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'Dallas' Episode 7 Recap: Collateral Damage


Every week, Philly2Philly.com will recap the previous night's episode of Dallas. All of the lying, cheating, and backstabbing will be discussed right here!

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Episode 7: Collateral Damage

Christopher longs for Elena and confronts John Ross

Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) rides out to the ranch and sees the tree that has Jock and Ellie’s names (his late grandparents). He then sees his name and Elena’s (Jordana Brewster) and his festering emotions bring him to John Ross’ (Josh Henderson). As he leaves, Christopher tells John Ross he is going to fight for Southfork as well as Elena.

Rebecca visits Elena, Anne is hiding something, John Ross meets with Lucy to discuss ‘business’

Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) stops by Elena’s to thank her for bringing her to the doctors. As she gives Elena a gift basket, she runs to the bathroom to get sick. Elena picks up on this right away and Rebecca tells her she is nine weeks pregnant. She wants to tell Christopher, but he will not answer her calls.

Meanwhile, an emotional Ann (Brenda Strong) is seen at a park with the same pendant that her ex-husband Harris Ryland (Mitch Pileggi) sent to her when she gets a call from Bobby (Patrick Duffy). When Bobby asks her if she wants to take a drive with him before dinner, she turns him down, saying she is in line at the store. Bobby however, picks up on this immediately and is concerned.Will Lucy sell out? Photo: allieiswired.com

After chatting with Christopher, John Ross takes his cousin Lucy (Charlene Tilton) to lunch. He promises Lucy that she will get a significant stake in Ewing Oil if she gets her father Gary to approve of the drilling with a simple signature.

What will Lucy do?

Christopher finds out some news, Bobby gets arrested

Christopher sees Elena on the ranch and tells her he owes her a better apology. Elena tells him she knows he distanced himself from her because they were getting too close.  When Elena tells Christopher he really should call Rebecca, he refuses to listen to her, until Elena finally tells him she is pregnant.

As Bobby is cow herding, he is arrested for his assault on Ryland. Bobby is told that Harris wants an apology, but Bobby thinks he just wants to “get his hooks into Ann.”  Bobby is then informed of how much power Nyland really has (more power than the Ewings?), and that he can cause a great deal trouble to the Ewings. Bobby also informs the FBI there is no sign of JR (Larry Hagman), but the FBI tells Bobby they have information on him.

Christopher finally sees Rebecca, and gets an earful from Ann, John Ross is in trouble

Christopher doesn’t think for a minute that Rebecca is pregnant. Instead, he thinks it’s a ploy. Rebecca is shocked at this notion, citing that Christopher’s birth parents put him up for adoption, and that he should be a little more considerate.

Nonetheless, Christopher tells Ann he demands a paternity test, and Ann snaps at him angrily. When Bobby tells Ann what he did to her ex-husband Harris, she is further infuriated and leaves the room in disgust.

When John Ross takes Elena out to dinner, he sees Marta (Leonor Varela) walking out the door. When he goes to follow her, he gets a call from Vicente’s (Carlos Bernard) right-hand man that Vicente wants to see him immediately. Vicente tells John Ross that he’s not buying his double talk. John Ross tells him he’ll get his oil.  In an effort to save his own neck, John Ross tells Vicente that Marta skimmed money off the sale and short changed Vicente. Vicente acts like he doesn’t care, and gives John Ross one week- or else.

Lucy doesn’t help John Ross,  he goes to Sue Ellen for help, and JR tries to dig up dirt on ‘Frank’

Lucy refuses to help John Ross in getting her father to help him sign over on approving oil drilling on Southfork. When John Ross accuses Bobby of involving Lucy in the deal, Bobby shrugs it off, and informs John Ross that as soon as the paperwork with the deed is finalized, he is throwing John Ross and JR (whenever he returns) off Southfork. John Ross then goes to Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) and informs her of the trouble he’s in. Sue Ellen has the idea of giving Vicente his oil, but from one of the rigs Elena finds on other property.

JR emerges and asks his right hand man Bum to get info on ‘Frank,’ Cliff’s bodyguard. Turns out Frank is not his real name. Cliff took an interest to him as a young child and now has him doing work for him. Although 'Frank' is an educated man, he is still Cliff’s gopher, and JR insinuates that this could be a hidden bone of contention for ‘Frank.’

Elena meets with Sue Ellen, John Ross calls Elena, but gets Marta!

Sue Ellen suggests to Elena that she should drill for oil somewhere else to help John Ross. When Elena appears resistant, she further reminds Elena that she is her investor, and “urges” her to do what she says. This is a side of Sue Ellen that has been brewing for a few episodes. It’s going to be interesting to see if this continues. As Elena and Sue Ellen are talking, Marta is seen lurking in the background.

When John Ross calls Elena, he hears Marta on the other end of the line. She threatens to harm Elena if John Ross calls the cops and doesn’t meet with her. When he arrives and comes out of the elevator, he bumps into another couple (remember this) and storms into Marta’s room. Marta comes out of hiding and tells him she knows he sold her out to Vicente, who has frozen her account. John Ross realizes Marta doesn’t have Elena when she is not in the room. When he grabs Marta’s purse to get her phone, Marta cuts his neck. He grabs the phone and leaves.

Christopher visits a phoneless Elena, Bobby visits Ryland, Christopher hears from the doctor

Christopher goes to visit Elena, who is fine, but cannot find her phone. Christopher lays his cards out on the table and tells Elena that no matter what happened, he wants to be with her. Even though Elena admits her feelings for him, she insists she is happy with John Ross, and that he should attend to Rebecca, who is carrying his child.

Bobby visits Ryland and apologizes to him. Ryland then tells his secretary to call his lawyer and inform him to drop the charges. Bobby makes it clear that even though he apologized to Ryland, it doesn’t mean he regrets slapping him around. In fact, he was ready to go to court. Ryland then hands Bobby an envelope and tells him Ann is holding out on him in regards to certain information.

Back at Southfork, Ann is telling Christopher to come to his senses in regards to how he is handling Rebecca’s pregnancy. As Bobby comes in and hides the envelope, the doctor calls Christopher, but won’t give the results of Rebecca’s tests on the phone.

John Ross is in the wrong place at the wrong time, Christopher’s having twins, Bobby shows Ann the envelope, the police come to Southfork again

As John Ross leaves the hotel, he notices commotion outside in the parking lot, where he also finds Marta’s dead body on top of a vehicle. The couple from the elevator sees him, and he flees the scene quicker than LeBron James left the Cavaliers two summers ago.

When Christopher meets with the doctor, not only does he find out that Rebecca is indeed pregnant, but she’s pregnant with twins!  If there’s one human being on the planet I wouldn’t want to be right now, it’s Christopher Ewing. However, Christopher sees Rebecca in the room and gets emotional when he sees the unborn children on the ultrasound. So dies Ann, who leaves the room in tears.

When they get home, Bobby shows Ann the envelope. He tells her he doesn’t need to open it, throws it in the fire, and tells Ann that she can trust him. As they embrace, you see a picture with Ann and a baby burn in the fireplace.

John Ross finally gets home and is relieved that Elena is alright and not harmed. She tells him she knows of his investor problems as you see police sirens in the background. John Ross is then arrested and sent off to jail.

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