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Hope Solo will be in Olympics, Katy Perry & Miley Cyrus may join American Idol, Simon Cowell seeks new judge for X-Factor


American Soccer Player Hope Solo Will Be in the Olympics

The Olympics are just weeks away from starting, and one athlete came pretty darned close to not making it there.Hope Solo naked ESPN cover

Hope Solo, a member of the U.S. soccer team and former competitor on Dancing With the Stars, gave a urine sample last month and it was found to have a prohibited drug in it.

The drug is Canrenone, which is considered to be a Specified Substance that is prohibited under the both FIFA’s anti-doping rules and the USADA Protocol for Olympic and Paralmpic Movement Testing.

Luckily, Solo wasn’t taking it on purpose. She was taking a prescribed medication that just happened to have Canrenone as one of its ingredients.

Solo was given a warning and, since no criminal activity occurred, also the OK to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games.

That was a close one!

American Idol May Consider Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus As a Judge

Katy Perry Miley CyrusLooks like some judging shakeups are happening over at American Idol.

It has been confirmed that viewers may be seeing new faces at the judge’s table.  But how many and who is being considered?

Well, rumor has it that Katy Perry, Fergie, will.i.a.m, Miley Cyrus, and Adam Lambert are being considered.  Unfortunately things are still hush hush and no one has yet to sign a contract, so who it will be still remains a mystery.

So, why are they looking for a new judge?  Although the higher-ups want JLo to return, she hasn’t yet announced that she will.  And even though Steven and Randy are still on board, it would be nice to see some fresh faces at the table.

Right now auditions are for the show’s 12th season are starting, but since the judges are still up in the air, the only rounds happening are the producer’s rounds.

Next season should be interesting.

Simon Cowell Seeking New Host For X-Factor

Speaking of reality singing show shakeups…

X Factor is also in need of someone new.  But not judges, since Demi Lovato and Britney Spears have taken those seats at the table.  The show needs a new host.

It is being said that Simon Cowell would like to see two hosts—a man and a woman.  So far the show’s producers have yet to find exactly who they want.  But there are some names circulating for possible hosts.

Its being said that Stacy Keibler met with the bosses, but nothing has yet to come of that meeting.  And there is also an interesting cast of characters that is said to be in the running for the spots—including Kelly Osbourne, Khloe Kardashian Odom, Terrence J, Mike Catherwood, Mario Lopez, and Erin Andrews.

It seems as if Simon Cowell isn’t in any hurry to fill the positions.  And he doesn’t necessarily have to since all the show is doing right now is the auditions.

I guess we’ll just be surprised when the season premieres.

Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.

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Photo of Hope Solo from ESPN The Magazine

Homepage and thumbnail photo of Hope Solo from inquisitr.com

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