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Perfect Mother's Day Gifts on a Frugal Budget


Happy Mother’s Day everybody!  To all of the mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, godmothers and “Just like a Mother to me” ladies out there who know how to stretch a buck and balance a budget in these crazy times, this one’s for you!Mother's Day photo: hdwallpapersarena.com

M: is for Money – To all the moms who prove daily that a fabulous life doesn’t require a lot of cash.  From delicious bag lunches to fun, free library trips to birthdays at the park to gorgeously maintained hand-me-downs, you have mastered the mantra “Never try to keep up with the Joneses.” And in doing so, have no doubt surpassed them in your bank account – not to mention taught the next generation how to do the same.

O: is for Options (Eating Out, or Eating In?) guys, need I say it?  Don’t spend this Mother’s Day in an overcrowded, overpriced restaurant!   You have the opportunity to create one of Mom’s most brag-worthy moments today – Breakfast in Bed!   Strap on the fabulous “World’s Best Cook” apron she got you for Christmas and get to it.  Put the kids on toast detail, throw some eggs in a frying pan, try not to break anything as you head up the stairs, and watch Mom as she not only beams with pride at your creation, but eats charred toast and runny eggs with the delicacy and enjoyment of Queen Elizabeth sitting down to tea at the Four Seasons.

T: is for Thrift Stores – one of the last bastions of frugal hope for incredible holiday gifts, as well as an amazing place to score beautiful clothes, books,Louis Vuitton handbag photo: lvbagsclassic.com furniture and jewelry for easily 90% off.  Is Mom in the mood for any of the above?  Hit your local “Tiffanys for Tightwads” and find her something gorgeous!

H: is for Handbags – It goes without saying that – regardless of how many handbags currently line a frugal mother’s closet, there’s ALWAYS room for one more.  While you’re in your local thrift stores, hit the accessories section to peruse the gorgeous selection of Coach, Tommy Hilfiger and Kate Spade lining the shelves. My latest find was a Louis Vuitton number for $9. I’m still glowing from the experience.  Got bling?

E: is for Erma Bombeck – It wouldn’t be Mother’s Day if we didn’t acknowledge one of the world’s greatest moms.  A classic quote: “Mothers have to remember what food each child likes or dislikes, which one is allergic to penicillin and hamster fur, who gets carsick and who isn't kidding when he stands outside the bathroom door and tells you what's going to happen if he doesn't get in right away. It's tough. If they all have the same hair color they tend to run together.”  

R: is for Radio – Where better for a loudmouth frugalista to honor her favorite, female, frugal role model! Join me on The Brilliant Frugal Living Show Tuesday, May 8th at 11:00A Eastern on 1180AM WFYL as I have the great honor and privilege of interviewing one of the great frugal minds of all time – My Mom!  Learn firsthand the strategies and money-saving tactics she used for decades (then handed down to her three daughters, no easy task), to keep the budget balanced, the food fabulous, and the financial goals on track, including a retirement schedule featuring numerous cruises to tropical locales.  Mom, did I mention my expert luggage carrying skills?If you miss the show Tuesday, it will be replayed again Saturday, May 12th.

Happy Mother’s Day, everybody!

Kristen Hagopian hosts “The Brilliant Frugal Living Show” Tuesdays at 11A on Philadelphia’s WFYL 1180AM.  Her next Brilliant Frugal Living Conference is October 22nd in West Chester, with $5 of every ticket sold being donated to the Chester County Food Bank to assist families in need.  Log onto www.BrilliantFrugalLiving.com for more information!

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Louis Vuitton handbag photo: lvbagsclassic.com