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Lady Gaga's "Fame" Perfume, Johnny Depp & Wes Anderson Project, Backstreet Boys Reunion


Lady Gaga Releasing Her Perfume "Fame"

 In case you weren’t aware, you could soon smell like Lady Gaga. Or at least what the singer thinks smells, um, good.Lady Gaga

Mmmhmmm, she’s jumping on the perfume bandwagon and will soon be coming out with her own scent simply called Fame.

Sooo, what would this perfume smell like?

According to the singer, like “an expensive hooker!”  I kid you not.

In an interview she did last year, she explained that blood and semen are in the perfume (OMG!!) although you won’t be able to smell either.

Apparently the blood was taken right from her own sample.  But the semen sample?  No clue, don’t care!

But, it looks like maybe her description was actually a joke, because it’s now being said that the perfume will smell like incense, Belladonna, apricot, saffron, honey drops, tiger orchid, and Sambac jasmine.

Yeah, that’s better!

Wanna see the interesting ad that features a completely naked Gaga (well, there is a mask) covered in tiny men?  You’re in luck, she tweeted a link to it.

Johnny Depp and Wes Anderson Working Together on "Grand Budapest Hotel"

Johnny Depp is a machine!!  He and his longtime girlfriend may have just split, but he’s still working like crazy.

Johnny Depp and Wes AndersonRight now he’s working on The Lone Ranger with The Social Network’s Armie Hammer

But, he already has another project waiting in the wings.

It looks like the actor will be starring in Grand Budapest Hotel, which is the next project by writer/director Wes Anderson.

Depp and Anderson have never worked together, but it is sure to be a collaboration that’ll be pretty awesome.

Confused as to who Anderson is?  He’s the man behind the cult classic The Royal Tenenbaums and the more recent Moonrise Kingdom, which has gotten some pretty decent reviews.

The Lone Ranger will be out next July.  But, as for Grand Budapest Hotel, no release dates have been announced.

Backstreet Boys Reunion Thanks to Addition of Kevin Richardson

It was recently announced that the Backstreet Boys were finally back together, thanks to the addition of Kevin Richardson.

At that time, fans were probably content enough just to learn Backtreet’s back, alright!  Sorry about that—I couldn’t help myself.

If fans were excited about learned the band has reunited, then they will be absolutely ecstatic to learn that the band will be soon releasing a new album.

Ok, maybe not soon.  It won’t hit store shelves until next year.  But, they do have a plan.

It looks like the album will be released next spring and it was arranged that way to coincide with the band’s 20th anniversary.
Can’t wait until next spring?  Don’t worry.  You can get a little BSB fix in the meantime.

The band will have their first official performance together at the GMA “Summer Concert Series” in Central Park on August 31st.  
And the show is free.  Nice.

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