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Celebrity Apprentice Episode 12 Recap: Lisa Lampanelli and Teresa Giudice are Sent Packing


Episode 12 of Celebrity Apprentice was dubbed as a double-elimination episode. Heading into this week, it's a foregone conclusion that Teresacelebrity apprentice episode 12 Giudice would be one of the two to get the axe. It's not that she's lousy at the game or really a knock on her; she's had a very good run. However, the other four people are so strong, that it's a testement to how good everyone really is.

Last week Dayana Mendoza was finally fired, following a Celebrity Apprentice record seven trips into the boardroom. Lisa Lampanelli lost it on her and really got personal. At some point you have to wonder if Lisa's constant explosions and verbal outbursts will cost her a spot in the finale.

This week we are down to the final five participants and the task entails, creating a four-page hair dryer ad for Elle magazine, to be judged by editor-in-chief Robbie Myers and Farouk Shami. Shami is quite enamored with Aubrey and her red hair, which sends the message that they should emphasize red hair in their ad. Farouk Shami is the head of CHI Hair Dryers.

Teresa is the project manager for Team Forte, while Lisa takes the role of project manager for Team Unanimous.

Lisa Plays Teresa, Which Sets The Wheels in Motion...

Each team must negotiate with each other over who will get which models. Lisa plays Teresa like a fiddle during the negotiation session. She knows that Teresa wants 'that red headed' model (Aubrey orders her to get that model) and forces her to take a model with very little hair on his head. Teresa's shoddy negotiating skills set the tone for the entire task. Arsenio and Aubrey step up and carry the team.

Aubrey decides to step up and be the model, declaring herself a better model with better hair. Big shock there - Aubrey wants to do it all, be it all, and take all of the credit except when the team loses.

Turns out that the red-headed model isn't a natural red head anyway, but a blonde. She comes in and Aubrey tells her that she's no longer needed, which pisses off the model. She walks away and says "next time, tell me before I come in" that you don't need me.

Aubrey makes the ad mostly about herself as they focus on her flowing red hair to impress Farouk. Their ad has a yoga-inspired theme, but their models don't look like the type of people you will associate with doing yoga and being mellow. They hope that Aubrey's red hair will be a homerun. Will this be enough to knock off Lisa and Clay? We will see...

Lisa and Clay Work Well Together Once Again

Lisa and Clay have worked extremely well together much like John Rich and Little John last season. They put together an effective four-page ad celebrity apprentice episode 12with relative ease.

Team Lisa-Clay runs like a well-oiled machine. Meanwhile, you can see that Aubrey and Arsenio are carrying the load for the other team as Teresa looks lost in her element. Clay organizes the photo shoot, but holds off making decisions until Lisa gets there. He is clearly out of his element when a bunch of people swarm to him and ask him questions.

The shoot ends up going well and their ads have plenty of information, which is key to the ad presenation.

Lisa and Clay make no bones about it that they will throw the other under the bus, should they lose the challenge. But, they are pretty confident it won't come to do that.

The Verdict is In and the Judges Choose...

It's time for the moment of truth as both teams present their ads to the execs. We are just an hour into the show and Trump quickly reveals that Clay and Lisa won the challenge this week. He also wastes little time in firing Teresa and sending her home.

So, who is the other person to be fired? Will it be Aubrey or Arsenio? Also, how are they going to fill an entire hour in the boardroom?

Turns out that John Rich and Marlee Matlin return to the show. They were the finalists on last year's Celebrity Apprentice. Donald Trump has them conduct interviews of the final four contestants. From the information they provide Trump, he will choose two more people to fire, thus rounding it down to the two finalists.

Marlee and John Do Their Interviews

John and Marlee conduct their interviews with Arsenio, Aubrey, Clay, and Lisa. John is a pretty tough interviewer. He flat out tells Clay that he's horrible at raising money and he nearly makes Aubrey cry when he rips her in the interview.

John and Marlee wrap up their interviews and decide that Aubrey is a phony, Clay isn't tough enough, Arsenio gets ticked off rather easily, and Lisa is just an emotional wreck.

It's time to fire two people and round it down to the finalists. Donald Trump decides to fire Lisa. And, it's the right decision. Clay has simply played the game better and avoided getting into conflicts with other teammates.

Just who will be the other person to be fired? We shall see next week. My money is on Aubrey being the one who finally gets the axe. She has been involved in too many losing challenges, but comes up with all of the ideas. In that case, shouldn't she get fired for coming up with losing ideas? It's pretty a simple choice if you ask me. Added to that, she's just a phony individual who uses her charity as an excuse to stab people in their backs.

Look for Clay and Arsenio to face off in the finale.

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