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'Vampire Diaries' Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: O Come, All Ye Faithful


In the mid-season finale, O Come, All Ye Faithful, Tyler (Michael Trevino) and the hybrids finally prepared to take Klaus out, while Bonnie (Kat Graham) helped Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) resist the urge to murder his sister.

Not the Best Way to Start the Day
Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) started the morning together, as Damon had not let Elena go like he told Stefan he would. Elena continued to insist that her feelings for Damon were real but Damon still had his doubts. Luckily, Bonnie called to remind Elena that they were starting Jeremy’s re-programming that day and Elena invited Damon to come along.

When Damon and Elena arrived at the Gilbert family lake house, Jeremy was not pleased to see them, but Bonnie managed to calm him down. (Damon was also not pleased because shady Shane was also there.) Unfortunately, Jeremy attacked Elena the first chance he got, thus proving how much influence Jeremy’s hunter-instincts still had on his behavior.Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Crazy Hybrid Schemes
Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler told his hybrid pals that it was finally time for them to stage their revolution against Klaus because Hayley had a witch that could set the hybrids free.

Tyler then informed Caroline (Candice Accola) of the upcoming hybrid-revolt and explained that Hayley’s witch-friend would put Klaus into another body via the body-jumping spell and they would encase the body in concrete and bury it. The plan sounded fine until Caroline realized that Tyler’s was the body they planned to bury. Tyler explained that it would only be for a short time, just long enough for the other hybrids to disappear.

While his hybrids were planning his down-fall, Klaus was sending a post-modern snowflake painting to the town’s Winter Wonderland charity event, presumably to impress Caroline. Stefan (Paul Wesley) stopped by Klaus’ mansion so they could have yet another chat about the infamous cure. Klaus told Stefan it was his job to get Jeremy to complete his hunter’s mark/map-tattoo and Stefan reminded Klaus that none of that mattered unless they had the sword to decipher the mark. To prove he completed his part of the deal, Klaus showed Stefan the magical sword. When Stefan filled Caroline in on the importance of Klaus’ sword, Caroline told Stefan they needed to get their hands on said sword right away, since the hybrids planned to bury Klaus that very same night.

Vampire vs. Hybrids
Caroline once again served as a Klaus-distraction so Stefan could search Klaus’ mansion for the sword. During his search, Stefan called Damon and Damon sufficiently lied about freeing Elena from the sire-bond. He also failed to inform Stefan that he was with Elena at that exact moment.

Later, Stefan met up with Caroline and told her the search turned up nothing so they had to keep Tyler and the hybrids from burying Klaus that night. Tyler refused to back down and with the 12 other hybrids behind him, Stefan and Caroline could do little to stop their plan. Tyler told the hybrids to keep Stefan and Caroline confined to the Lockwood cellar until Klaus was buried safely in Tyler’s body.

Re-programming Requires Love
Over at the lake house, Shane explained the re-programming technique to Elena. Whenever Jeremy saw a vampire, his subconscious had a burning desire to kill said vampire, like a conditioned response -- see vampire, kill vampire. Shane’s plan was to create a detour that would allow Jeremy’s subconscious to recognize Elena as someone he loved so he could make the choice to not hurt her. This sounded like a good plan, until the actual hypnosis part took place and hypnotized-Jeremy made it clear that he did not see vampire-Elena as his real sister and he would stop at nothing to kill her.

When Shane and Bonnie decided they should give the re-programming another shot, Damon pointed out the ridiculousness of having Jeremy associate his detour-to-killing-vampires feelings with an actual vampire. Damon suggested Jeremy pick someone else -- i.e., someone human -- to attach his detour feelings to. Without hesitation, Jeremy named Bonnie, as he already had those warm-and-fuzzy feelings for her. Bonnie was clearly moved by Jeremy’s declaration, as were Bonnie/Jeremy shippers across the land.

Shane and Silas
While Bonnie and Jeremy had some alone-time to work on creating that feelings-detour, Shane had a chat with Elena and Damon. Damon wanted to know why Shane was so interested in the vampirism cure and Shane said he was not looking for the cure because he already knew where it was. Cue a long story about a witch named Silas who created immortality, as well as the cure for it, all thanks to his love for one girl. Silas was apparently buried alive before he could use the immortality cure so said cure was buried with him.

Shane claimed that once Jeremy completed his hunter’s mark, they would have the spell they needed to free Silas from his grave, thus gaining cure for vampirism. (Truth be told, the story made little sense. How exactly is a cure for immortality the same thing as a cure for vampirism? Unless the only way to gain immortality is to become a vampire but if that was the case, how could Silas still have magic to create a vampirism cure if witches lose their magic after they turn? Hopefully the writers will explain this when the show returns from hiatus.)

