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'Dallas' Episode 3 Recap: The Price You Pay


Every week, Philly2Philly.com will recap the previous night's episode of Dallas. All of the lying, cheating, and backstabbing will be discussed right here!

Episode 3: The Price You Pay

JR lays down the law to John Ross

J.R. (Larry Hagman) and John Ross (Josh Henderson) are getting a shave. When J.R. is finished, he tips the barbers, ushers them out of the room, and gives John Ross a shock he’ll never forget. While giving him a speech about how he wanted a horse as a child, and that his father Jock told him he would sell him one when he gets the money. While he’s telling this story, JR resumes shaving John Ross and holds the knife close to him while removing the towel from his eyes. JR informs John Ross that he knows the Marta Del Sol is not the real Marta. He doesn’t blame John Ross for trying to “pull a fast one” on him. J.R. now wants to make things up to his son for being an absentee father during his childhood. He plans to take him under his wing and show him how things are done. JR and John Ross photo: allieiswired.com

After the two shake hands and embrace, John Ross tells J.R. how Mitch LoBell is trying to blackmail him. J.R. tells him to give him enough money to keep him quiet. J.R. doesn’t have much dirt on Mitch, but he does have dirt on Mitch’s son, who killed somebody drunk driving several years back. Apparently, there was witness to the accident, and John Ross sets out to find the person.

Ann and Rebecca go shooting, and Tommy has another talk with Rebecca

While Rebecca and Ann (Julie Gonzalo, Brenda Strong) are shooting rifles, Rebecca’s brother Tommy comes along  to seemingly say hello. As Ann drives back to the ranch, Tommy gives Rebecca a device to put in Christopher’s (Jesse Metcalfe) computer, which will copy data and transfer information that Tommy can receive. It’s all part of the master plan to see how Christopher’s progress in fixing the methane patent.

JR meets the real buyers

After his strict lecture to John Ross, J.R. is finally introduced to a Venezuelan buyer (Carlos Bernard, 24), who is not too happy that they will now receive 14% of the profits. He is fronting J.R. $50 million, and after some backhanded exchanges between J.R. and the Venezuelan tycoon, they shake hands on the deal.

Meanwhile, J.R. confronts “Marta” (Leonor Varela) after the deal and politely warns her never to cross him again, or there will be all kinds of problems.  

Bobby’s condition is worse than originally thought

While Bobby’s tumor was removed, it was bigger than anticipated and there might be a chance of the cancer recurring. Bobby needs chemotherapy. This seems to worry Ann more than Bobby, who nonetheless decides to put the sale of Southfork on hold.

When John Ross gives Mitch a lesser amount than the $2 million he requested, he balks, but then tells John Ross that Bobby has halted the sale of Southfork for the time being, which brings J.R.’s next plan into action.

J.R. returns to Southfork

When J.R.’s “doctor” calls Bobby and recommends that it would be a great idea for J.R. to return home to Southfork, Bobby reluctantly agrees and anticipates the worst.  Turns out John Ross bribed a patient in the rest home where J.R. was staying to portray a doctor. And just like that, J.R. returns to Southfork.

J.R. arrives early, and Cliff Barnes is at Southfork!

When J.R. walks into Southfork, he walks into Bobby’s study, and so happens to bump into his old nemesis Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval), who stopped in town to talk with Bobby about possibly buying Southfork (and other things). Just like old times, J.R. scoffs at Cliff’s presence, and Cliff leaves without a deal being made. If Bobby had even a trace of shadiness to his character you could have sworn that there was no coincidence that Cliff so happened to be there right at the time of J.R.’s arrival, but chances are it was just bad timing on J.R.’s part. Maybe.

