaus needed help packing up his house and Tyler was still pretending to follow Klaus’ orders.

Unfortunately for the girls, a resurrected crazy!Alaric (Matthew Davis) was also at the school and he attacked them. After the white-oak stake failed to kill crazy!Alaric, Rebekah escaped and crazy!Alaric took Caroline hostage.

Elena decided to grieve for her supposedly deceased guardian by painting his room and she got Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) to help. Stefan stopped in to check on the Gilbert siblings, making Jeremy wonder if Stefan and Elena were back together. They were not, but Stefan still offered to answer the door at the sound of the bell. Damon and a bleeding-from-the-neck Bonnie (Kat Graham) dropped by with some news. Bonnie had little recollection of what happened, only that the witches wanted crazy!Alaric to drink her blood.

The good news was that a witch could not create an immortal creature, so there had to be a way to un-do Esther’s spell. The bad news was that Bonnie had no idea how. While the boys were talking to Bonnie, Elena got a phone call from crazy!Alaric demanding she come to the high school -- alone -- or he would kill Caroline. Being the good friend she is, Elena slipped out of the house unnoticed by Bonnie, Jeremy and the Salvatores.

Torture and threats get you nowhere

When Elena arrived at the school, crazy!Alaric was torturing Caroline, something he continued to do despite Elena’s protests. Crazy!Alaric claimed the torture would make it easier for Elena to put Caroline out of her misery when the time came. He believed Elena had the training needed to become a true hunter and he was giving her the opportunity to make her first real, stake-through-the-heart kill. Of course Elena still had no intention of killing Caroline, but she managed to fool crazy!Alaric long enough to injure him and help Caroline escape.

Rebekah told Klaus they had to leave town before nightfall, as crazy!Alaric was stuck at the high school without one of those convenient daylight rings. Klaus said he needed to get his doppelganger first, but Rebekah refused to wait and high-tailed it out of there without her brother. Klaus went to Elena’s home, but the Salvatores were less than hospitable and did not invite him in. Klaus then made every attempt possible to get them to change their minds by hurtling objects through the doors and windows. Eventually, the brothers gave in, but only because they learned Elena was being held hostage along with Caroline. Crazy!Alaric claimed he would kill both girls unless Klaus turned himself over. The trio decided it would be best to get rid of crazy!Alaric, once and for all. That was where Bonnie came in.

A real heart-stopper

Bonnie told the vampires her mother had done a desiccation spell on Mikael that kept him immobilized for years and she could do the same to crazy!Alaric. However, they would still need a lot of vampire muscle to put the super-powered immortal down, so Klaus had to work with them. Once Abby arrived in Mystic Falls, Bonnie told her what she wanted to do, but Abby said it was too dangerous and involved some seriously dark forces.  Bonnie said she could handle whatever the spell required, so Abby explained that to desiccate a vampire, you needed to stop the vampire’s heart to end the blood flow. But you could only do that if you stopped a human heart at the same time. Naturally, Jeremy volunteered for the job.Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Bonnie told the others that when she stopped Jeremy’s heart, they would have the power to stop crazy!Alaric’s, but only if they could make contact with his bloodstream. Klaus, fearing for his safety, told the Salvatores that he was the originator of their bloodline, so they -- along with Caroline and Abby -- would die if he did. (An opportune moment to bring this up, should it be true. We still do not know.)

A betrayal that came as no surprise

After Caroline was lost to him, crazy!Alaric turned his rage on Elena. Yet, though she kept prodding him, crazy!Alaric would not kill her. Elena found this odd but was distracted by Klaus and the Salvatores attacking crazy!Alaric. Though crazy!Alaric dispatched the brothers easily enough, Klaus managed to get a nice grip. When Bonnie sensed the connection, she began the spell to stop Jeremy’s heart. Sadly, crazy!Alaric got the upper hand in his struggle with Klaus, thus breaking the connection needed for the spell. Crazy!Alaric was moments away from killing Klaus when Elena threatened to end her own life. She realized that crazy!Alaric could not kill her because Esther had tied his life-span to hers. This way, crazy!Alaric was not a true immortal and he would die when Elena did. Once Klaus heard this, he slithered away and took Elena with him.

Klaus took Elena back to his home and began draining her, both for future hybrid-making and to end the crazy!Alaric threat. Tyler was there and saw that Elena was in danger, but in order to maintain the illusion of his sire-bond, he did not attempt a rescue. When Klaus believed Elena was succumbing to fatigue from the blood loss, he left the room and Tyler used that opportunity to try and free Elena. Unfortunately, Klaus reappeared moments later and Tyler admitted to breaking the sire-bond and no longer being under Klaus’ control. Tyler tried to leave with Elena, but Klaus attacked and Elena got knocked around a bit during the struggle. Luckily, the Salvatores arrived to help Tyler control Klaus.

Stefan, deciding Klaus was now the bigger threat, got a hold on Klaus’ heart and Bonnie began the spell all over again. This time, the connection was maintained and Bonnie absorbed some of that darkness Abby spoke of. As Jeremy’s heart ceased to beat, so did Klaus’ and the vampire began to desiccate. Stefan and Klaus shared a final look as Damon helped Elena to her feet and Bonnie yelled at Jeremy to not die. Apparently the yelling worked, because Jeremy’s heart started back up, while Klaus remained desiccated.

Safe and sound?
Stefan and Damon took Elena home, but quickly bid her farewell because they had an Original to dump in the Atlantic. After the Salvatores left, Elena found her brother and their friends in her kitchen, throwing a victory party. Yes, crazy!Alaric was still out there, but the group was happy to toast to a Klaus-free life. Stefan and Damon were less happy because they were still dealing with triangle-drama, but I suspect there will be more of that in the finale.

After the others left, Jeremy and Elena had a bonding moment. Elena explained her stance on wanting to keep the vampires she cares about alive because, well, she cares about them. Next to crazy!Alaric’s diatribe listing all the reasons vampires should be destroyed, Elena’s heartfelt admission of not wanting her friends to die seemed much more relevant. As Jeremy left his sister to finish that aforementioned paint job, Elena was hit with strange pains and collapsed, spilling paint and blood as she went. And crazy!Alaric told the Council members that Liz and Carol were covering for their supernatural children.

Tune in for the season 3 finale Thursday May 10th to see how it all plays out.

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