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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: 'Do Not Go Gentle'


In last week’s episode, Do Not Go Gentle, Esther and crazy!Alaric (Matthew Davis) set their plans into motion at the school’s Decade Dance.
Pre-dance preparations
Esther!Rebekah returned home with what she claimed was the white-oak stake and Klaus destroyed it, seemingly ending the threat to the remaining Originals. Klaus said he planned to leave town, but Esther!Rebekah managed to convince him to stay for the dance. Esther!Rebekah met up with crazy!Alaric and had him dagger her so she could return to her original body. Esther, now back in her true form, took crazy!Alaric to a cemetery where she used the magic in his magic ring to render the final white-oak stake indestructible. Now, the stake could be used to kill all the Originals, not just one.Vampire Diaries photo: CW

After Rebekah was a no-show, Caroline (Candice Accola) roped her friends into helping her finalize things for the dance. Caroline suggested that Elena (Nina Dobrev) invite Stefan (Paul Wesley) because it was only fair to give each Salvatore brother equal consideration while Elena was figuring out who she really wanted. When Caroline told Elena that Bonnie (Kat Graham) had invited Jamie to the dance, Elena ran out of excuses and chose to invite Stefan, who eagerly accepted.

3 to Tango
Stefan and Elena hit the dance floor just in time for a slow song to start up. As they began to dance, Stefan noticed how happy Bonnie looked and said he planned to apologize for what happened with Abby, but Elena was quick to point out that Bonnie might not forgive either Salvatore for turning her mom into a vampire. At the mention of Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Elena started to tell Stefan what happened between them in Denver but Stefan cut her off, saying that for now, he did not need to know. The two were well on their way to a great date night when Damon interrupted to bring them bad news.

Things also went sour for Caroline when Tyler (Michael Trevino) showed up at the dance. Caroline was worried that Klaus would find out Tyler had broken his sire-bond, but Tyler claimed he could fake it, if necessary. Of course, Klaus made an appearance and Tyler had to let Klaus dance with Caroline in order to convince his former master that Tyler would still bend to his will. During their dance, Klaus told Caroline that he was leaving town and that a small-town life with Tyler would never be enough for her. Caroline was not impressed with Klaus’ seduction technique and told Tyler as much when his jealous streak reared up again.

Mama laid the smack-down
After Damon filled the others in on the crazy!Alaric situation, he suggested they put Alaric out of his misery before his dark-side had a chance to finish his mission. Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) over-heard their conversation and was quick to refute the idea. Unfortunately, Esther showed up shortly thereafter and told Elena she should come with her if she wanted to save Alaric. Jeremy ran off to get the Salvatores but when they tried to leave the dance, they realized that Esther put a boundary spell in place to trap the vampires at the high school. While the boys tried to get out of their momentary prison, Elena followed Esther to a cemetery where crazy!Alaric appeared and told Elena he was working with Esther of his own free will. Esther planned to tap into dark magic once more to turn Alaric into the vampire to end all vampires, like Mikael before him. This news did not go over well with Elena.

Back at the high school, Damon interrupted Bonnie’s make-out session with Jamie to tell her about the boundary spell. It seemed humans could come and go as they pleased, so Jeremy suggested he and Matt (Zach Roerig) set out to look for Esther, but Stefan pointed out how dangerous that was. Klaus, now aware of his mother’s actions, got impatient and decided to threaten Jamie so Bonnie would work faster. Stefan once again played the voice of reason and explained that Bonnie was only helping because Caroline and Tyler were in danger and if Klaus started killing the people she cared about, Bonnie would have no incentive to continue helping them.

Klaus backed off and Bonnie got back to work but she was having difficulty breaking the spell because Esther kept fighting her. Klaus said his mother should not have that much power and Bonnie realized that Esther was channeling a hot spot to gain extra mojo. Klaus realized where his mother was and while the others were still trapped, Matt and Jeremy went to find Esther.

Life and death
Elena tried to get through to Alaric, but his dark-side was determined to see Esther’s plan to completion. Esther stole some of Elena’s doppelganger blood for her spell and killed crazy!Alaric. Esther explained that when crazy!Alaric resurrected, he might revert to his former self for a time and Elena would get a chance to say goodbye. Esther then explained that crazy!Alaric would never become like her children because she had only granted him enough power to complete his mission and then die. Elena did not understand this, since crazy!Alaric would be immortal, but Esther chose to talk about Jenna instead. Esther told Elena that she could take comfort in knowing that Jenna had remained ‘pure’ even after becoming a vampire and thus knew peace in her afterlife. Vampire Diaries photo: CW

When Matt and Jeremy arrived at the cemetery, Esther worked her magic to get them to point their weapons at one another, but a newly resurrected Alaric fixed that by killing Esther. Esther’s death broke the boundary spell and Klaus arrived to take his mother’s body home and un-dagger Rebekah.

After Klaus left, Elena and Alaric gave Jeremy more bad news. Alaric decided he would not complete the transition because his crazy alter was bad enough without adding vampire strength into the equation. Jeremy was horrified at the thought of letting Alaric die and Elena blamed herself, yet they both had a few moments to say goodbye to their guardian. The rest of Alaric’s friends/former students also arrived to bid him farewell, as did potential girlfriend Meredith. Meredith gave Alaric a sedative so he could die in peace and Damon stuck around to be with his only real friend in his final moments.

Not over yet
After leaving the cemetery, Elena went back to the school to clean out Alaric’s things so no one would realize he was a vampire slayer. Elena tried not to think about the fact that she was losing someone she loved yet again, but Stefan reminded her that it was okay to feel things, as she had recently told him. Elena then fell apart in Stefan’s arms.

Jamie took Bonnie home and decided to stay with her since her dad was conveniently out of town. During the night, Esther appeared to Bonnie in a dream and said Bonnie had to finish what Esther started. Shortly thereafter, a seemingly possessed Bonnie arrived at the cemetery, white-oak stake in-hand. Bonnie subdued Damon so she could feed Alaric her blood, thus finalizing his transition into that super-powered vampire hunter Esther wanted him to become. Now crazy!Alaric was back in action and had the weapon he would need to destroy the entire vampire species.

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