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Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: 'William Wilson'


Al Capone’s reign of terror continues


After Frank Capone’s violent death, Al promised that there would be hell to pay (he was actually a little more explanatory), and he makes good on his promise by killing the first cop in cold blood that he lays eyes on.


Later on, Al stops by John Torrio’s, who shows him a copy of the paper detailing the slaying of the officer. Al swears that Dean O’Banion paid off the cops, but John thinks that’s nonsense.


After Al leaves in a huff, Torrio meets with O’Banion, who swears he had nothing to do with Frank Capone’s death. After clearing the air, the two discuss the possible purchasing of a “brewery”  in Chicago that O’Banion owns. The two come to a price they agree on and Torrio signs the deal. No sooner does the ink dry on the paper when the police raid the brewery and arrest O’Banion and Torrio.Photo: HBO


Torrio gets released, but is facing a very heavy prison sentence as a result. Al stops by with his brother Ralph and informs Torrio that oddly enough, O’Banion’s charges were dropped within the hour. Smelling an immediate setup, Torrio then orders Al to kill O’Banion.



Nucky and Eli get suspicious about Knox


Nucky is back from Florida and meets with Eli in regards to agent Knox’s handkerchief. Nucky thinks it’s nothing serious, but nonetheless tries to contact Supervisor Elliot, who is oddly enough now retired.


Dumbfounded on Elliot’s sudden retirement, Nucky then asks Gaston Means to again do some further digging on Knox. Even though Knox previously tried to dig dirt on Knox and found nothing, Knox still “agrees” to help Nucky, and tells him to think nothing of the monogram on the handkerchief.



Margaret “Rowan” sees a familiar face at her new job


Margaret “Rowan” is now working on Wall Street. Her boss, Mr. Bennett, has a pretty interesting operation going on. Margaret coincidentally interrupts him during the most important time during meetings regarding investments. After the meeting, Bennett ends up giving Margaret cash.


When Margaret again walks into a meeting, however, she runs into a familiar face- Arnold Rothstein, who is going under the name Abe Redstone. The two immediately recognize each other and the encounter is quite awkward. Bennett questions Margaret’s actions in the last meeting and hands her money- saying it was from “Abe” and not from him.


Rothstein then calls Margaret on the phone and tells her that keeping quiet about what she saw would be in her best interests.


Photo: HBO

Masseria meets with Lucky


Lucky is called to a meeting with Masseria, who was informed by Petrocelli that Lucky was originally part of the deal in Florida. Lucky tells him that he’s no longer in that deal and Masseria doesn’t have to worry. Instead, masseria tells Lucky to go back down to Florida and get better acquainted with Petrocelli- who is establishing himself as a big time heroin dealer.



Gillian goes cold turkey


Roy is helping Gillian try to put an end to her heroin addiction. After the smoke clears and the “poison” is out of her system, Roy admits he is harboring some secrets of his own. He confesses to Gillian that the day after he met her, he began divorce proceedings with his wife, that his ambition cost him his family, and from this point only she matters.



Willie Thompson quits school, and Eli gets drunk


While eating dinner at his parents’ house, Willie informs Eli that he quit school. This is probably a combination of Henry’s death and his desire to join his father and his uncle Nucky in the business. The conversation turns into a violent skirmish between Eli and Willie and is broken up by Nucky. Eli tells him that if he quits school, he’s out of the house. Eli later blasts Nucky in a drunken fit for getting in the way of his family business, but Nucky passes it off as Eli being drunk and that’s about it.



Knox has a chat with an unsuspected guest


Knox gets pretty enraged that his law school buddy J. Edgar Hoover gave him zero credit for intending to start an operation to eliminate bootlegging across the east coast and through Chicago. Knox leaves Hoover’s speech in a fit and vents his anger and frustration with means at a local bar….with Gaston, who informs Knox not to get messy...and do something like giving monogrammed handkerchiefs to the people whose group he’s trying to infiltrate.



Chalky tries to keep Daughter at Onyx


Chalky approaches Narcisse about extending Daughter’s run at the Onyx Club. Narcisse tells Chalky that she has a previous booking, but if Chalky gives him something in exchange, they can come to an agreement. In return, Narcisse wants to open a “free exchange club for negroes” on the north side. Chalky doesn’t think this is a problem and agrees.


Later on after sleeping with him, Daughter gets personal with Chalky about her upbringing. Turns out her mother was a prostitute and was murdered, but Narcisse “found her.” Daughter then asks Chalky about Nucky, who responds by saying how he appreciates Nucky and their partnership.    

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Narcisse further unveils his plan


Dunn and Narcisse attend Chalky’s local congregation, where there has been an uproar about the distribution of heroin on the north side. Many parishioners voice their displeasure that Chalky has not been around to help them with their problems. Dunn then introduces Narcisse to the church goers and tells them he can help them. At first, they are all reluctant not knowing who he is, but Narcisse tells them that Chalky has become misguided and that they need a new leader.


Later on, Dunn meets with the church deacon, who seems to be aware that Dunn is the one peddling heroin. Dunn asks for forgiveness from the deacon and asks to take his hand. Reluctantly, the deacon takes Dunn’s hand, and Dunn stabs him to death.


After Daughter is “done” with Chalky, she meets with Narcisse. When Narcisse asks about Chalky, Daughter lies and says that Chalky told her he isn’t happy with Nucky. Narcisse also unveils a series of scars across his chest. Apparently, Daughter’s mother is the one who inflicted these scars on Narcisse and he ended up killing her. No wonder Narcisse has such a hold on Daughter.



Final Thoughts:


-When Dunn first looked at Narcisse during his speech in church, I wasn’t sure what he was thinking. A part of me thought he was going to the deacon for forgiveness. Nope. Dunn is so far gone that there is no going back.


-Is Roy the knight in shining armor that Gillian always wanted?


-Lucky is only going to put up with so much of Masseria’s crap. It’s obvious that he’s getting itchy.


-I’m not crazy about Willie’s storyline and I’m really indifferent about where it goes.


-I actually didn’t mind Margaret’s scenes. That plot could actually go somewhere. And why is Rothstein using a different name?


-Chalky is going down a bad road. His marriage will absolutely be on the rocks if his wife finds out he’s been cheating on her, and it’s obvious Narcisse is playing him like a fiddle. First, he got Dunn to turn on him, now possibly his congregation. Who next? Nucky?  


-Agent Knox’s true colors are showing. His temper is evident during Hoover’s speech, and on top of that, he’s losing credibility. Not sure how Nucky will catch one of his slip ups with Gaston in his circle, but his obsession with taking down Nucky and the gang could prove costly.


After rounding out (for the most part) a few storylines and furthering some others, Boardwalk Empire has five more episodes left in season 4. And judging by the previews for next week, things are really going to interesting as well as a little violent.  Will Chalky go off the deep end? Will he lose the Onyx Club? What is Knox’s and Narcisse’s next move?


Stay tuned.  



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