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'Dallas' Season Finale Recap: Revelations


Every week since its premiere episode, Philly2Philly.com has recapped the previous week’s episode of Dallas. Now, it all comes down to the season finale!

Episode 10: Revelations

JR photo: tvequals.com

Tommy bites the dust, Bobby gets out of surgery

Well we now know who won the battle for the gun last week. And the winner is: Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo), who stares on in disbelief as Tommy (Callard Harris) drops dead to the floor. She then makes a frantic phone call, throws away her clothes, scrubs the floor, and just like that, the body is removed by several unidentified people, most likely the same people she had previously called.

At the hospital, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) gets out of surgery, but the doctor tells the gang he isn’t sure whether he has brain damage. JR (Larry Hagman) then goes to see Bobby as he lies in a coma in the hospital bed. JR tells him to keep fighting, he loves him, and that he doesn’t know who he’d be without him.

Vicente is ready to do business, Rebecca needs those rings, Bobby wakes up!

John Ross (Josh Henderson) then gets a phone call from Vicente (Carlos Bernard), who has checked out the rig and is impressed by it. Vicente wants to know when it will be ready, and that Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) better get back to him with that information.

Fresh off from shooting Tommy, Rebecca goes to the hospital in a clean pair of clothes to be with Christopher, who notices the bruise on her face. He asks if it was Tommy who did it, and that if he gets in touch with her that she’d better tell him. She also notices he has his wedding ring back on.  Christopher claims he really wants to make it work, but it’s too bad Rebecca gave hers to Tommy. Christopher then asks John Ross to call Bum and see if Tommy is still in Dallas.

When Rebecca goes to Tommy’s place to look for the rings, she’s not able to find them. She then makes a call to the persons who helped removed Tommy’s body to see if they know where they are. Rebecca goes to what seems to be an airplane hanger and searches the back of a truck with Tommy’s body wrapped inside. She finds out that Tommy pawned the rings and grabs the receipts

Bobby then awakes from his coma without brain damage and then speaks to Ann (Brenda Strong) and Christopher. He wants to see the doctor and tells them that everything is going to be fine.

John Ross rents a familiar office space, Rebecca still searching for those rings, Bobby breaks it down to JR

John Ross takes Elena (Jordana Brewster) rented a construction site, which will be the new home of the new Ewing Energies. It’s not just any site however, it was the old building of Ewing Oil! John Ross did it to surprise Christopher. He then gets down on one knee and proposes to Elena, and she says yes. Christopher comes by and is very happy that he thought of using the family’s old building, but then notices Elena’s ring. At first, he seems uncomfortable, but then wishes them the best. With everything squared away, John Ross thinks their main priority should be getting Christopher’s patent back from Vicente. Christopher however, just wants to end the day on a high note, celebrate, and move forward.

Rebecca then goes to the pawn shop to find out that the rings have already been bought. Rebecca claims she will rebuy them for double what they paid. When Christopher comes by with dinner for Rebecca, he still notices she isn’t wearing the ring. Rebecca tells him her handPhoto: UltimateDallas.coms are swollen from her pregnancy.

JR is visiting Bobby in the hospital when Bobby’s attorney Lou stops by. When JR expresses his concern for Bobby’s well-being, Bobby tells him he can’t die because he has unfinished business with him. Despite the fact that JR gave the deed to Bobby, it’s still owned by Vicente. Bobby informs him he knows of the video that has him conspiring with Marta to put Bobby under.

Sue Ellen decides to drop out of the governor’s race, John Ross’ life turns upside down, Ann pays Ryland a visit

When Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) comes to visit Bobby, she tells Ann she is setting up a press conference to bow out of the governor’s race. She is also telling Harris Ryland (Mitch Pileggi) she will not launder money for him. Ann warns her not to let Ryland win.

Back at Southfork, John Ross and Christopher are shooting hoops when JR and Lou stop by. JR tells John Ross Bobby wants them both to “pay the piper.” 

After going inside, Lou tells John Ross the videos prove he brought Vicente and Marta aboard before anyone was involved in regards to trying to swindle Southfork from Bobby. John Ross says he will confess, but he needs assurance that nobody will tell Elena what happened- then Elena walks in, having heard everything. John Ross begs for Elena to understand him, but she takes off the engagement ring and tells him she can never trust him again.

