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'Dallas' Episode 4 Recap: The Last Hurrah


Every week, Philly2Philly.com will recap the previous night's episode of Dallas. All of the lying, cheating, and backstabbing will be discussed right here!

Episode 4: The Last Hurrah

Christopher dreams of Elena, JR schemes with John Ross, John Ross blackmails Rebecca
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The episode begins with Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) being rather intimate with.....Elena (Jordana Brewster) ?!?! Turns out it was just a dream. It’s obvious that Elena is still on Christopher’s mind, as he will reveal to Bobby (Patrick Duffy) later on.  

Meanwhile, JR (Larry Hagman) insists John Ross (Josh Henderson) dig dirt up on Mitch LoBell’s son, who is one more felony away from a jail sentence.

After his father plans his latest scheme, John Ross contacts Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) in regards to the email that the private investigator traced back to her. After leaving breakfast rather hastily while Elena shows Christopher the progress on their gas replacement fix, Rebecca meets with John Ross and denies she sent the email. Nonetheless, John Ross instructs her to meet with Mitch’s son, who is now a guidance counselor who speaks out on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, to “conjure” up “something” that will end with pictures resulting in blackmail Mitch.

JR tries to blackmail “Marta” and visits Sue Ellen

JR encourages an old “friend” to dig dirt on “Marta.” Turns out Marta gets a little obsessive over men. At first, you’d think KR is taking a vested interest in his son. Guess again. Either way, JR orders his “friend” to snap some photos. He also pays Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) a visit to give her Miss Ellie’s pearls that he found while cleaning out soon to be sold Southfork, when he encounters his nemesis Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval), who is taking Sue Ellen to lunch to “politically advise” Sue Ellen in her bid to become governor. There is no love loss between Cliff and JR, who gets the impression Cliff has an agenda.

Elena reunites with John Ross, John Ross chats with Sue Ellen and pays a visit to “Marta”

Elena meets with John Ross to encourage him to get over his funk in regards to his failure to steadily drill oil at Southfork by informing him about an oil well on a local piece of land. After surveying the land, Elena and John Ross engage in a close embrace, which is readily snapped by JR’s photographer friend (what’s the deal with people on this show getting bribed by photos of them hugging?).Sue Ellen photo: ksitetv.com

After Sue Ellen arranges to send Elena the money to start drilling on the land, she converses with her estranged son John Ross. Sue Ellen isn’t completely sold on the fact that her ex-husband has changed. John Ross simply responds that JR is teaching him things and ends it there.

After dropping off Elena, John Ross visits “Marta” (Leonor Varela).  Much to the chagrin of “Marta,” John Ross is late, and you begin to see signs of Marta’s obsessiveness.  

Rebecca visits Mitch’s son, encounters Tommy, and once again gets blackmailed by John Ross

After Rebecca poses as a recovering addict in one of Mitch’s sons’ classes, she follows him to his car and begs him to get high with her. After he declines, Rebecca starts to feel guilt over the incident and leaves without hesitation.

When she gets home, Tommy asks her why she never planted the device in Christopher’s computer when she throws him out of her room. She then tells John Ross she didn’t go through with framing Mitch’s son, so he blackmails her again, and gets Marta to go do the job Rebecca didn’t do.

Bobby and Christopher have a long talk

As one of their cows is going into labor, Christopher tells Bobby of the email that he thinks John Ross sent, and that he can’t get Elena out of his mind ever since. He didn’t tell Bobby because he knew he would tell him the right thing to do. Bobby objects, telling Christopher that if he loves Rebecca, he has to let go of Elena for good.

JR tries to manipulate Elena, who is given a cold dose of reality by Christopher    

As the final party at Southfork approaches, JR sees Elena at breakfast, where Elena catches him in a lie (she didn’t encourage John Ross to read because he’s dyslexic). During the conversation, JR tells Elena how much John ross liked her and that she should ask him to the BBQ at Southfork.

After talking with Bobby, Christopher goes over to Elena’s and hands her a $20,000 check for helping him with the displacement fix. Christopher does this so there is no risk of Elena wanting more money for things done/not done down the road from the project. Elena thinks this is crazy and refuses it. However, Christopher emphasizes how Elena went against Bobby’s wishes and helped John Ross drill on Southfork, and that her desire to social climb is always a possibility. It pained Christopher to do that to Elena, but to emotionally distance himself from her, this was the best way to do it. Shortly after, Elena takes JR’s advice and asks John ross to be her date at Southfork’s final shindig. Prior to going to the BBQ, John Ross warns Rebecca he will tell Christopher everything unless she does.

JR skates his own son, bribes Mitch, and the last hurrah at Southfork

Marta, while drinking champagne and downing pills (always a great idea), expects John Ross at the door. Instead it’s JR, who shows Marta the pictures of John Ross and Elena, who is so distraught she agrees to deal with JR in a plan to revise a new Southfork deal that includes her and JR- and not John Ross. Marta also gives JR pictures of her and Mitch’s son, who went on a sex and drugs binge thanks to Marta. JR then shows Mitch the pictures, who is visibly distraught. JR tells him to draft that new deal- or else.

At the Southfork BBQ, Bobby gives the crowd a farewell speech, while Rebecca sees John Ross and decides the best thing to do is to come clean with Christopher.

So Rebecca is going to spill all the beans, but will she drop the dime on Tommy? JR wasn’t trying to help John Ross by setting him up with Elena. Instead, JR wanted those pictures taken of John Ross and Elena all to piss off Marta as part of the scheme to swindle John Ross out of the Southfork deal. John Ross basically blackmailed Rebecca to help JR bribe Mitch. At the same time, he screwed himself out of the Southfork deal in the process. JR was always two steps ahead of everyone else, and next week, it’s war.

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