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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 3 Recap: 'Original Sin'


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The Prodigal Son Returns


Stefan (Paul Wesley) is finally free, however being locked away for so long comes with a price. In this episode we find Stefan stumble his way into a bar. However, in this case he’s not there for a drink. Before we assume he’s back to his evil ways, we soon find that his humanity is well intact. Still hungry, his search for blood falls short when sunlight begins to burn into his flesh. Still weak, he is unable to run. To our surprise, it appears this was only a dream for Elena (Nina Dobrev), and Katherine (Dobrev) as well. The two seemed to have shared the same nightmare. Though this may have seemed like a bizarre coincidence, it may just be Stefan’s way of reaching out for help.


Elena, Katherine, and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) use the clues from their dream to find Stefan. Back in town, Silas still isn’t fully convinced that Nadia (Olga Fonda) is actually on his side. He orders that she kill Matt (Zach Roerig) and take his Gilbert ring. Alive and well, Stefan awakens to whom he believes is mortal until she discovers not only did she save him from burning to death, she also saved him from the quarry. It seems the two both have an agenda with Silas. Stefan soon learns even more about his latest enemy.


Over 2,000 years ago Silas once fell in love with a girl named Qetsiyah. They were both the most powerful members of the gifted people, now called travelers. In order for their love to last forever, Silas convinced her to make an immortality spell. But once she discovered she was being used for someone else, she dumped him into the tomb with the cure. She hoped Silas would take the cure and die because she had created a supernatural limbo to trap his soul. Today, Silas wants to destroy that limbo in order to die in peace. Not only do we learn the true story of Silas we learn the girl that appeared to be mortal is in fact Qetsiyah (Janina Gavankar). When Bonnie (Kat Graham) dropped the veil, she crossed over to the other side.Photo: CW


Fatal Attraction


Nadia reveals to Matt that her true intentions are to protect him from Silas. That is until she uses her magic to contact Gregor (Hans Obma) through Matt. In order for Silas to trust her, she felt killing Gregor (the man she loves) was the only way to seek revenge.  Back at the cabin, Stefan learns another piece of Qetsiyah’s story. The elixir that was meant for both Silas and Qetsiyah was given to someone else. Her handmaiden Amara (Dobrev). When they drank the immortality elixir, they disobeyed the natural law that all living things must die. In replace of this law, nature started a ripple effect by creating doppelgangers due to Silas and Amara’s betrayal. This would explain the existence of Katherine, Elena, and Stefan.


Damon, Elena and Katherine finally find the bar in their dream. They reach out to the bartender that was bitten by Stefan. Unfortunately, she was compelled by Nadia, who is on the hunt for Katherine. Qetsiyah soon wins the award for most scorned woman. Her rage for Silas’ betrayal causes Stefan to now be in the middle then a partner in her plans for vengeance.


Damon eventually finds Stefan, but is unable to release him since he is held by magic. Apparently, it was her that planted Elena’s dreams in order for her to get closer to Silas.  She then uses Stefan to draw pain into Silas to remove his psychic abilities. Though Silas can no longer get into ones head, Qetsiyah takes a moment to get into Damon’s in regards to his relationship with Elena.


Since the blood of Amara was used to create the cure, Katherine is the reason why Silas is after her. Her blood is the only way for the cure to be recreated. Aware of Katherine’s value, she holds her prisoner in order to get to Silas. Sore and confused, Matt wakes up unaware that Gregor has been using his body all day. After a vigorous day of being used as a pawn by Qetsiyah, Stefan awakens with zero memory of what appears to be everything he has ever known.

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