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Food Review: Revel Casino's Mussel Bar & Grille


So, I am sure you have heard the saying, “Do A.C.” After Hurricane Sandy- the whole of the New Jersey and New York got hit pretty hard. Jersey and NY are rebuilding, slowly but surely, so go and give some love to those places you care about.

What better place to start than Atlantic City? AC got hit hard, with destruction of homes, businesses and a boardwalk. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Atlantic City has picked itself back up to let the world know that you can still “Do A.C.”

The holidays are over and those Christmas bucks are burning a hole in your pocket, right? Or maybe your New Year’s Eve wasn’t as spectacular as you had hoped. Look no further. I began my own holiday retreat at Revel Casino- it’s not too late for you to do the same.

So, I started with the Mussel Bar & Grille. Revel is amazing, and the food there...well, you must go!

We sampled environmentally friendly mussels from PEI. The Mediterranean mussels were outstanding: cilantro, warm goat cheese in a smoky tomato broth. Accompanied by fresh crusty bread, this dish was both simple and filling, with lots of fresh flavor. I had no idea mussels could taste so good! There are many flavors you can try your mussels in too- white wine, wild mushroom Gruyère, among others. 
Along with chicken, ribs, scallops and other fresh seafood and fowl, specialty soups and cheeses, the Mussel Bar has great food and drinks in a warm atmosphere. The vibe is funky and fun, and the open kitchen makes for some interesting chef-watching.

We also sampled lobster rolls, falafel sliders, onion tartlets, hummus and oysters. Each selection of food was original and fresh, and I can't wait to go back!

Chef Robert Wiedmaier opened the Mussel Bar & Grille in April, 2012 at Revel. The first Mussel Bar is in the Washington metro area. The Mussel Bar & Grille at Revel includes live performances and fantastic open kitchen to showcase the delicious food prep. Paying homage to Wiedmaier’s roots, Mussel Bar & Grille calls upon inspiration from an old-world Belgian roadhouse serving beer, moules and frites along with simple grilled meats and seafood.  This menu serves up sophisticated comfort food accompanied by Belgian beers and fine wines, champagnes and cocktails.

Special thanks to Meg Meg Mendelsohn of simoneink and to Jennifer Lyon, Manager, Mussel Bar, Revel, Atlantic City, for their amazing help and hospitality pulling this together- I thank you!!

Christine Tarlecki is a freelance writer from Phoenixville, PA. Twitter and FaceBook under @engchik.

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