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'Valley of Terror Haunted Hayride & Woods' not your typical Halloween attraction


The fall season would not feel complete without having that Halloween spirit. And on Friday, October 4th, one of the tri-state area’s most unique haunted attractions opens it’s doors.


The questions is….will you ever come out once you’re inside?...........Valley of Terror logo


Yes, every part of Valley of Terror lives up to it’s name. If the website alone (complete with chilling sounds and animated creepy zombies) can get you seriously intrigued, you might as well hide out with The Great Pumpkin and forgo any other fun festive activities that October has to offer.


Matt Herzog, one of the founders of Valley of Terror, has had a love for haunted houses that goes back to his teenage years.


“I actually had a haunted house my senior year of high school. We started and incorporated a business, sold tickets and had a blast doing it,” Herzog says. “We brought in chainsaws, had six schuck loads of corn and put them on the walls. It was pretty fun. Valley of Terror started out as a haunted corn maze. The whole plan all along was to transition into a haunt, and then things got bigger and bigger.”


This is the 10th year for Valley of Terror, which is actually a dairy farm in the daytime leased by Herzog’s partner. The wooded area where most of the Valley of Terror events take place isn’t suitable for plowing. As a result, everyday workers can resume day to day operations on the dairy farm without any hindrances or distractions from their nighttime friends.


Although the event takes place over the span of a month, Herzog emphasizes that the preparation for Valley of Terror takes a little over half a year.


“We start buying things in March and start building out scenes in April. We have a crew working all summer. There’s guys who specialize in haunted houses who work for us all summer, then our guys come in about mid-summer, then we take over and finish up the rest of the way.”


Valley of Terror has three separate haunted attractions located on the premises that you CAN’T MISS: the Zombie Safari, The Forsaken Forest, and Hayride to Hell.


“We’ve made lots of renovations for our hayride in the woods this summer. The Zombie Ride is about 10 times better this year than last year,” notes Herzog. “This year, we have a full scale town with a movie theater, trailer park, fire engines and cop cars. It’s pretty interactive and we take the concept of a haunted house in a new direction. You are part of the ride instead of just going through the ride. You get to shoot zombies with paintball guns and not get hit. There’s a drill instructor for each truck while you get to unload on zombies.” Valley of Terror


In addition to the overall attraction improvements, Dana Michael, the Director of Casting and Performance, has teamed up with the American Red Cross (Southeastern Pennsylvania chapter) to organize Totes for Hope- which helps in aiding armed services. Valley of Terror is looking for NEW items from ticket buyers that will be packaged inside totes and then distributed to homeless veterans (toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, deodorant, bar of soap, wash cloths, hand sanitizer, combs/brushes, Hanes adult sized T-shirts, socks, rain poncho, pocket tissues, antibacterial ointment, box of band aids, deck of cards). 


In the future, Herzog also looks to add a zombie blood drive, which would offer discounts for people who donate blood. But for now, his main priority is making Valley of Terror the top haunted attraction in the tri-state area for the fall season.


“We recommend ages 12 and up. It’s more geared towards teenagers, college kids and adults. You certainly can bring people who are younger, but you just have to be accompanied by an adult. There’s plenty of space, plenty of parking, We try to make it a fun, clean place to come. There’s security everywhere. There’s food and music playing.  You can easily spend four or five hours here with no problem. It’s definitely a very chill night.”


For more information, you can go to the Valley of Terror website. Group rates, combo ticket pricing and discounts are also available.


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