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3 Cool Halloween Party Ideas for Your Kids


Need some Halloween party ideas for kids? If you’re having a party, there’s a lot to think about. Food, decorations, games . . . . Are you ready? Here are a few quick basic things you can throw together if you’re running out of time. The kids are sure to think these are cool ideas, too.

 Make Scary Cupcakes


Cupcakes are all the rage right now, so make up a huge batch to take care of those sweet teeth that are sure to be arriving at your Halloween party. The easy part is making them. The fun and creative part is decorating. You can start simple by topping these delights with orange and black frosting. Add some opposite colored sprinkles, and you’re done! You can also go simple by putting those candy pumpkins on top!


But, come on, mom, let’s get a bit more creative, shall we? Put a spider or ghost on top! Make a spider with a jelly bean for the body and legs made of frosting. Just squeeze those legs out with your cake decorator. Voila! Put white frosting on an oblong cookie to make a ghost. Squeeze on some eyes, and you’re done! Can you make a witch? A headstone? Go as basic or as creative as you want. The kids will think you’re the coolest mom ever . . . and they will love, love, love the cupcakes!


Image Source: tawest64, (CC BY 2.0), via flickr


Play Pin the Tail on . . . the Scary Creature?

 “Pin the tail on the donkey” has always been a popular game, so why not adapt it? My girlfriends and I have done adaptations for bachelorette parties, and it went over great! (We won’t go there now.) Anyway, what can you pin a tail on? A black cat? Get a black cat cut-out decoration, make a bunch of black tails out of construction paper, and you have a game. Be creative. You can pin the wart on the witch’s nose, or the crow on the scarecrow.


You can find cut-outs this time of year for Halloween parties so look them over and pick one for your game’s theme. Then make the item to pin with construction paper, get a bunch of tacks, and a blindfold, and—again—you are the coolest mom on the block for coming up with this game.


Simple Garage Halloween Decorations

Image Source: daveynin (CC BY 2.0), via flickr

Get Some Cool Decorations


Some of my favorite Halloween decorations are those moving creatures that dance and sing. There’s the talking devil and the dancing skeleton, for instance. What’s so cool about them is that they are motion-activated. When a kid walks by, these guys will scare the cupcake right out of them! They’re fun—and one of the coolest decoration ideas for kids.


Besides those cool decorations, you don’t need to go to a lot of expense for your kids’ Halloween party. I’ve been to parties before where all that was up was a ton of black and orange crepe paper—and it was festive! Add a bunch of spooky webbing all over the place, along with some cheap cut-outs of witches, ghosts, black cats, and whatever scary thing you can find.


Congratulations! You’ve just put together three cool Halloween party ideas for kids. Add a little more food, and you’ve got yourself a creative, fun kids’ Halloween party!


This article is brought to you by Tiffany Faming. She is a passionate writer, English teacher and proud mom of two sons. She loves to write on home décor, custom gifts, saving money. Please visit here to see more useful tips.

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