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Vampire Diaries Season Finale Recap: What will Season 4 bring?


In the season three finale, The Departed, the gang went up against crazy!Alaric (Matthew Davis) and several key developments would change all of their lives.
No one and nowhere was safe
The episode opened with a flashback of Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) life before the accident that killed her parents. (These flashbacks continued throughout the episode.) But that was just a dream and in reality, Elena woke up in the hospital after her collapse. Meredith informed Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) that Elena only had a concussion and she would be fine. Then Jeremy called the Salvatores to tell them about Elena’s condition and the boys told Jeremy to get Elena out of the hospital because she was in danger from anyone who would want to use her to kill crazy!Alaric. Jeremy obeyed and the brothers realized only one of them could return to Mystic Falls because someone had to continue on and get rid of Klaus’ body. Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Elena’s friends took her home, while Jeremy went to pick up some food. That was when crazy!Alaric approached Jeremy to ask where Klaus’ body was hidden. Crazy!Alaric promised he would rid the world of vampires and then let them lock him up until Elena lived out her natural life. Either way, crazy!Alaric would find Klaus’ body, but he thought Jeremy should be on the ‘right’ side in this war and protect his sister.

While Jeremy was dealing with his former guardian, Elena had a few moments alone with Matt (Zach Roerig). The two discussed their past and Elena said she feared she was making the same mistakes in the present, but their conversation was interrupted when Stefan (Paul Wesley) came home. At one point, Matt wondered if it would be safer to get Elena out of town but Elena did not want to leave and Stefan backed up her decision, once again proving that he would let Elena make her own choices, even if they were ‘bad’ for her in the long run.

The deal
Elijah made his return to Mystic Falls after learning of Klaus’ desiccation and he wanted to offer our gang a deal. If they could get the white-oak stake away from crazy!Alaric, the Originals would leave town, each going their own way, and crazy!Alaric was sure to follow. All Elijah wanted in return was his brother’s body. Elena said she could not let Elijah resurrect Klaus, but Elijah promised he would leave his brother immobilized for the rest of Elena’s life-span. Elijah promised his siblings would honor the terms of the deal and Stefan left the choice up to Elena, who agreed to Elijah’s deal. Later, Jeremy called crazy!Alaric and gave him the location where they would be burying Klaus. It was all a ruse, but Jeremy thought crazy!Alaric bought it.

Young love
Caroline (Candice Accola) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) arrived at the Lockwood home and their mothers informed them that the Council knew the truth about what they were. Carol and Liz could no longer protect them, so the two would have to leave town if they wanted to survive. Caroline and Tyler debated the choices before them and ultimately decided to leave town, but Caroline wanted to stay to help her friends with their crazy!Alaric problem. The love-birds agreed to meet up again in two hours.

Elena and Stefan shared a moment together. She asked him to protect Jeremy from crazy!Alaric and Stefan said he would do his best to make sure everyone got home safe. Elena was about to tell Stefan something, but decided it could wait until later. Stefan, choosing to hedge his bets, planted a passionate kiss on Elena’s lips, just in case there was no ‘later’.

Leaving and loss
With Elijah and the others off planning crazy!Alaric’s demise, Elena was left alone with Matt and her thoughts. Matt brought Elena tea and asked about her relationships with the Salvatores. Elena explained that being with Stefan helped her figure out how to carry on living after her parents’ deaths. Elena said that was what love should be -- loving the person who made you glad to be alive. Yet, Elena also had feelings for Damon (Ian Somerhalder). She knew she could not love them both, but choosing one would mean losing the other and she did not want to lose anyone else. After yet another flashback, Elena woke up in Matt’s truck and realized her friend had drugged her via the tea. Matt explained that he was getting her out of town because he (and Jeremy) believed it was the only way to keep her safe.

Damon was waiting for Rebekah to show up so she could re-claim her still-desiccated brother, but crazy!Alaric arrived first. Damon had hidden Klaus’ body in one of the many storage units and it would take crazy!Alaric a while to search each one, but when Rebekah arrived, crazy!Alaric turned his attention on her. Damon managed to get to Rebekah first and the two tried to escape with Klaus’ body, but crazy!Alaric caught them. Crazy!Alaric subdued both vampires and went for Klaus, driving the white-oak stake directly into Klaus’ heart. Rebekah screamed as her brother turned into a bonfire and crazy!Alaric decided to make another attempt on Rebekah’s life. Damon stepped in and Rebekah had a few precious seconds to run before crazy!Alaric began chasing after her.