Elena still working with Christopher, then gets invited to lunch by Rebecca

Although they are trying their best, Elena (Jordana Brewster) and Christopher are still coming up short in an effort to fix the methane patent. Meanwhile, Rebecca invites Elena to lunch, where she proceeds to tell Elena how intimidated she is by her. Elena insists there is nothing to worry about. When Christopher’s name is mentioned, Elena explains to Rebecca that Christopher’s drive as well as his burning desire to succeed was brought on by his adoption, which has made him feel he had to earn his way into the Ewing family. Photo: durancemagazine.org

Cliff invites Christopher and Rebecca to dinner

Cliff’s “assistant” stops by Christopher’s to invite him to dinner with Rebecca. Christopher smells a rat from the start, and he was right. Cliff brings out a suitcase containing $1 million dollars offering to invest in Christopher’s patent. Christopher is well aware of his uncle’s mission to destroy the Ewing family over the years. He tells Cliff that he doesn’t want his money, and that he will have plenty of offers once he finds the solution to his current issue.

As Christopher and Rebecca leave, Cliff warns Christopher not to let the Ewings destroy him they did his sister Pam. Cliff looks pretty beat up. The years have not been kind to him, and it’s still a mystery as to why he really has returned. Stay tuned.

Ann almost shoots J.R. again as he passes dirty family secrets to John Ross

When Ann hears a noise in the barn, she enters with a shotgun, only to see J.R. going through family photos. Shortly afterwards, John Ross storms into the Southfork kitchen like a bull in a china shop harassing Bobby about Miss Ellie’s journal, and how she spent time in a mental institution. In a completely staged act, J.R. plays good cop and whacks John Ross for his accusations. If I were Bobby, I would have whooped John Ross' punk "you know what" all the way to Fort Worth to show him who the real boss of Southfork is. You might recall in the old series that Bobby would throw down at the drop of a hat. But then again, he didn't have a debilitating illness back in 1984, either. 

Christopher finds a solution, but Bobby signs the Southfork papers and informs Christopher of his illness

Christopher wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the lab where he and Elena are trying to rectify the methane patent issue when he is finally successful. When he and Elena go to tell Bobby the good news, Bobby is signing the papers for the pending Southfork deal with Mitch. When Christopher tells Bobby to hold off, Bobby finally reveals his sickness to Christopher. Christopher expresses his concern as well as his disappointment that Bobby Dallas photo: popcultureblog.dallasnews.com didn’t tell him sooner.

When Christopher runs out of Bobby's office and into Elena’s arms, the two share a kiss, which Tommy happens to capture with a cell phone photo that he sends to Rebecca- who seems more and more like she wants no part of the scheme she is planning. When Christopher tells Rebecca of Bobby’s condition, Rebecca throws out the device Tommy gave her despite seeing the photo of her husband and Elena.

Ann tells Bobby about J.R. and the diary

While talking in bed, Ann lets Bobby know that J.R. gave John Ross Miss Ellie’s journal. Bobby, who has been dumped on in this episode by just about everyone, just rolls his eyes, as he knows that a zebra doesn’t change their stripes and that J.R. will always be the way he is.

John Ross gets bribed by Mitch, then gets good and bad news  

Now that Bobby signed the Southfork papers, Mitch wants $5 million from John Ross or he will tell Bobby. John Ross walks out in disgust.

Thinking he will get info on Mitch’s son in regards to the witness of the car accident, the investigator tells him that the witness died years ago. Although John Ross can’t take down Mitch, he does find out that it was none other than Rebecca who sent that phantom email to Elena that broke her and Christopher up!!

So why is Cliff really back? Will John Ross spill the beans on Rebecca? Will Tommy get nasty when he finds out Rebecca bailed on the operation? Will Rebecca tell Christopher about her scheme? Could Bobby and Mitch be trying to possibly set up J.R.?

We’ll find out next week!

Best lines of the week:

“My friends are in the statehouse. My enemies are gonna be harder to find.” JR to the Venezuelan.

“Bullets don’t seem to have much of an effect on me, darlin’.” JR to Ann

“Nobody gives you power. Real power is something you take.” JR to John Ross (once said by Jock to Bobby).

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