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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 1 Recap: “I Know What You Did Last Summer”


We welcome back our favorite vampires as they embark on their first day of college. Well, at least that is for Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Caroline (Candice Accola). Lets recap for a second. Last season was an overall hunt for the cure. Silas (Paul Wesley) was the holder of that cure.  However, during this attribution we lost another member of the Gilbert family- Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), whose life was taken just shortly after discovering the body of Silas. Yet we could always rely on Bonnie (Kat Graham) to spark up a spell and fix things.


Unfortunately, this spell came with a price, which meant her life was now sacrificed for saving Jeremy’s. Now Jeremy (who is know to hold the power to see the undead) is the only one who can see her. Bonnie must face the harsh reality that she needs to tell everyone what she has been putting off all summer.  It was a long journey on who would be the one to obtain the cure since several members of the group and a few adjacent ones had good argument as to why they should have it. Since there was only one dose it could only go to one of them. Katherine (probably the most hated vampire) somehow obtained what some would call a miracle. Photo: CW


Ironically, because this is just what she needs to get a taste of her own medicine. Now that things seem to basically be at bay, it’s just not Mystic Falls without a little drama.


And for this season, that would be the not so vanquished Silas, who was spell bound by Bonnie, but became released once she died. Since no one knows about this, they also don’t know that Stephan is a doppelganger or Silas (who is now locked in a safe underwater). It’s only a matter of time for the rest to put two and two together.


 Safe and Sound


We start off with Elena emailing Bonnie her excitement for starting college. While Jeremy is vicariously replying for Bonnie since ghosts don’t exactly have an easy access to wifi. Rebekah and Matt are what one would say are having the time of their lives as they travel cross-country. They are taking in lavish hotels, drinking champagne, and having what any man would consider to be the ultimate fantasy. 


Ever since Elena made her decision to stay with Damon (Ian Somerhalder), guilt has been eating away at hurt mostly through her dreams. She feels as if she should reach out to Stefan, but little does she know, he is a little tight up at the moment.


Since it may be hard to explain how Jeremy came back to live (since the whole town assumed he was dead), Elena stresses that he have a strong cover story to back up his reappearance. Caroline and Elena set up in their new dorm. Before they can even plan on having an amazing semester as vampire college students, they are introduced to a third roommate, Megan (Hayley Kiyoko)- who is clearly mortal.


During Mystic Falls’ end of summer party, Silas makes his appearance into town. In his conversation with Forbes (Marguerite Macintyre) Silas immediately confesses that he is not Stefan, but Silas. He doesn’t exactly explain his motives but doesn’t fail to strike fear instead. As the new roommates get to know each other, a charming student who for now is known as flyer guy stops to invite them to their first college party.  Jeremy isn’t haven’t the best day back to school, as he has already gotten himself expelled from fighting. While the rest are having a genuinely good time on their new journeys, Katherine is having somewhat of a hard transition into mortality. Though Damon could just easily turn her back into a human, she fears that there is no guarantee if she dies that she will wake back up after being turned.

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Red Hands


Caroline seems to be the only one who has a problem with Megan, since originally it was only supposed to be her and Elena. Elena eventually shares Caroline's anguish once they realize that Megan may already know who they are after Caroline finds vervain with her personal belongings. Elena confirms that their best approach to this situation is to just act normal, which prompts them to attend the party. We eventually put a name to the cute flyer guy and learn that it is Jesse (Kendrick Sampson). Just before we could think they were in the clear, it’s not a house party until you’re “invited.”  Someone owns the house holding the party, which means no access for Elena and Caroline.


Silas creeps his way into mystic grill and greets Damon though by the look on his face we can assume he senses something off about his brother. The good news is we can count on Jeremy to hopefully convince Damon that Stefan isn’t Stefan. While the girls figure out how they can get into the house, Megan calls Elena frantic. Before they can help her she is pushed out of a 2nd story window. By the bite marks on her neck, it’s safe to say there is another vampire on campus.


Things don’t seem to add up back at campus. What clearly was a murder was forged as a suicide. Since Elena and Caroline don’t look all that great in jailhouse orange, Caroline takes Megan’s phone to prevent any assumption that they are suspects. Photo: CW



Rolling in the deep


Jeremy attempts to hide Katherine from Silas. But before she can escape, Silas demands that if she is not brought back he won’t tell Damon where Stefan really is. Back at the fair, Matt runs into an old friend. Nadia (the girl he and Rebekah hooked up with) returns the Gilbert ring she stole. Blinded by the fact that she somehow knows about this ring Matt is attacked and spell bound. Adding more confusion to Megan’s death, Elena finds a picture of her and someone who looks like her late father.


Once again, Jeremy is knocking on death’s door since Katherine franticly crashes the car he was driving on his way to save her. Damon luckily gets to him in time. Bad news just seems to unravel this episode, since Caroline discovers that Tyler will not be joining her at college and is staying to help the other hybrids.


As the party begins to wrap up back at mystic falls, Silas makes an intense display of his control over the town. To make his point, he slits the neck of Bonnie’s father. Still held by his control, he orders the town to find Katherine.

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