Carol and Rebekah
While the hybrids kept Stefan and Caroline out of the way, Tyler tracked his mother down to let her know about his plan to be buried in cement. Carol was not thrilled by the prospect, but she told her son to do what he needed to do and that his father would be proud of him for stepping up as a leader. (Carol clearly forgot who she was married to, as Tyler’s dad was not a good guy or a good leader.) Also, the fact that Carol was in this episode at all was a bad sign right from the start.

During their cellar-imprisonment, Stefan got a call from Damon saying they no longer needed the sword. Caroline and Stefan managed to convince the hybrids to let them go so they could help bring Klaus down. Tyler was less-than-thrilled to see that Caroline was no longer under hybrid-guard, but she explained that she had a way to imprison Klaus without sacrificing Tyler’s body. Stefan had Rebekah’s body tucked away somewhere safe and they could simply use her for the body-jumping spell instead of Tyler. This plan sounded great to Tyler (though I imagine Rebekah would have protested against it had she not been daggered) but he told Caroline to call Bonnie and make sure it would work.

Sensing that their secret plan was falling apart, Hayley texted Shane and he told her to fix the problem. Meanwhile, Caroline’s call pulled Bonnie away from a still-hypnotized Jeremy, thus giving Shane some alone-time with the hunter. (We do not know what Shane said to hypnotized-Jeremy but I doubt it was anything good.) Bonnie told Caroline the plan would work using Rebekah’s body and unintentionally let it slip that Elena was at the lake house. Caroline was surprised to learn that Elena was with Damon, but she had more important things to focus on. Unfortunately, Hayley prevented Caroline from focusing on those other things by breaking Caroline’s neck and leaving her unconscious in the Mystic Grill bathroom.

Love Conquers All?
Elena’s day finally improved when Jeremy finished his re-programming session with Bonnie and Shane. With one look at Bonnie, Jeremy was able to take the vampire-killing detour and instead of attacking his sister, Jeremy hugged her. Later, Damon decided it was time to do the right thing by both Elena and his brother and let Elena go. Damon invoked the sire-bond and told Elena she should head back to Mystic Falls while he stayed behind to help Jeremy with his hunter-training. Elena wanted to protest but the sire-bond did its job and Elena kissed Damon goodbye. Jeremy thanked Bonnie for her help and they also said their farewells as Elena and Bonnie headed back home.Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Compulsion and Sabotage
Klaus tracked Stefan down and asked his sometimes-partner if there was something he should know. But one of Klaus’ hybrids interrupted their conversation and led Klaus away, presumably to his doom.

As the hybrids were putting their plan into action, April found Caroline dead in the bathroom, only to be shocked moments later when Caroline was absolutely fine. Caroline made a phone-call to tell Stefan to check on Rebekah’s body and April overheard. Caroline then compelled April once again but was later shocked to learn that April could not be compelled because she was wearing Jeremy’s vervain bracelet. Whoops.

Tyler called Carol to tell her that everything was going to be okay and he would see her later. Then Hayley showed up and Tyler was confused as to why she was not helping with the destroy-Klaus plan. Hayley confessed that the whole thing was a set-up. While Tyler processed what Hayley was telling him, Klaus murdered all 12 of the non-Tyler hybrids in a sacrifice ritual. And thanks to Hayley, Klaus knew about Tyler’s involvement in his attempted destruction and decided to get even by murdering Tyler’s mother. (Poor Carol. I guess Mystic Falls needs a new Mayor now.)

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Bad Ending to a Bad Day
While Klaus was busy killing the hybrids, Stefan and Caroline were feeling guilty over their roles in Klaus’ down-fall. To make matters worse, Caroline let it slip that Elena’s relationship with Damon had turned sexual and Stefan was not pleased.

Tyler was also not pleased to find the bodies of his hybrid pals in the Lockwood cellar. He was so consumed with sadness over their deaths that he missed seeing April, who went to the cellar looking for Rebekah’s body. Once Tyler left, April opened Rebekah’s coffin and the audience was left to wonder if April would resurrect Rebekah.

If April brings Rebekah back, will Rebekah seek revenge on Stefan and Klaus? How will Tyler react to losing his mother? Will Jeremy be able to use the detour or will he go back to attacking every vampire he sees? How will Elena’s feelings for Damon be altered now that the sire-bond has been broken? And will we ever learn what shady Shane is really up to?

Tune in for the show’s return tonight to find out.

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