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John Travolta’s Sex Suit, Kayne West doesn’t like your clothes, no hope for ‘Friends’ reunion


John Travolta’s Sex Suit
John Travolta photo: RottonTomatoes.com
You don’t hear too much about John Travolta in the news.  He and his family pretty much keep to themselves and manage to stay out of the media spotlight.

But, as of late, the actor’s name is popping up in headlines.

And, man, it’s a doozie!

Apparently Travolta is being sued by an unnamed masseur who is claiming that the very quiet and private actor tried having sex with him while getting a massage!

In the suit, John Doe is claiming that about an hour into the session Travolta began blatantly coming on to the masseur, both in a touchy feely way and by saying some pretty lewd stuff.  

Travolta’s camp has fired back at the allegations by releasing a statement to E! News, saying that the claims are lies and that nothing being alleged ever happened.

John Doe is hoping to get $2 mil in general damages, as well as court costs and an undetermined in punitive damages.

Kayne West doesn’t like your clothes
Kayne West photo: NYPost.com
Ok, Kanye West, we get it.  You have your opinions and you feel like you have to share them with the world.  It’s something we all learned when you took to the stage at the MTV Music Awards in 2009 to let us know you thought Beyonce should have won the Best Female Video award instead of Taylor Swift.

Now the rapper is letting us all know what he thinks about the clothes that we are wearing.

He recently went on a tweeting rant while driving through the city (which city he doesn’t say) to give his opinion about what people on the street were wearing.  

Apparently he hates a lot of things such as hoodies with sport coats, button up shirts with hoodies, khaki cargo shorts, and big striped scarves…just to name a few.

Oh, and he also tweeted all of this while having traveled just five blocks.

Considering his recent pants faux pas--you know, when he was snapped with them falling down while walking behind Kim K—he’d be the last to share his fashion hits and misses.

No hope for ‘Friends’ reunion
Friends photo: BruceAllan.com
It’s been a while since Friends aired its last episode, but fans have still hoped that the cast would reunite for another episode, a special, a movie…something!

That hope has remained alive over the years since no one has ever confirmed or denied whether or not a reunion would actually happen.

Until now.

And, unfortunately, the news is not good.

Just last week Matt LeBlanc dashed that hope in a Digital Spy interview when he said that there are no plans for a reunion and that he personally thinks a reunion wouldn’t be a good idea.

This week Lisa Kudrow is pretty much backing him up by saying that she, too, doesn’t think a reunion will ever happen because she can’t imagine how the show’s co-creators, Marta Kauffman and David Crane, would do it.

But, unlike LeBlanc, Kudrow doesn’t rule out the possibility for a future movie, although she does think it would be a reunion per se, but more like a Brady Bunch-like spoof.

Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.

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Travolta photo: RottonTomatoes.com

West photo: NYPost.com

Friends photo: BruceAllan.com