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'Dallas' Episode 5 Recap- Truth or Consequences


Every week, Philly2Philly.com will recap the previous night's episode of Dallas. All of the lying, cheating, and backstabbing will be discussed right here!

Episode 5: Truth or Consequences

Rebecca comes clean to Christopher

The episode picks up right where last week left off. Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) tells Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) that John Ross (Josh Henderson) is blackmailing her in regards to the email but that Tommy sent the email to make it look like it came from Christopher’s computer. Christopher then cold cocks Tommy and Tommy admits it was a scam, but not Rebecca’s fault. Christopher throws Rebecca out and drives off. Elena apologizes to John Ross, and informs him of the payoff Christopher was trying to give her.

Bobby is informed that J.R. now owns Southfork, and there’s not much he can do about it, and Tommy leaves Southfork, but gets what he came for

Lobell sends Bobby (Patrick Duffy) a note that Southfork’s deal is in J.R’s (Larry Hagman) name. When Bobby angrily confronts J.R. about it, J.R. explains “Marta” was selling to Barnes after she would acquire the property. J.R. claims he got a group of investors to buy Southfork and that he will drill for oil immediately. Bobby tells him he’s going to take him down.Photo: ksitetv.com

Bobby then goes to LoBell’s office with Christopher, only to see he’s skipped town.

Bobby is informed that the real Del Sol’s were never part of the Southfork deal and that Marta (Leonor Varela) is a fake. Their tracks were covered all around, and even though the sale to Del Sol was a fraud, it was a deal, the check was cashed, and J.R. was a third constituate. Someway, somehow, Bobby has to prove J.R. knew of the deal, or else.

Tommy has access to Christopher’s computer and has copied all his files. He tells Rebecca he spent two years trying to work this project, and that Rebecca is going down with him if he does.

John Ross knows he’s been had, Marta gets angry, and Christopher plots revenge

Elena (Jordana Brewster) informs John Ross of the Southfork deal. John Ross is enraged and Elena no longer trusts him, thinking he was involved in the final part of the deal.  Meanwhile, oil trucks come piling into Southfork as Bobby and Christopher look on in disgust. Christopher vows to fight fire with fire, which Bobby vehemently opposes.

John Ross then confronts Marta. She shows him the picture of him and Elena and claims J.R. had him followed. Marta tells him she warned him not to toy with her. John Ross demands Marta redo the deed, when she claims J.R. offered a better deal, John Ross tells her to stay away from him if she knows what’s good for her.

Marta brings out the sex tape she made when she drugged John Ross. She then takes out DVD and evidently has plans for it. As she leaves, Christopher bribes Marta’s doorman that John Ross left some paperwork at his place, so he lets Christopher in his room. Christopher then finds the sex tape with a note attached.

J.R. leaves town, but leaves something for John Ross, Ann meets with Rebecca

While J.R. converses with Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones at the Cowboys game, J.R.’s photographer summons John Ross to meet his father. When John Ross arrives, J.R. justifies what he did with the Southfork deal by telling John Ross he is teaching him the oil business and is leaving it to him. He gives John Ross the power of attorney, tells him he is leaving town for a while and to take care of Southfork and make him proud. He leaves in a chopper and doesn’t tell him when he’s coming back.

Rebecca calls Ann (Brenda Strong) and Ann rightfully gives her the business. She wants to meet with Ann in person. She meets with her and tells Ann that Tommy is trying to figure out his next move. Ann tells Rebecca she should come clean with Christopher.

Ross gives Bobby some news and meets with Elena, as does Christopher

John Ross goes to Southfork to talk with Bobby, telling him he should have let him drill in the first place or this entire mess wouldn’t have happened. At J.R’s request, John Ross also lets Bobby know will oversee all transactions on the ranch, and that he may have to throw Bobby off the ranch if things get out of hand.

John Ross then tells Elena that J.R. put his head in the crosshairs and that the oil is his birthright. He then asks her to help him, but she can’t be a part of that.

Afterwards, a drunk Christopher then goes to Elena’s and apologizes for what happened with the proposed payoff. Elena then lets him in the house. When he awakes, Elena gives him the riot act for his recent behavior. Just when Christopher is about to give her John Ross’ sex tape, he puts it away and leaves.

Photo: ksitetv.comAnn asks her ex-husband a favor, Elena reconciles with John Ross, but Christopher blackmails him

Ann visits her ex-husband in regards to a contract he has with J.R. When she asks him to cancel the contract, he agrees, stating that he likes Bobby but never liked J.R.

Elena then tells John Ross she’ll help him, but they have to drill on other lands and not Southfork. she asks him to promise he had nothing to do with Southfork. He lies and says he didn’t, and the two sleep together.

Christopher visits John Ross and shows him the sex tape. Christopher learns Marta’s real name is Veronica by watching the tape. This proves John Ross originally conspired against Bobby in the Southfork deal. Christopher wants proof J.R. was part of the deal, and John Ross is now left with some important decisions to make.

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