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Celebrity Apprentice Episode 13 Recap: Aubrey O'Day Finally Gets Fired


Following last week's double-elimination episode of Celebrity Apprentice, just three members were left standing. celebrity apprentice episode 13 Who would get the axe this week? Arsenio Hall for his attitude? Clay Aiken because he's not strong enough? Or, would it be Aubrey O'Day due being arrogant and a phony?

Turns out that Aubrey got the axe this week because she was too "transparent" according to Marlee Matlin and John Rich - which is the way it should be. As I said before, if she's this so-called "idea person" who comes up with "all of the ideas" on so many losing tasks; then she should be fired.

So now Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken go head-to-head. Donald Trump split them up several weeks ago because they were a little too "buddy-buddy" and it turned out to be for the better of the show. The two most consistent players are in the final challenge. They also happen to be two great guys who don't bring a lot of drama to the game. They are in it for their charities and not because they want to prove to the world how brilliant they are and how worthless everyone else is.

Many Former Members Return For the Final Challenge

Arsenio and Clay are charged with the task of putting on a show for their respective charities. They also must raise a boatload of money. The winner will be judged on the effectiveness of their show and how much money they raise. Sounds simple doesn't it? As we learn so many times, it's far from easy in Celebrity Apprentice.

Ten of the Season 5 participants are brought back and are drafted by Arsenio and Clay.

Clay gets the first pick and decides on choosing Penn Jillette as his top guy. He may have butted heads with him, but you can't argue the man's brilliance. Clay builds his team around Penn and players like Debbie Gibson and Dee Snider who have singing experience. He's playing to his strengths for sure. He also chooses Aubrey with his last pick. She doesn't hesitate to tell us how great she is, even though she's a third-place finisher.

Arsenio decides on putting together a comedy show for the Magic Johnson AIDS Foundation. He chooses Adam Carolla as his top pick, for his comedic skills. He also picks Lisa Lampanelli, Paul Teutul Sr., and Teresa Giudice.

Arsenio and Clay Get To Work

Arsenio entrusts Adam's video guys in California to shoot a video of Magic Johnson for their event. They are getting down to the wire as they wait for the footage to get uploaded.

Adam reveals behind Arsenio's back that his guys aren't video experts, but are podcast specialists. When they play the video of Magic (who is shot sideways) we see why. This could doom Arsenio's entire event. Next week we'll see what he comes up with as a Plan B.

Clay on the other hand, is facing his own challenges. He can't seem to find a proper venue to shoot their video. The baseball field they stumble upon is way too loud. Then they find a softball game underway and get their blessing to use the field to shoot at.

Arsenio and Clay have some major hurdles to overcome heading into next week. While Clay and Debbie are fueding over a disagreement surrounding the wall murals - they also aren't raising much money yet.

Arsenio's team on the other hand, looks to be raising serious money thus far.

It's going to be an intense finale next week. And it won't be a travesty if either Arsenio or Clay wins it this year. They each deserve it.

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