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‘Boardwalk Empire’ Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: ‘White Horse Pike’


Knox continues to squeeze Eli


Looking rather haggard, Eli meets with Knox and his associate at a local restaurant as Knox continues to probe him for dirt on anything that will continue to help build his case against Nucky. Knox continues to manipulate Eli, telling him what he’s doing is right.


The next morning Eli walks downstairs to see Knox in the living room table with his son and daughter. Eli is not at all happy about this and lets Knox is aware of it. Knox angrily lets Eli know that the information he gave him was no good. He once again reminds Eli what will happen to his son if he doesn’t cooperate as he leaves.Photo: HBO


More than just alcohol in the Tampa shipments


As a new shipment arrives in Tampa, Sally is making her rounds when she stumbles upon Lucky, Meyer and Petrocelli packing heroin inside their shipments. Sally leaves before she gets caught and calls Nucky to give him the heads up. In response, Nucky gets Mickey and Eli to stop the shipment on the White Horse Pike and to bring Knox with them.


When the shipment is stopped later that night, Meyer plays dumb and denies anything different is going on. Then, someone prevents Knox from inspecting the shipment and Knox blows his brains out. Everyone is more willing to cooperate now, including Meyer, who is apprehended by Eli and Knox for Nucky.


The next day, Meyer is on his knees looking at a very big hole that he could possibly wind up in. Nucky blasts him for doing what he did. Meyer, who is scared out of his mind, tells Nucky that there’s a fortune to be made in heroin and that’s why he did it. Nucky then tells Meyer to call Masseria to tell him to get down to Atlantic City if he ever wants to see his heroin again.  


Rothstein’s proposition to Margaret


Rothstein pays a visit to Margaret’s office. In a nutshell, he tells her he owns several companies and that she could get a much bigger salary joining him (ie: he wants her to spy on Mr. Bennett for stock information). Rothstein knows the kind of crumb Bennett is and so does Margaret. Separated from Nucky and living in an absolute dump with her children, Margaret agrees to help Rothstein, and vice versa.  In return, Margaret asks for an apartment on the nice side of town for the next five years, which Rothstein is more than happy to provide.


Chalky sets out to kill Narcisse, who then gets tough with Nucky


Chalky, understandably still fuming over Narcisse’s plot to kill him, rounds up his men and sets out to take down Narcisse later in the evening.


However, things don’t go as planned. Three of Narcisse’s men are killed, but Narcisse, ever the rat that he is, manages to escape and shoots Chalky in the process.


An enraged Narcisse storms into Nucky’s room at the Onyx Club with a bodyguard demanding Nucky to tell him where Chalky is. When Nucky states he has no idea where Chalky would be, Narcisse says “tonight it ends.”


“What you yourself began,” replies Nucky.


That was all Nucky needed to hear. Sick and tired of Narcisse’s nonsense, he told him either way (dead or alive), Narcisse would be leaving the room. After originally relenting, Narcisse leaves after Nucky gets pretty nasty.


Chalky gets a visit from Nucky and Daughter


With the help of Richard Harrow, a wounded Chalky is hiding out and gets a visit from Daughter, who tells him that Narcisse will indeed come after him as a result of Chalky’s actions. Nucky then stops by to visit Chalky. When Nucky gets suspicious of Daughter, Chalky tells him that it was her who put the knife in Dunn’s back. Chalky again asks Nucky how they get to Narcisse. Nucky is again adamant that he doesn’t want to start a war and tells Chalky to do nothing until he hears from him. Originally, Nucky wanted no parts of the Chalky/Narcisse feud, but he knows something has to be done.


Masseria visits Nucky, and brings a surprise guest


Nucky and Eli meet with Masseria in regards to the heroin they’ve been sneaking in up north in the Tampa shipments. Masseria tells Nucky he’s going to have to discuss matters with his new partner...none other than Dr. Narcisse. Narcisse obviously now has an ax to grind with Nucky, and tells him the picture painted won’t be pretty if Nucky doesn’t surrender Chalky to him. After looking cautiously at Eli, Nucky demands that he wants a third of the heroin already shipped and in the future. They agree on the deal. Afterwards, Nucky promptly calls Mayor Bader to get Chalky out of town as soon as possible.



