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'Dallas' Episode 8 Recap: 'No Good Deed'


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Episode 8: 'No Good Deed'

John Ross awaits booking
While in custody Elena visits (Jordana Brewster) John Ross (John Henderson) and asks what he was even doing with Marta that night. John Ross tells her that he went there for her because he thought Marta had kidnapped her, which is true for the most part.
John Ross is then informed that his fingerprints and DNA samples are all over the reports, and he is officially arrested for the murder of Veronica (Marta) Martinez.

Sue Ellen visits John Ross, Rebecca and Christopher are at a crossroads

Now in jail, John Ross gets a visit from Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), who promises him she will hire the best defense lawyer she knows to get him off the hook. When she insinuates he is buffering for JR (Larry Hagman), John Ross tells Sue Ellen of his affair with Marta, he let it get out of hand, and that it’s his mess to clean up.

Meanwhile, as Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) drops Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) off, Rebecca asks him where they stand and reminds him that their twins, like Christopher, will be born into a broken home if he can’t get past his issues with her. Christopher admits that he is feeling much anger towards her, and he doesn’t know if they’ll ever get past that.

Bobby and Ann informed about John Ross and Marta, Christopher does some digging

Sheriff Derek arrives at Southfork to update Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Ann (Brenda Strong) about John Ross. While Elena wishes there was more she could do, Christopher snaps at her, claiming to a shocked Elena that he got himself into his own mess. As Christopher leaves, he stops the sheriff and asks him to perform a background check on Rebecca.

Vicente visits John Ross in jail, Christopher gets an offer from Exxon, Ann calms Rebecca

John Ross knows Vicente’s (Carlos Bernard) men took the video that can prove his innocence and threatens to come clean to the police. Vicente claims that isn’t very wise, and that the tape can be “edited” to make John Ross look even worse. He then asks for his oil, which John Ross claims he will get if he gets out of jail.

Back at Christopher’s office an Exxon representative visits him and wants to talk exclusive rights for the drill rig Christopher is testing for energy revolution. Christopher declines, saying he has come very far and thinks he can make it on his own. The representative says he’s not giving up, and tells him to call him if he changes his mind.

Ann stops by Rebecca’s to pay her a visit, where Rebecca confides in her that she thinks she’ll screw up in regards to what she is trying to reestablish with Christopher. Ann calms her fears and encourages her, when Tommy stops by. Ann has finally had enough of him, and tells him she can get him work on another ranch because he is no longer trusted on Southfork.

Vicente visits Bobby on Southfork, John Ross gets a beatdown, Bobby’s lawyer pays him a visit

Vicente stops by Southfork and tries to play hard with Bobby, who has probably fought more wars in a decade than Vicente has fought his whole life. Vicente tells Bobby that until the loan is paid off and until the promise for oil is fulfilled, Vicente owns the note on Southfork and they will be forced to take over the ranch.

Bobby tells them to call in the note, informs him that he owns the mineral rights on Southfork, and that the best thing for him to do is to get off his property as soon as he can.

Vicente evidently didn’t take too kindly to that news, as John Ross gets beaten severely by several of Vicente’s men who tell John Ross that they’re going to kill him if they don’t get their oil.

Back at Southfork, Bobby’s lawyer visits him and tells him the agreement struck with Vicente is legally valid, but investigators are trying to find loopholes in the deal. Bobby also wants to launch an investigation into Marta’s death.

The family visits John Ross, Ann comforts Sue Ellen, John Ross comes clean to Christopher

When Bobby sees John Ross in the hospital bed, he knows immediately that this was the work of Vicente’s men and that John Ross has to make bail as soon as possible. An emotional Sue Ellen confides in Ann that the only way she knows she can help John Ross is by ‘crossing the line, ’ which is something she isn’t comfortable with.

When John Ross wakes up from his coma, he confesses to Christopher that nobody can tell the police what really happened. He also tells Christopher that Vicente has the video which will clear him. He also admits that he was foolish for trying to drill, and laments how much of a mess the whole scenario has become.

JR gets the news about John Ross, Bobby talks to Miss Ellie, Christopher gets an idea

While JR gets the news from Bum about what happened to John Ross, Bobby visits Miss Ellie’s grave and tells her what a mess the family is in. He leaves by telling her she knows he will do what it takes to make things right to protect the family- even if she didn’t think it was the best way.

When Bobby comes back to the family and thinks that he has to drill oil in order to appease Vicente, Christopher offers another solution to the family getting out of the mess they’re in by making Vicente an offer he can’t refuse.

Sue Ellen ‘talks’ to the coroner, JR visits John Ross, Christopher makes Vicente an offer

Sue Ellen informs the coroner in charge of looking over Marta’s body that she’ll be the next governor, and that he can be the next chief medical examiner if he “proves” Marta’s death was a suicide. She also makes it a point to note that she is aware of his writing medical prescriptions- even though he works with deceased clients.

As a returning JR visits John Ross while he’s sleeping in the hospital, Christopher goes to Vicente’s, who is not budging as far as his plans to get his oil. Christopher then shows Vicente the energy in the methane hydrates and he offers him exclusive South American rights. When Christopher informs him that he will unlock more energy with the hydrates than with oil, Vicente is intrigued. Before leaving, Christopher also insists that a possible deal includes the footage of John Ross.Dallas photo: allieiswired.com

John Ross gets cleared, Sue Ellen has guilt, Christopher has a change of heart, Rebecca gets harassed again by Tommy

Just as Sue Ellen tells John Ross the ‘good news,’ he is informed that the charges will be dropped because the “video was found.”  He realizing it was Christopher right away, he arrives at Southfork and gives him a heartfelt thank you. For now, things seem to be resolved with John Ross, Christopher and the family. Bobby commends Christopher for what he did to help his cousin and the family, and now wants to focus on getting Southfork back.

When Sue Ellen realizes that it wasn’t the coroner who technically helped clear John Ross, she soon gets a call from him. He tells her Marta had defensive wounds on her body, and while John Ross may be innocent, the real killer walked free. When Sue Ellen confesses her guilt to Ann, she tells Sue Ellen to stop beating herself up, and that she did what a mother would do.

Christopher leaves Southfork to tell Rebecca of the background check he had done on her. It was clean, but he’s not sure he can let it go because he’s afraid there might be more secrets, which Rebecca tells him is not true.

No sooner than the conversation ends when Tommy stops by. He is aware that Christopher’s patent could be worth billions and that he’s had a change of heart and isn’t going anywhere. He then kisses Rebecca, finally acknowledging what most people knew all along- that the two weren’t in fact, brother and sister all along.

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