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Andy Samberg leaving SNL, 'The Munsters' coming to NBC, American Idol Phillip Phillips postpones kidney surgery


Andy Samberg is Leaving SNL Following Kristen Wiig's Departure

If SNL fans were saddened to learn that Kristen Wiig was leaving the show, then they must have been devastated to learn that a second Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake SNLsuper-funny cast member has also announced his departure.

Andy Samberg has been on the fence about his future on Saturday Night Live. For a while he had been hush hush about whether or not he’d be back for another season. But the comedian/actor finally announced that he would not be returning after a successful seven-year stint.

There doesn’t seem to be a definitive reason for his departure, other than the fact that he has said that it just feels like the right time to do it. Samberg has also said that he wouldn’t be opposed to returning every now and then for a cameo.

Missing Samberg already? Check him out alongside SNL alum Adam Sandler in That’s My Boy, which hits theaters June 15th.


The Munsters To Be Rebooted as "Mockingbird Lane" on NBC

 The Munsters Do you remember The Munsters?  It was an oldie but goodie sitcom about a creepy family residing at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. You know the one—the family was headed by Frankenstein-esque Herman, Grandpa always popped up out of a hatch in the floor, Herman’s son Eddie wore goofy shorts, and their niece was strangely normal.

Well, it looks like the show is getting a modern reboot and heading back to the small screen thanks to Bryan Fuller.

Not too much is known about the new series, which will be called Mockingbird Lane.  Eddie Izzard was been cast as Grandpa. Fuller has been quoted as saying that he wants the show to be like an “American Harry Potter” and a show similar to a more family-friendly version of American Horror Story.

Oh, and the biggie that has been announced is the casting of the lead.  Jerry O’Connell has signed on to play Herman.

The dark comedy is set to air on NBC, but when is not yet known.  


American Idol Winner Phillip Phillips Postpones Kidney Surgery

A lot of people were very happy when Phillip Phillips was crowned the latest American Idol winner. But that happiness was short lived when the singer announced that he would be heading home to undergo kidney surgery the very next day.

While just a short time ago his health and his future in the music biz were unknown, fans can once again smile because he’s going to be A-OK—at least for the time being.

Phillips ended up not having to have surgery for his failing kidney. Instead, it looks like he went the alternative route and the treatment is working well enough for his doctors to give him the OK to tour.

Surgery may still be in his future, but for now he’ll be on the road belting it out for his fans to see.

Phillips will start his 45-date tour on July 6th.

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