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Halloween Décor: How to make it Fabulously Frugal!


Okay, so in my last column, I detailed some fabulously frugal Halloween costume ideas that scored big marks for fun, and even bigger marks for money-saved.  Many thanks to Philly2Philly readers who sent me pictures of their kids’ easy-to-make, easy-on-the-pocketbook creations as well!  Now that we’re inching ever close to candy corn nirvana, read on for some fantastic Halloween decorating ideas that will have your home in top condition for your trick-or-treaters delight.Paper chain photo: www.craftelf.com


Paper Chains – An oldie but a goodie!  Now is the time to dig into your kids’ craft supply boxes and put the overlooked orange, black, green and yellow construction paper to outstanding use!  I’ve seen kids of all ages (including my husband) getting totally absorbed in this fun project. Only a dozen or so pieces of Halloween-hued construction paper, cut into thin strips and carefully looped and taped together does the trick. It keeps the kids busy for a good while putting them together, and the finished product honestly looks fabulous draped around the house.


Extra points if you drape fuzzy pieces of faux spider web and black plastic spiders over it when it’s hanging on the wall. If you’re starting this project with zero supplies, a quick trip to the local dollar store will provide everything you need, including the kid’s scissors, safety tape…and grotesquely realistic-looking huge black bugs. Ewww. Leaf rubbing cards photo: www.notimeforflashcards.com


Leaf-rubbing cards – If your home is anything like mine, this is the week when your yard looks like you lost a bet with Mother Nature. Well, take “raking” off the to-do list for just a few more weeks, and instead enjoy those leaves with a beautiful project that makes a gorgeous keepsake!  


Ever since my kids were small, we’ve created crayon/leaf rubbing cards and sent them to relatives in the fall. Meant as a fun, crafty fall project, it’s now a loved yearly tradition – each card saved by grandparents (and one in our own family keepsake box) for years to come!  It’s easy, the kids love it, and it’s easily kept forever.  


Extra points if you carefully trace your kid’s handprints on each card – trust me, the year they go to kindergarten, you’ll look back at leaf rubbing cards made four years ago and take a quick trip to vaklempt-ville.  This is where bags of candy corn come in handy. For medicinal purposes.

Jack o'lantern vase photo: www.homemadesimple.com


Last but not least, Jack O’Lantern flower vases – So incredibly simple to make, and yet I get comments on them every year!  Hit your local craft/dollar store, get your hands on a few jack o’lantern candy holders, and fill them with autumn foliage instead!  


Filled with autumn branches covered with multi-colored leaves, they are incredibly easy to make, and look beautiful sitting on a front porch. Even easier, fill them with faux autumn flowers – when autumn is done, it stores away effortlessly on a shelf somewhere, waiting for the next year.


So this Halloween, unleash your creative side with some fun projects that you and your family will love. Not only do the projects keep forever, but they help burn calories, which will come in so handy when that candy corn goes on sale for 50% off on November 1st – WOO HOO!  


Happy Halloween, everybody! 

Kristen Hagopian is a Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host & Author of “Brilliant Frugal Living”.  “The Kristen Hagopian Show – Living a Luxurious Life, for Less!” airs Thursday and Saturdays on Philadelphia’s WWDB-AM 860-Talk.  You can find Kristen online at www.BrilliantFrugalLiving.com


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Paper chain photo: www.craftelf.com

Leaf rubbing cards photo: www.notimeforflashcards.com

Jack o'lantern vase photo: www.homemadesimple.com