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Christian Bale visits movie shooting victims, Mariah Carey joins ‘American Idol,’ MTV’s ‘House of Style’ returns


Christian Bale visits movie shooting victims
Christian Bale photo: AMC Theaters

Say what you want about Christian Bale and his attitude, but the man is pretty darned awesome!  

The actor dropped what he was doing and headed straight to Aurora, Colorado to visit the hospitalized victims of last Friday’s horrific and senseless shooting that took place during the midnight screening The Dark Knight Rises.

He spent about 2 ½ hours at with the victims at the Medical Center of Aurora and it was said that the patients were very happy to see him.

Bale had previously released a statement saying: “Words cannot express the horror that I feel.  I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them.”

Bale didn’t go to the hospital as a rep for Warner Bros. or the movie. He went on his own, showing that he truly does have a heard, regardless of how he’s been depicted in the media in the past.

Kudos to you, Mr. Bale!


MTV’s ‘House of Style’ returns

Do you remember House of Style?  It was the MTV show hosted by beauties such as Rebecca Romijn and Cindy Crawford and discussed, well, style.
Cindy Crawford photo: Cindy.com
Ringing any bells yet?

Well anyway…

The show went off the air in 2009.  But, it’s back.  Or at least soon will be, giving MTV another reason not to play any actual music.

Right now there aren’t too many details about the show, other than it will be making it’s comeback on October 9th and will once again be following fashion trends.

Even the host is still under wraps. And not because it’s a big surprise, but because the higher ups are still trying to figure out who it will be. All that’s being said that the host could possibly be male this time around and that the final decision will be revealed on September 6th, which is also the same night that the MTV Video Music Awards will air.

Can’t wait for the show’s big return?  Check out highlights from past shows at MTV Style or check out the upcoming documentary about the show that will air on August 7th.


Mariah Carey joins ‘American Idol’
Mariah Carey photo: nnhit.com
It’s been no secret that American Idol has been going through some hosting shakeups. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were out, but who would be taking their place was a mystery.  

Many names were being kicked around for the position, although no one was saying for sure who would be sitting at the table.

One of the new hosts has finally been revealed and that new judge is…drum roll please…Mariah Carey.

This really shouldn’t be too much of a surprise considering her name seemed to be at the top of the list during talks.  

But, what’s with all the shakeups anyway?

Apparently it had to do with the show’s ratings.  It looks like ratings dropped during the 11th season so it is hoped that some new blood on the show would bring in bigger ratings.  And it also looks like perhaps JLo was hoping for a salary increase, which didn’t happen.

It’s already being said that the 12th season should be pretty interesting considering Carey is known for being a tad bit odd, but only time will tell if she’ll help or hurt the show.


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Bale photo: AMC Theaters

Cindy Crawford photo: Cindy.com

Mariah Carey photo: nnhit.com