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'Dallas' Episode 9 Recap: 'Family Business'


Every week, Philly2Philly.com will recap the previous night's episode of Dallas. All of the lying, cheating, and backstabbing will be discussed right here!

Episode 9 Recap: 'Family Business'

John Ross recovers, Christopher and Rebecca try to make things work, Tommy threatens Rebecca....again

With John Ross (Josh Henderson) getting back to full strength, Elena (Jordana Brewster) further reminds him that JR got him into this mess, Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) helped to get him out of it, and that the only reason his Uncle Bobby (Patrick Duffy) wanted to drill was to save him from getting killed in jail.  As Elena leaves, it almost seems if John Ross is developing a conscience- something JR (Larry Hagman) would never do. Or would he?.....

Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) admits to Christopher that she can;t expect him to forget everything that has happened between them, but that is what she wants. While walking through town, the two see a pair of stuffed monkeys, which they buy for their unborn twins.

When Rebecca arrives home, Tommy (Callard Harris) is in her apartment and demands access to Christopher’s lab. When he attacks her, she scratches him. He insists on the plans for Christopher’s rig, or he will “put a bullet in her fairy tale.”

Sue Ellen is blackmailed, Tommy meets with his ‘partner,’  Bobby falls ill

Harris Nyland (Mitch Pileggi) pays Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) a visit, and gives her a gift- a bottle of wine. This is particularly interesting because Sue Ellen’s battles with booze are well documented. Nyland knows that Sue Ellen bribed the medical examiner, and is looking for favors in return. She says she’ll give him the money back from the campaign. Nyland refuses, pours her a glass of wine, and leaves.

After leaving Rebecca’s, Tommy meets his partner, who is none other than ‘Frank,’ Cliff Barnes driver! Tommy demands more money. ‘Frank,’ however, isn’t amused, and sternly warns Tommy he has one more day to get Christopher’s plans.

While John Ross and Elena are going over oil drilling plans, they discover an indirect way to drill for oil on Southfork without technically drilling on Southfork.

John Ross explains to Bobby that this is a way to get Vicente off their back. Christopher thinks it’s a scam and goes after John Ross. They’re both separated by Bobby, who starts having convulsions.

At the hospital, it’s revealed that Bobby had a cerebral aneurysm as a possible result of chemotherapy. John Ross is confused, until Elena tells him that Bobby was suffering from cancer. Bobby told Elena because he thought JR and John Ross would use it against him in the fight for Southfork. John Ross then meets Bum in the hospital and wants him to tell JR know that “his brother is dying.”

Meanwhile, the doctor tells Bobby that if he gets out of the hospital bed and goes home, there is a 30% percent chance of him dying before he hits the ground of another aneurysm.

Rebecca visits Christopher, JR returns, Bobby laments, Christopher tries to reason with John Ross

Upon hearing from Ann (Brenda Strong) about Bobby, Rebecca comes to visit Christopher. As she leaves Southfork, she goes to Christopher’s car and takes his keycard in his briefcase, but hesitates and then returns it.Photo: tvequals.com

After she leaves, JR returns to Southfork, where he is practically chased off the premises by Ann, who calls him a sociopath. While JR claims he owns the deed to Southfork and can do what he pleases, Ann threatens to shoot him if he comes back.

While in bed, Bobby confesses to Christopher that he screwed up by trying to sell Southfork, and that Christopher wouldn’t have had to sell his patent to Vicente if he held onto it.

Christopher then calls John Ross, telling him that the only way he drills on Southfork is if he gets JR to sign the deed back to Bobby, which would give him peace of mind if he dies. John Ross knows there’s no way JR surrenders Southfork’s deed. Christopher reminds John Ross that his uncle was there for him growing up when JR wasn’t. As a result, he goes to JR with Christopher’s request, which he outright refuses. JR then throws him out of his room, telling him that he doesn’t need a roommate anymore.

Sue Ellen stops by Southfork and gives JR the business, John Ross comes clean about his feelings for JR, JR visits Bobby

Sue Ellen visits Southfork to see Bobby and is informed of what JR is doing. She confronts him, slaps him, and reminds him that he has nothing, and that his depression that got him in the resting him was driven by greed and nothing more.

After giving JR a piece of her mind, Sue Ellen tells Ann that Nyland is trying to blackmail her into laundering money. Ann tells her there has to be a way out of this, and Sue Ellen insinuates she will drop out of the governor’s race.

Meanwhile, John Ross confesses to Elena that he always wanted to be like JR, but he now realizes how lost he is in his anger and bitterness and doesn’t aspire to be like him whatsoever.

When Ann leaves, JR is told Bobby wants to see him. Bobby tells JR that despite the fact that he has basically has more lesser points than stronger points, he still loves him no matter what, and nobody lives forever.

John Ross and Christopher business partners? JR has a change of heart, and Tommy continues to hound Rebecca

John Ross admits that Ewing Oil could have been an even bigger empire if only Jock Ewing didn’t put JR against Bobby. Christopher interjects, says it doesn’t have to be this way, and that they should go into business together as equal partners, with Elena in the mix as well. They would use the oil drilled to bankroll Christopher’s gas hydrates. At first, Bobby (who is also a partner) is skeptical, but wishes both of them best of luck as they move forward.

As this is transpiring, a tearful JR (while looking at a picture of his mother) signs over the Southfork deed to Bobby and put it on a sleeping Bobby’s bed.

Bobby wakes up and tells JR he’s still not off the hook for what he did. JR tells Bobby that if he dies, JR gets it all back. He smirks and walks away.

Tommy is desperate, Bobby takes another turn for the worse, Rebecca has a showdown with Tommy

Rebecca gets call from Tommy asking her for Christopher’s keycard, she tells him she doesn’t have it, and he breaks a pretty fierce sweat. After hanging up on him, Rebecca goes to her safety deposit box and grabs a gun. Tommy then meets a disgruntled ‘Frank,’ who tells Tommy his services are no longer needed.

Bobby gets a call  from his attorney, Lou, who tells him they have a line on Marta’s wrongdoings which led to her death, and that any proof of JR’s fraud will get them off the hook with Vicente. However, Lou then asks Bobby if he is ready to send JR to jail if they find that JR committed fraud. Bobby then hangs up and promptly has another seizure.

After Rebecca gets home, it seems that Tommy has finally lost his marbles and he brutally attacks her. During the altercation , Rebecca grabs the gun in her purse and the two wind up in a struggle. The gun goes off and somebody is shot, while blood splatters all over the stuffed monkeys.

So who was shot? My money is on Tommy, but we’ll find out in the season finale next week!  

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