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'Dallas' Episode 6 Recap: The Enemy of my Enemy


Every week, Philly2Philly.com will recap the previous night's episode of Dallas. All of the lying, cheating, and backstabbing will be discussed right here!

Episode 6: The Enemy of my Enemy

John Ross and Elena: The Morning After

After spending the night together, John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Elena (Jordana Brewster) are outside discussing several issues- mainly Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe), who John Ross believes will do anything to break them apart.

Bobby confronts John Ross

Bobby (Patrick Duffy) warns John Ross that JR (Larry Hagman) always underestimated him. When John Ross threatens to throw Bobby off Southfork, Bobby challenges him. No sooner does this happen when John Ross is informed that a sanction (on behalf of Anne’s ex-husband Harris Ryland) is now preventing him from drilling on Southfork.

Tommy hounds Rebecca, Bobby blasts Ann, Christopher hounds John Ross

Tommy continues to probe Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) to see if she dug up any information on Christopher. But Rebecca, obviously still having feelings for Christopher, refuses to divulge any information she finds.

Meanwhile, Bobby finds out that Ann (Brenda Strong) was behind the sanction to prevent drilling and rips her for doing so. Bobby wishes she talked about it with him first because he’s afraid this will come back to haunt them.

As Bobby talks with Ann, Christopher continues to blackmail John Ross that he’d better give up information on JR in regards to the Southfork sale. John Ross, however, thinks that this is not about him, but Elena.

Rebecca returns to Southfork with some revealing information

Rebecca enters Southfork to see an angry Bobby and Christopher. Rebecca begs to speak with them, telling the two she has information that could help them save Southfork.

Rebecca then shows them a trust that if legit, would give Bobby mineral rights to the land. This trust was excluded from both of the recent sales. JR owns the land, but not the oil and he can’t drill. Before anything is considered legit, the original document is needed to enforce the trust. Bobby tells Rebecca that despite bringing this to their attention, he still doesn’t trust her and that he will take it from here.

While Rebecca walks out to her car, she feels faint and suffers a nosebleed. Elena tends to her and takes her to the doctors. When they are at the doctors, Rebecca apologizes to Elena that Tommy sent the email and ruined their relationship, but now that she’s out of the picture, the two could possibly reunite. Elena tells Rebecca that this will never happen. Not because of Tommy, but because of Christopher.
Dallas photo: allieiswired.com
Bobby and Christopher go digging, JR resurfaces in Vegas

Bobby and Christopher go to the garage in an attempt to find a key to the Texas National Bank, which could house the trust to stop John Ross from drilling. Christopher tells Bobby about John Ross’ sex tape and how he’s been applying pressure to him. Bobby objects, warning Christopher that this will lead to nothing but trouble. The two then find the key and head over to the bank- where they find the original trust.

JR is in Vegas for one reason: to find Cliff Barnes. He learns from his informant/photographer that Barnes is possibly trying to bring gambling to Vegas. JR then sends for Frank, Cliff’s driver. JR tells him he wants to get involved with Barnes’ poker game. The fee is $1 million, and JR tells him that’s not an issue. As Frank leaves, JR picks up the phone and tries to dig up dirt on Frank. He also instructs someone to tell Carlos Del Sol he needs $1 million dollars.

Vicente pays John Ross a visit, and he goes to Sue Ellen for help

Vicente (Carlos Bernard) stops by John Ross and lets him know that he knows JR is away. He is also aware of the “rumor” that John Ross was having issues drilling at Southfork. The buyers are anxious because the first shipment is late. Vicente is ok with a small setback, but he warns John Ross that he will make sure the original promise is kept.

John Ross realizes he is in trouble, so he goes to Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) to convince her to send the trucks back to Southfork. Sue Ellen wants to help John Ross, but she admits that this would draw suspicion in her attempts to become governor.

Marta visits John Ross, who gives her the business, then Marta goes crazy

Marta apologizes for acting so crazy. Then John Ross so happens to give her a piece of his mind. After telling her he knows about the sex tape, she attempts to bribe him, and he promptly shuts the door on her face.

When John Ross later goes to Elena’s, they discover her front door is open when they enter the house. John Ross then sees the picture of him and Elena with a kitchen knife through it. He gets security to guard Elena’s place and heads over to Marta’s, which is emptied out.

When John Ross later tells JR’s informant that he thinks Marta is a threat but he can’t find her, the informant assures John Ross that tracking her down won’t be an issue.

Bobby goes postal, Rebecca sees Christopher again, and Sue Ellen visits Harris Ryland

Anne gets a pendant along with a shady note from her ex-husband and bursts into tears. Bobby sees her distraught and heads over to his office. Bobby bitch slaps Ryland, gives him a strict warning, and leaves.

Meanwhile, Rebecca picks up her car and she sees Christopher, who tells her that what she did could possibly be legit, and could ultimately help him and Bobby in the fight for Southfork.

Shortly after Bobby paid Ryland a visit, Sue Ellen stops by and asks him to release the trucks, telling him that someone of his stature could help her down the line if she becomes governor. Ryland says he won’t let her compromise herself, but he will release the trucks anyway and then writes her an exclusive check for her campaign.

Bobby and Christopher give John Ross some bad news, and Rebecca learns some shocking news

John Ross thinks he has it all figured out when Bobby and Christopher come in and gladly inform him that he has no right to drill on Southfork because of the trust and he has to shut down. Chalk one up for Bobby and Christopher. John Ross is getting deeper and deeper into trouble with the investors, and this could be a real problem.

Tommy then tells Rebecca he knows Christopher found the trust. Rebecca responds by telling him they are done, to get out of Dallas, and that she is pregnant.........

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