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Celebrity Apprentice Season Finale Recap: Donald Trump Choose Arsenio Hall Over Clay Aiken


Last week on Celebrity Apprentice we witnessed the greatest thing since galvanized steel - when Donald Trump fired Aubrey O'Day.

It has been a hell of a season for Celebrity Apprentice, which is in it's 5th year. The show is a solid ratings-grabber for NBC, which needs all the help it can get as it trails the other three networks in the ratings battles. And the network doesn't seem to be improving anytime soon with new chairman Robert Greenblatt at the helm.

Greenblatt continues to make horrendous decisions such as committing to Parks and Recreation for just 13 episodes, moving Community to Friday night, and ousting it's creator Dan Harmon. One can only hope that Greenblatt doesn't screw with Celebrity Apprentice, because he is ruining NBC's comedy lineup.

Ok, I'm done and off my soapbox about NBC's moron-in-chief. Allow me to get to the recap of Celebrity Apprentice's season finale.

All of the Previous Contestants Return For the Live Show

This week we got to see all of the previous contestants return for the live show. Even Dayana Mendoza showed up. Surprisingly, she and Lisa didn't get into a shouting match. Dayana is still pissed about how Lisa treated her and told Donald Trump she's completely classless. I think Lisa is a good person, but she was way out of line with her treatment of Dayana. It really became personal and didn't need to.

Tia Carrerra was asked about who was the problem for the women's team. Without saying any names we know she's talking about Aubrey O'Day, who referred to her as a woman in her 50's.

During last night's challenge, it was broken up with cuts to the live show. We didn't see any shocking revelations, but rather just a recap of the events over Season 5. 

It's Showtime For Arsenio and Clay 

Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken pull it all together and put on two great shows for their guests. Clay stepped up to Aubrey in a big way. When he saw her trying to upstage him on the night of the event, he stepped in and was speaking with Donald Trump and his son Donald Jr.

Of course Aubrey couldn't wait to tell us that she's the organizer of the show and the reason for Clay being here. Huh? Did I miss something. Aubrey is the one who got fired - not Clay. She's clearly delusional.

Arsenio's show went smoothly. After an early scare, the footage of Magic Johnson turned out just fine. The first clip they looked at was just one of three clips. They ended up getting a frontal shot of Magic. celebrity apprentice season Finale

It's The Moment of Truth As Donald Makes His Decision

The moment of truth arrived at 10:55 P.M. Donald Trump says this is the closest call in the history of the show. He chooses Arsenio Hall as the winner of Celebrity Apprentice. Honestly, it's a good choice. Clay or Arsenio could have won. They were both great on the show and in it to win it for their charities. In the end, they both put on strong shows.

Clay raised a lot more money than Arsenio, but as Donald stated  - they would be judged on the total package. Fundraising was just one element of the show.

Season 5 was the best season yet. Let's hope that Robert Greenblatt doesn't meddle with the chemistry of the show or move it to Thursday nights next year!

We Hope You Enjoyed Our Celebrity Apprentice Recaps. Check in next season as we will feature them every Monday morning!

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