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Justin Bieber Asked to Prom By South Jersey Teenager: But Is It a Date?


You may have heard that a high school junior recently asked Justin Bieber to attend the prom. However, it wasn't a girl, but rather a young man justin bieber selena gomeznamed Leon Purvis from Glassboro, New Jersey. Bieber is currently dating actress Selena Gomez, so she would possibly attend too, should Bieber accept the invite.

It has become trendy to ask celebrities to the prom or a dance. The first highly-publicized invitation via Youtube occurred when a marine named Scott Moore asked Mila Kunis to be his date at a Marine Corp Dance. Kunis ended up attending. 18 year-old Kevin McGuire from Somerdale, New Jersey asked Taylor Swift to his prom. She responded by offering to take him to the Country Music Awards. Unfortunately, McGuire was too sick to attend, as he has been undergoing cancer treatments.

The latest such story involves Purvis, who wants to bring Justin Bieber to the prom with him. Philly2Philly recently interviewed Leon about his prom proposal.

Philly2Philly: You could ask any celebrity to the prom on YouTube if you wanted. Why Justin Bieber? 

Leon Purvis:  The reason why I asked Justin Bieber to my 2012 junior prom as a bro because I think he deserves a normal night to be a normal teen at prom. But I’m also a die-hard fan of Justin Bieber. If I invited another celebrity to prom, I would have not put as much passion and effort as I did the with Justin Bieber prom invitation, because the passion just wouldn't be there.

P2P: Do you listen to Justin Bieber's music?

LP: Of course I listen to Justin Bieber's music. I am a boy belieber. I have been a fan of Justin Bieber since his YouTube days in 2008. I have every CD he has made and have every song he has recorded on my iPod.

P2P: You emphasize that you want to go to the prom with Justin Bieber as a “bro.”  You also go on record in your YouTube video stating that you are, in fact, not gay. But considering Bieber's fan base pretty much consists of 100% women, you have to admit that a guy asking Justin Bieber to the prom is not something you exactly see everyday.

LP: I know that a guy asking Justin Bieber to the prom is not something you see everyday. Also, I agree that majority of Justin Bieber's fan base is women. But that does not mean a guy cannot be a fan of someone just because his fanbase is mostly women. What about Michael Jackson or Eminem? They are male artists and guys like them, it’s just that less guys like Justin Bieber. I stick to my gut, I like what I want to like, and I do not allow other people's opinions to change my opinion. But as Justin Bieber gets older, that will change over time. His fan base will grow in age and gender.

P2P: Have you heard back from any of Justin Bieber's representatives as to whether he'll possibly attend?

LP: Not yet but NEVER SAY NEVER!!

P2P: Your prom is three weeks away. Do you have a plan b if you don't hear from Justin Bieber's people?
Leon Purvis photo: justinbieberzone.com
LP: Well if I do not hear from Justin Bieber's people, I do have a plan b. Lets just say I have something planned for pre-prom that has not been done at all in the history of proms. I think the local media may want to see what I am going to do.

P2P: You mention that you would like to ask a girl to the prom, whom you really like. What if she were to say "yes," but then Jusitn Bieber says he'll go?

LP: Well I already asked the girl I really liked to prom, and to make a long story short, I got played by her. So now I have to find a date to prom. But if Justin Bieber says he'll go, he can bring Selena Gomez as his date because that is his girlfriend.

P2P: I notice you have a lot of Youtube videos. It looks like you're really comfortable being in front of the camera. Do you eventually want to get into acting or broadcasting? If not, what are your career aspirations?

LP:  Well for starters, I do like to be in front of the camera. I was one of the hosts for the talent show at my high school called Glassboro's Got Talent. I had a lot of fun being a host for that show. It was a sold out show. I did the morning announcements at my school a few times. I can most definitely see myself acting or being a host for a national talk show or radio show. I have a lot of fun doing those kind of things.

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