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'Dallas' Episode 2 Recap: Hedging Your Bets


Every week, Philly2Philly.com will recap the previous night’s episode of Dallas. All of the lying, cheating, and backstabbing will be discussed right here!

Episode 2: Hedging Your Bets

Christopher and Rebecca get busy, as do John Ross and Marta
While Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) enjoy a post-wedding “romp,” John Ross and Marta are eating lunch with J.R. (Larry Hagman), who has seemed to come out of his funk without missing a beat. Further proof that the eldest Ewing brother hasn’t lost a step, he starts to get antsy when the papers for the pending sale of Southfork have not been signed. Moreover, he gets suspicious when he expresses his desire to speak with Marta’s father and she keeps putting him off. The final icing on the cake for J.R. is when he stares out of his window and sees John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Marta (Leonor Varela) becoming “more than friends” in the parking lot. J.R. smells a rat. This isn’t his first rodeo, and his wheels start spinning pretty quickly.Photo: tvilicious.com

Bobby finally tells Ann of his illness

Ann (Brenda Strong) confronts Bobby (Patrick Duffy) on the ranch about his cancer. Although Ann found out when she stumbled upon Bobby’s pills after the Southfork break-in, she wanted to keep it to herself with the wedding the following day.  Bobby tells Ann his cancer has a 70 percent remission rate and he has surgery scheduled, but he wants to keep his condition private from Christopher.

Elena confronts John Ross about the “phantom email”

Christopher convinced Elena (Jordana Brewster) that it wasn’t him who sent the email that technically broke the two up, so she goes to John Ross and accuses him of sending the email. John Ross knows nothing about it, but what he does know is that the email is the only reason he and Elena are together.

Rebecca’s “brother” Tommy gets a job on Southfork, Anne gives Rebecca Miss Ellie’s cookbook, and Rebecca throws everyone a curveball

While Tommy is talking with Ann, he expresses a desire to stay near his sister, so Ann offers him a job on the ranch. Meanwhile Ann, realizing how difficult things are for Rebecca, gives her the family heirloom cookbook left to her by Miss Ellie as a “welcome to the family” type gesture.

Turns out however, that Rebecca might not be staying in the Ewing family for too long. One of the bigger bombshells of the first two episodes occurs when it is revealed that Rebecca and Tommy are part of some scam to get money out of Christopher and the Ewings. Something seemed a little off to me about Tommy, and I’m not so convinced that the two of them are siblings. However, Rebecca seems to be having reservations about the whole thing, so I can see this story developing over the course of the season. How much do you wanna bet that Elena gets wind of it and attempts to tell Christopher?

Mitch LoBell extorts some money out of John Ross

Man, John Ross is wheelin’ and dealin.’ This time, he’s paying off Mitch LoBell to get him to wrestle Southfork away from Bobby. Being that Mitch has known both J.R. and Bobby for a long time, he originally had reservations about the business dealing. However, it didn’t stop him from asking for $500,000 from John Ross, and further upping the ante by requesting an even $2 million. If Mitch doesn’t get the money by the Cattle Baron’s Ball, he’s going to drop the dime on John Ross and tell the Ewing brothers about the whole scam.

Elena bonds with Sue Ellen, who invites her to the Cattle Baron’s Ball

It’s been a rough road for Elena. Christopher, the love of her life, has married somebody else while she had to look on in angst. Then she finds out the email that ended her relationship with Christopher was not sent by Christopher. Not knowing where to turn on any level, she visits Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), who has really turned herself around after her battles with the bottle. Sue Ellen sees a lot of Elena in her and admires her potential. Being that Elena was instrumental in discovering oil on Southfork, she now aspires to survey prospective oil fields and asks Sue Ellen for a loan so she can get some projects started. Sue Ellen decides to give her the money, and invites her to the Cattle Baron’s Ball. Photo: tvequals.com

J.R. encounters Sue Ellen at the CBB

At first, I thought this was the same Ball on the old series where a fight would break out every year. As luck would have it, there was no violence, but plenty to talk about.

After a speech which left many Texans suggesting she run for governor (doesn’t anyone remember what a lush she was back in the 70’s and 80’s?), J.R., who brings a walker to the event (as part of an act), approaches Sue Ellen and tries to make peace with her after decades of turmoil.

Who knows what effect the conversation had on her, but there didn’t really seem to be anything underhanded on J.R.’s part here (and believe me, that’s the ONLY underhanded thing he didn’t take part in at the Ball). He also found time to sell Bobby (who was shocked J.R. was even there) a bill of goods by warming up to Ann, convincing John Ross to apologize to his uncle for the shenanigans, and attempting to “persuade” Mitch LoBell into speeding up the process of finalizing the Southfork sale paperwork.


Post CBB: Elena and John Ross speak, John Ross is drugged

Elena and John Ross speak for the first time since their conversation regarding the email. Elena informs John Ross that they are partners and partners only in regards to their oil drilling ventures. Expecting to hear better news, John Ross has nobody to go home to. So naturally, he encounters Marta and goes to her hotel room. Marta drugs him, and spends the night with him, but not before turning on a hidden camera prior to their “encounter.”  The next morning, Marta gives John Ross the money needed to keep Mitch quiet. John Ross then hires somebody to investigate the mysterious email in addition to digging up any possible dirt on Mitch.

J.R. meets the REAL Marta

Getting the impression more and more that things are not what they seem in regards to the pending Southfork sale, J.R. heads to Mexico to the Del Sol estate (fully equipped with machine gun waving guards). When J.R. asks Carlos Del Sol what the delay is regarding the deal, he informs J.R. he knows nothing about it. He then introduces J.R. to his daughter Marta, who is not the same “Marta” that J.R. has been dealing with.  J.R.’s blood boils, and you can only imagine what dirty trick he’s got up his sleeve for episode 3.

So from the looks of it, Marta is now playing John Ross, J.R., and Bobby. Then there’s Rebecca and her brother, who seem to be playing the whole Ewing family. Will J.R. play the fake Marta and his own son? Will Bobby undergo a successful operation? Who sent that email?

Wednesday’s episode should prove to be very interesting......

Top two one-liners of the episode:

"Son, never pass up a good chance to shut up." JR to John Ross

"I guess some people are just too damn mean to die." Mitch LoBell to JR at the Cattle Baron's Ball

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