A death in the family?
Damon called Stefan to tell him about Klaus’ death. The brothers knew they had about an hour before they followed Klaus into the grave, assuming Klaus was telling the truth about being their sire. Unfortunately, that was not enough time for Damon to return to Mystic Falls, so Damon told Stefan he would have to say goodbye to Elena for both of them. Jeremy then informed Stefan that Matt was taking Elena out of town, so it seemed neither brother would get a goodbye. Caroline and Elijah showed up at the moment and learned of Klaus’ death, news that sent Caroline running to Tyler. 

When Caroline told Tyler about Klaus’ death, Tyler was only worried about her. In overly dramatic fashion, Tyler said he was a lost cause, but it would be okay because Caroline would have a long and beautiful life ahead of her. He asked her to tell his mother he left town as planned and told her to leave so she would not have to watch him die. When she refused, Tyler began his transition to force Caroline to run away in fear of his deadly werewolf bite. Later, Caroline called Elena to tell her that Tyler had died and Elena broke the news to Matt.Vampire Diaries photo: CW

The Choice
With Klaus dead, there was a real possibility the Salvatores and Caroline would follow shortly there-after, so Elena had a choice to make: Would she return to Mystic Falls to say farewell to Stefan or have Matt drive her toward Damon?

She called Damon and explained that she was returning to Mystic Falls, for Caroline and Tyler as well as Stefan. Damon asked which brother would get the goodbye if the others were not a factor. Elena said she loved Stefan and regardless of what she felt for Damon, she never fell out of love with Stefan. Elena said things may have been different had she met Damon first and Damon claimed to understand. He then quickly hung up, as crazy!Alaric returned for a fight.

The Twists
Rebekah found Elijah and both were distraught over losing Klaus. Elijah told Rebekah that Tyler died, but the others survived, so Klaus must not have been their line’s originator. Rebekah then called Stefan to congratulate him on surviving and to let him know that their deal was off. Rebekah decided she wanted to stop running and that meant putting an end to crazy!Alaric, via Elena. 

Bonnie (Kat Graham) entered the tomb where Tyler died, only he was alive and no longer Tyler. Bonnie made a secret deal with Klaus to save the people she loved by putting Klaus in Tyler’s body, albeit on a temporary basis. Klaus!Tyler pointed out that the spirits would not be pleased with her, but Bonnie said the spirits no longer had a say in what she did and she was done being used.

Elena’s Fate
As crazy!Alaric began to literally beat Damon to death, Damon had a flashback of the moment he met Elena. And, wouldn’t you know it, Damon met Elena first. The two had a conversation in which Damon said Elena wanted an all-consuming love, that she wanted passion and adventure and danger. (I think this was more Damon projecting what he wanted onto Elena, as he was still obsessively in love with Katherine at that point.) Elena’s parents arrived and Damon compelled her to forget their conversation because he was not ready for anyone to know he was in town. Damon’s flashback ended and crazy!Alaric was still hitting him, though he appeared to be weakening. How was that possible?

As Matt and Elena were driving home, Rebekah appeared in their path and Matt had to swerve to avoid hitting her. Matt and Elena then drove off the same bridge where Elena’s parents met their untimely fate. In a flashback, we saw Elena’s father tell Stefan to save Elena while in the present day, Elena told Stefan to save Matt. Stefan, apparently forgetting that he had vampire super-strength, pulled Matt from the car while Elena drowned.

As Crazy!Alaric died in Damon’s arms, the real (yet ghostly) Alaric appeared to Jeremy and said he would always be watching out for him. As nice as that sentiment was, it made Jeremy realize Elena had died. Damon stormed into the hospital looking for Elena and Meredith explained that Elena suffered more damage than she let on, so Meredith ‘helped’ her out. Meredith’s kind of help, as we well know, involved giving her patients vampire blood to speed up their healing, so Elena died with it in her system. The episode’s final shot was of a seemingly dead Elena resurrecting.

At the close of season three, crazy!Alaric was dead, Klaus was possessing Tyler’s body and Elena was becoming a vampire. How will Klaus return to his original form? How will Elena deal with her transition and what affect will it have on those around her? Those questions will hopefully be answered when season four launches this fall.


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