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Summer Beauty Tips and Accessories: Beauty by Laini


We have only seconds not minutes to complete our morning routine.  To be armed and fabulous, especially in the summer months, a bulletproof beauty arsenal bursting with quality performance products is required to ensure we unlock the benefits of the treasured stash we rely on for sincere, immediate, high-octane results.  wonder-woman-2.jpg

Like Wonder Woman, a favorite American superheroine (way ahead of her time, adorned in big bold statement cuff bracelets), we must stand ready like a warrior princess to face whatever aim or challenge may come our way so that it may ricochet from the numerous beautiful layers of our titanium plated armor.

Given my JTFOOTESURESOLELARGE.GIFobsession with shoes and the fact that I think “every day should be Shoesday” I recommend a stockpile of Sure Sole slip resistant shoe pads (below) to prevent a slip, trip or fall and protect the wear and tear of your precious high heels, sandals, wedges and boots.  Though we may experience a few setbacks from Catwalk to Sidewalk, we are blissfully reminded a “setback is a setup for a comeback” and a delicious new pair of platform peep-toe pumps!


Do you own a natural daylight makeup magnification mirror?  I suggest you add this secret weapon to your arsenal (right) because not only are you missing out on the greatest bitter/sweet relationship you will ever know but it is a mistake-proof time reducer.  Let it whisper sweet nothings to you as effects you didn’t notice the night before mysteriously appear, at first glance, in the quiet hours of the morning.   

Desperate for a quick fix the following featured products at www.beautywithlaini.com are curated, from my heart to yours, and should be readily available at your fingertips:

301FS.jpgBe primed and ready with Motives® Perfecting Face Primer;
Prevent makeup melt with Motives® 10 years Younger Makeup Setting Spray;


Never have a stray gray with Fixx™ Hair Mascara or be extra fabulous with major HATtitude and wear a head scarf or hat, from my many partner stores at www.shopwithlaini.com, including one of my favorites, Nordstrom.


As the Style Maestro, “I orchestrate results to define your outer beauty.”  Register now as my preferred client at www.stylewithlaini.com and check out my style menu so that I can assist you with all of your style needs.  “Get styled and inspired!”

With fashionable gratitude,

Laini Bianculli, The Style Maestro
Style with Laini

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2:10 AM
Mon Jun 17 2013
The days grow longer, we have

The days grow longer, we have a tendency to pay longer outdoors and in some cases get a glowing tan: summer is here and it is time to adapt your beauty routine to create the foremost of the good and heat weather.The subsequent beauty tips for healthy summer skin are a decent place to begin.summer beauty tips

6:29 AM
Wed Jun 26 2013
If you're searching for some

If you're searching for some straightforward and simple beauty tips and tricks to stay yourself younger wanting and delightful then this text can give simply that.how to take care of eyes