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Al tries to “Ease Torrio’s workload” and literally dodges a bullet


Al promotes Mueller (Van Alden) and John Torrio is not at all happy with this. Torrio thinks Al is trying to squeeze him out. When Al tries to sweet talk him, Torrio isn’t buying any of it and leaves rather perturbed.


The next day, Al and the gang are partying with some of Chicago’s finest hookers. Torrio leaves when he realizes Al is rather preoccupied. Shortly after, the phone rings and Al answers it. Mueller then sees the reflection of gunmen in the window and Al and the gang are soon hit with a barrage of bullets. Although Al and the crew survive, several people in the building are dead. And just who was that in the window anyway?


Chalky dodges yet another bullet and Eli tries to lay down some rules


When Willie tells Nucky and Eli that Mayor Bader was fraternizing with Narcisse that afternoon, Nucky immediately knows it’s a setup and that Chalky could be as good as dead.


Nucky is right. Two deputies pick up Chalky and Daughter and give Chalky some excuse that there was a road detour, which explains why they didn’t go to Pennsylvania. Chalky smells trouble and slowly attempts to grab his ankle pistol. Daughter grabs the wheel and after a violent skirmish, one deputy is shot and the other is strangled by a crippled Chalky.


Suddenly, the Mayor is locked in a room and unavailable for comment. Eli scoffs at Willie for the role he’s playing in this, until Nucky reminds him that is one of the reasons why Nucky put him there. Eli asks him if it’s the life he wants.


"Pop, isn't it what we do?" Willie asks.


Eli responds by asking to “get it sorted out.”





-It was vintage Nucky when he told off Narcisse. Nucky has been as diplomatic as possible with Narcisse this season, but after he went barging into the club making demands to Nucky and threatening to kill Chalky, Nucky just had it. It’s probably a combination of Narcisse showing his true colors and constantly inferring that Chalky will be taken out that most likely pushed Nucky too far. He’s hard on Chalky sometimes, but would never betray him. Narcisse barging into Nucky’s private space throwing around threats is not something Nucky will ever put up with. Narcisse is losing control of everything and when he can’t manipulate anybody, you see him lose his mind. Of course, he was just shot at by Chalky, but you feel me. Photo: HBO


However, notice how Narcisse’s demeanor suddenly changes when he gets just a little bit of power back. Case in point, Masseria’s meeting with Nucky, where Narcisse threatened Nucky again if he didn’t deliver Chalky to him. It’s pretty obvious after ten episodes that Narcisse really doesn’t know how powerful Nucky really is. What is understood needn’t be discussed. There’s just no way Nucky is going to be threatened like that and nothing happens..


-For those of you not familiar with Meyer Lansky, he died in 1983. However, if I wasn’t aware of this, I could have sworn Nucky was going to bury him in that ditch.


-Did you find it odd that Torrio left Al’s and the place was riddled with gunfire just moments later?


-I wonder if Chalky trusts Nucky anymore. After all, Nucky arranged to get Chalky out of the area and the deputies who picked him up tried to kill him.


-The MINUTE Mayor Bader took that call, it was obvious something was going to go awry. That and the act that Narcisse was with him earlier that day.


-How about Narcisse getting creepy with Chalky’s daughter. According to her, Chalky’s wife can’t even get out of bed as she is so distraught over Chalky and his whereabouts. Nonetheless, I think It’s safe to say that Chalky’s marriage is probably over if he even gets out of this alive.


-Is anybody getting the impression that the FBI could give a crap about Knox and his investigation?


-You really can’t blame Chalky’s daughter’s fiance for skipping out on the wedding. Chalky’s family is an absolute mess and he and his family probably want no parts of it.


-What does Eli want to sort at the end of the episode? His beef with Nucky? Will he come clean about Knox to Nucky? Will he tell Willie he knows what he did at Temple? Or is Eli resigned to the fact that Nucky tried to help Willie and will forget about it?


There’s just two more episodes left in season four of Boardwalk Empire. What started off as a rather slow season has built some serious momentum going into the final two weeks. Will Chalky make it out alive? Will Nucky find out what really happened to Eddie? Will Eddie’s death be avenged? Is Nucky really going to start taking part in a heroin operation? Will Mayor Bader suffer the consequences of dealing with Narcisse? What’s Narcisse’s next move? Will Nucky take him out once and for all? Will Nucky go to jail?


Stay tuned.



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