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Memorial Day 2012: Revel Resorts in Atlantic City Gears Up For the Holiday Weekend


You see Revel from afar before you even realize what it is- a 47 story shining silver tower, with a white ball poised on the top about to roll off the slant.Revel Atlantic City 6.3 million feet of beachfront is ready to welcome you to summer. And since the resort is entirely smoke-free, it’s a haven for many vacationers. Revel is set on the boardwalk, with 20 acres of magnificent gardens surrounding the hotel.

Set at the far North end of Atlantic City, the resort and casino brings new meaning to the word vacation- because once you Revel, you’ll never just vacation again.

Right before the opening kickoff of Memorial Day weekend, the Taste of Revel was held in the resort.

A melodious meld of all the chefs of the amazing restaurants of Revel debuted some of their signature dishes at the kickoff bash Friday night, and the attendees were treated some of the most sumptuous foods available by Revel’s esteemed chefs: Alain Allegretti, Marc Forgione, Michel Richard. Latin, Classic American, and Mediterranean cuisines were featured (hello crab mac n’ cheese!) along with decadent desserts. Throughout the weekend, classes were held on the various cuisines, including a paella class by Revel restaurant Amada chef Jose Garces, which was utterly delicious. Furthermore, Iron Chef Jose was knowledgeable and entertaining.

When I got tired, I’d wander up to my room. The tall silver towers house the sleeping rooms. When you come off the elevators to head to the lobby- you are on the 14th floor, not the first- a very unique concept.  On the way to your room, each tower has a living room of sorts with very eclectic furnishing, with games, toys and books to just chill and chat with the concierge if needed.

Then it was up to the rooms, where a truly luxurious experience is awaiting you. These rooms are truly delish. All kinds of little details add up to a getaway that really makes you relax. To open the door, you just flash your keycard at the door (you don’t even have to push it in the slot!), and inside the door a color coded signal for housekeeping or do not disturb is controlled from inside the room, remote controlled lights and drapes. I totally loved this. No need to turn off the light while getting into bed or grope for the light on your way to the bathroom, just push a bottom and a low light goes on, controlling the brightness at your fingertips.Revel Room photo: musicandentertainmentreport.blogspot.com

And every single room has a view of ocean.

Each room has an electronic tablet where you can order room service, find resort and gaming and spa info and well as surf the Internet. This tablet was awesome. I could lie in bed and read off what I wanted to room service, because the tablet is also a phone. Luxurious amenities in a very sexy bedroom with beds you can sink into, you won’t want to leave.

But I did, because I was dying to try out the spa.

I have been to many spas across the US- La Costa, Elemis, some of the best from coast to coast. And now that I have been to BASK, I think I have found the ultimate relaxation spot, and I didn’t even get a treatment!

On the way to the InOut pool is a little shop hiding is the entrance to the spa, which opens up to amazing haven of delight. There are men and women’s wet lounge areas, with chairs and hot tubs, bars with drinks and refreshments. Robes are provided, and in the middle of the entire 32,000-square-foot sanctuary lays a co-ed room with heated mineral pools, a hammam, and a Himalayan-salt grotto.

The mineral pool was glorious, warm and soothing, and you could lounge nearby or relax in the Himalayan-salt grotto. The room is cool, with hundreds of salt blocks giving off negative ions, creating a soothing, rich environment. I wish I could have stayed there all day!

When I wandered out of the spa and back to reality, I went out to the SkyGarden.The SkyGarden is located outside the lobby and is 114 feet above sea level. Reflecting off the curving silver walls of Revel is gorgeous haven to take in Atlantic City’s best views of the sea and stars. This is truly a great place to relax, with many little intimate pathways and places to sit. Revel doesn’t have any straight angles- it’s all curved to reflect the ocean.

Since AC is famous for entertainment, Revel did not disappoint. Maroon 5 on Friday night and The Black Keys on Saturday night kicked off the very first shows ever in Ovation Hall, and the bands are so close you feel as if you’re on stage with them. Just 5,500 seats in the Ovation Center makes for an intimate concert experience with the music swelling around you- and not a bad seat in the house.

After nightly entertainment, the Revel Nightlife comes alive, beginning with Ivan Kane’s Royal Jelly Burlesque Nightclub, where AC’s most beautiful and talented ladies dance and shimmy to your heart’s content.

At any time of day, visit the casino, smoke free and with windows open to the view, how can you not win?!

Next up is the Premiere Weekend- with Beyoncé performing 4 sold-out shows during the Memorial Day weekend. The holiday weekend is pulling out all the stops, with amazing food, entertainment, relaxation, shopping and gaming.

Once you Revel, you’ll never need to vacation anywhere else again.

Special thanks to Gina, Lauren, Chelsea and Kristen of Weber Shandwick, and Revel.

Christine Tarlecki is a P2P writer from the Phoenixville area and can be reached on twitter and FaceBook under engchik, and at engchik@comcast.net.

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