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Vince Vaughn to Star in 'Brady Bunch' Reboot, 'American Horror Story' Season 2, Jason Segel leaving 'How I Met Your Mother'


Vince Vaughn to Star in Brady Bunch reboot on CBS

It looks like The Brady Bunch will be getting a reboot—from Vince Vaughn!

The Wedding Crashers star is said to be developing a new and different version of the iconic sitcom for CBS. brady bunch vince vaughn

While the show may have a similar theme to the original, viewers will also get to see some slight differences.

This time around the show will focus on Bobby Brady.  He has children and remarries a woman who does, too.  Ok, same so far.  But, the couple will also have a child together and we’ll get to see interaction with their ex-spouses.  And there’s where the differences come in.

Will we see any of the original characters?  As of right now that is still unknown.  But Lloyd Schwartz, the son of the original show’s creator Sherwood Schwartz, is on board as executive producer.

It’s been said that Mike Mariano (Raising Hope) has written the pilot, but when the show will actually air hasn’t be released.

American Horror Story Creator Ryan Murphy Keeping Mum on Upcoming Season

It’s time once again for another American Horror Story update.

We all know that the show would be changing venues and the storyline would be completely different, but up until now there haven’t been too many details other than tidbit here and a tidbit there.

Now some substantial info is being released.

First off, the name will have a bit of a change.  This time around it’ll go by American Horror Story: Asylum.  Sounds spooky already, right?!
This season will be set in 1964.  We’ll see the return of some of last season’s faves in new roles, along with some interesting new faces.

What’ll it be about?  Ryan Murphy had a little something to say about it.  According to EW.com:

“When we launched the show last year, we kept quiet about the closed-ended nature of the show because we didn’t want to tip off the audience that the characters were not going to survive,” he said. “Now that it has been established that each year is a closed-ended story, the time seemed right to reveal what we’re calling the new installment. … We picked Asylum because it not only describes the setting – an insane asylum run by Jessica

Lange’s character which was formerly a tuberculosis ward – but also signifies a place of haven for the unloved and the unwanted. This year’s theme is about sanity and tackling real life horrors.”

October cannot come fast enough!!

Jason Segel Leaving "How I Met Your Mother"

Rumors have been swirling like crazy about Jason Segel leaving How I Met Your Mother, thanks to something he said during an interview that was posted on an Austrian website.  Apparently he said something to the effect of leaving the hit show after the 8th season because he is tired of playing a nice guy and enjoys more R-rated projects.

But, now it’s being said that the whole thing is just a big misunderstanding and what he meant to say seemed to have gotten lost in translation.

Unfortunately fans can’t breathe easy just yet.  CBS is still in discussions about a 9th season, so the future of the show is still uncertain.  And a source has said that if a 9th season really does happen, viewers may have to do without Segel and Alyson Hannigan because the two might not be interested in going ahead and if they did it might take a lot of money to keep them.

Wow—a lot of uncertainty going on there.  Guess fans will just have to wait and see what happens.

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