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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 11 Recap: “Catch Me If You Can”


The episode starts off with Klaus’ “clever” attempt to speed up the growth of Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) mark by turning a bar full of locals into blood thirsty vamps compelled to attack. Matt (Zach Roerig) quickly loses this battle when he is bitten in the neck. Before being finished off, Jeremy intervenes with his trusty bow & arrow. As another arrives to the scene, Jeremy, rather hesitant fails to slay another hungry vampire. Immediately Damon (Ian Somerhalder), the cocky blood sucker that he is, swoops in reminding Jeremy to be a bit less compassionate and more aggressive when hunting.
Moments later Elena enters the scene ripping yet another vampire away from poor Matt. The next morning, Elena scolds Damon for forcing Jeremy to kill in order for his mark to grow. “I don’t care about the cure, Damon” “Not if it means putting the people I love in danger” – Elena says before escorting Matt Home.

Old Friends and New Vampires
Vampire Diaries photo: CW
Back at the Salvatore house, Stefan (Paul Wesley) is rudely interrupted by Rebekah (Claire Holt) reading his journal; making sure he is still on her side for the cure. Shortly, Rebekah discloses her plan to steal Sila’s headstone from Professor Shane (David Alpay) to eventually use to bargain with Elena and Demon in order to find the cure before Klaus.

Still distraught over the incident with April, Bonnie is seen at Professor Shane’s office working on how to safely use her magic. Unable to compose Bonnie due to the sudden interruption of Sheriff Forbes, Shane is taken into custody for the events of the Founder’s Council Massacre.

Back at the Gilbert house, Damon takes Jeremy to the scene of the crime assuming the newborns will be there. It isn’t until moments later they come to find they are too late. All of their bodies are piled in the freezer. Who could have done this? “Sorry about the mess” – Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) says after entering the scene. “It was a little crowded when I arrived, and I prefer more intimate gatherings.”

In the attempts to clarify his actions, Kol tries to warn Damon and Jeremy by telling them that Silas is in fact dangerous and a little psycho which causes more problems when raising him. Typical Damon ignores Kol’s warning saying “We’re not going to back off from the cure because you were told one too many scary bedtime stories.” Not happy with Damon’s response, Kol immediately attacks Jeremy attempting to rip off his arms. Luckily Damon once again jumps in to help allowing Jer to run free.

You would think after four seasons of good vampire bad vampire, Elena would be a bit smarter of who she should and should not trust. But like Elena, she has to find the humanity in everyone causing her to ask Klaus for help.
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Cutting tension with a knife

While Shane is away being interrogated, Stefan and Rebekah use this opportunity to search Shane’s office for the headstone. We soon find that though Rebekah can be a bit rough around the edges, she still has a soft spot for art and history. While looking for the headstone, Rebekah gives a brief history lesson on some of the items in Shane’s collection. “I enjoy other cultures, Stefan,” Rebekah says. “I know that might be hard for you to understand, considering you dated a child who only thinks about herself”. Throwing that low blow caused Stefan to throw one of his own. A Polynesian knife directly at Rebekah’s face. “It’s still a sensitive subject, I see” Rebekah replies.

Rebekah goes on to inform Stefan that she did not erase his memory for the fact that “Love and caring ruins you”. Reminding him of their once love affair back in the 20s Stefan counters by saying “The sex wasn’t good because we didn’t care, it was good because you’re crazy.” “Crazy sex is always good” and rebound sex seems to be in his future. As they get close attempting to kiss they are interrupted by a man entering the room. Looking around the office he finds an opening in one of the bookshelves which contains Silas’s headstone. Before he could even blink in victory Rebekah captures the man, torturing him to confess who he is. For whatever, reason he won’t budge any information to the point where he bites off his own tongue to avoid speaking, and if that wasn’t weird enough stabbing himself in the neck with a knife will do the trick.

Fighting Fire with Fire

Back in Mystic Falls¸ Bonnie is having a hard time believing that Shane was responsible for the massacre so she asks her father if she can talk to him herself. Hoping he will tell her the truth Shane reveals that everything Rebekah and April told Forbes is true. Vampire Diaries photo: CW

If Shane isn’t a killer he’s definitely one nut short of a fruit cake by telling Bonnie that the death of the council members was not in fact a massacre, but a ritual. He informs her that nothing was done in harm and that Silas will bring everyone back to life. It is now seen that Bonnie isn’t the only one playing a role in this interrogation. Shane soon plays devil’s advocate by bringing up her Grams. “You’re reckless use of magic is the reason those sprits are torturing her on the other side” Shane says. Probably not the best approach since she becomes infuriated to which Shane’s hand is now breaking and the room is now on fire in order to keep her father out of her way so she can finish him off.

Not even affected by the intense pain of his hand Shane attempts to talk Bonnie off the ledge. He reminds her that she is in complete control of her power.

Down in the tunnels under Mystic Falls, Damon now compelled by Kol is on a mission to kill Jeremy. When Elena is aware of Damon’s actions she then calls Stefan to help. Jeremy attempts to bait Damon with his own blood. Damon tells Jeremy to shoot him in the heart to keep him from trying to kill Jeremy. Like his sister Jeremy shoots him in the head knowing it won’t kill him, but at least buy him time.

Down at the Klaus residence Rebekah threatens Kol to remove the compulsion or she will kill him with a white oak dagger. Not afraid by his sisters threat, Kol lectures Rebekah by saying it’s pathetic that their family uses the daggers to solve their differences. Before thinking about siding with Kol he quickly turns the tables trying to kill Rebekah. “I think you need a lesson in how to properly dagger a sibling.” Kol says.

Elena catches up with Damon and tries to help break his compulsion. She believes the love he has for her is enough to break his urge to kill Jeremy. Unfortunately for her, Elena’s plan did not go the way she had hoped. Shocking! Stefan comes in to save the day by breaking Damon’s neck. “You’re welcome” he says to Elena.

In order to make sure his brother won’t fight his way out, Stefan locks Damon in the Salvatore dungeon and bleeds him, making him weak.

Friends with Benefits

The episode finishes off with Mayor Hopkins and Bonnie having dinner at the Mystic Grill. He offers to help her issue with her magic. At the Gilbert house, Klaus proposes that Jeremy will be safer with him to prevent more conflict from Kol. Elena refuses his proposal and slams the door in his Klaus’ face. This prompts a plan of her own which is to kill Kol since they are all linked together and could possible finish Jeremy’s mark.

Stefan suggests to Rebekah that they take their unusual friendship to another level. “No feelings. No attachment” he says. I’m sure we can fill in the blanks of what happens next.


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