Ann then visits her ex-husband and lets him know she knows all about what he is doing with Sue Ellen. He tells her there is ‘one way to end all of this’ as he starts to touch Ann, who disrobes....revealing a wire that recorded everything Ryland said to her. Ann then cold cocks Ryland, and warns him of the trouble he’ll encounter if he tries to mess with the Ewing family again. Ann then gives Sue Ellen the tape of Ryland and tells her to stay in the race. In the final scenes of the episode, Sue Ellen is seen at a political rally talking to a crowd.

Vicente is arrested, Christopher and John Ross at odds again, Christopher ends things with Rebecca

The scene then shifts to ‘Frank’ and Vicente, who are conversing over the Ewings and Southfork when federal agents stop by to arrest Vicente. He is met in jail by JR, Bobby, John Ross, and Christopher. Vicente is informed that JR and John Ross signed confessions, which invalidates any lien Vicente has on Southfork as well as Christopher’s patent. There is also a video of Vicente threatening Marta as well as his men throwing her oPhoto: tvequals.comut the window. JR tells Vicente he and John Ross have immunity, and that he never should have touched his son. As Vicente walks away, JR lets him know that he is a rich man, and on no uncertain terms that jail could be very hard for him. Vicente tells him he is rich as well, and gives him a rather vengeful look as he is whisked away.

Bobby tells JR he wouldn’t have sent him to jail. JR admits he knows this, but Bobby informs him he has an extra copy of JR conspiring with Marta on DVD, and that he won’t be afraid to break it out if further trouble ensues.

As everyone returns to Southfork, Bobby expresses his disgust with John Ross. When John Ross accuses Christopher of being happy that Elena heard everything, Christopher tells him Elena deserved to know the truth. Christopher wanted to believe John Ross had changed, but he too is disgusted and is now convinced he hasn’t at all. What effect this will have on their business remains to be seen.

John Ross gets a call from Bum, telling him he found where Tommy was staying. Christopher goes and checks the hotel, but the place is completely empty. Then the phone rings and Christopher picks it up. The person on the other end has the name of Rebecca and says she’s Tommy’s sister. However, the person on the other end is obviously not Rebecca Ewing. Christopher then storms into Rebecca’s apartment. Enraged, Christopher asks her just who she really is. Rebecca then snaps back at him, telling him she never had a chance with him, and that he’s still in love with Elena. Christopher vows that once he finds out who she really is, he will send her to prison.

Christopher and Elena reunite, Rebecca surprises everyone, JR and John Ross reconcile

Christopher then visits Elena and bears his soul to her- telling her they’ve wasted too much time and that he and Elena are done. He then pulls out a ring he had for her several years back and proposes to her. After Elena’s mother stops by the Ewing Energies building to return Elena’s engagement ring to John Ross, Christopher and Elena are seen consumating their relationship.

The scene shifts to the same airplane hanger seen earlier, when Rebecca was looking for the wedding rings. Rebecca is thanking the person who helped her dispose of Tommy’s body, and it’s none other than Frank!  As if that’s not enough of a shock, turns out Rebecca is working for her father, who turns out to be (drum roll please)................ Cliff Barnes! (Ken Kercheval). Though Cliff was always kind of a schemer, he’s now gone completely over the edge and determined to bury the Ewings once and for all.  It was Cliff who bought the rings from the pawnshop. He wants Rebecca to get a piece of Ewing Energies and strictly warns her not to lose focus again. She agrees and happily goes along with her father’s request. Wow.

The final scene of the season shows John Ross joined by JR at the Ewing Energies building. In what seemed like a genuine attempt to straighten himself out after partnering up with Vicente and barely surviving prison, John Ross lost the newfound respect of Bobby and Christopher as well as Elena. He tells JR to show him every dirty trick he knows. and that he will bring him into Ewing Energies once he takes it from Christopher and Elena. At the same time, he warns JR that if he screws him, he will go right back into the rest home. The two then toast, and the first season comes to a close.

So just to wrap things up, Christopher and Elena are back together, Rebecca is now determined to take down Christopher, Cliff plans on taking down the Ewings, Vicente wants revenge on the Ewings, Bobby seems healthy, Sue Ellen is running for governor, and John Ross aspires to be like JR again. That’s a lot to soak in.

See you in January!

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