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Make Black Friday fabulously frugal!


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Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!  Don’t laugh, but I thought it might be a good move to start the column with that bold statement because – terrifyingly - I’m finding myself getting more questions about Black Friday than Thanksgiving at this point!


If you (or someone you know) is getting sucked into that psychological phenomena known as “Black Friday,” where you’re convinced you must do the bulk of your holiday shopping doing hand-to-hand combat with other shoppers while you’re still digesting a pound of turkey, sweet potatoes, croissants and a monster helping of desserts, you’re not alone.  Read on for outstanding holiday shopping tips that will have your gift list wrapped up faster than you can say “Alka Seltzer.”  

Rule #1 – Remember that it’s called “Black Friday”, not “Black Thursday” – I completely respect a retailer’s need to exercise all options to stay financially afloat in this tough economy.  How they manage it is completely beyond me sometimes, and I applaud them for it.  When a savvy retailer jumps into the shiny boat of “Black Thursday” opening their doors on Thanksgiving day with spectacular sales, they’re simply trying to get an edge over their competition and keep their staff employed.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  If you find it completely necessary (perhaps due to work schedules, etc.), by all means join them with abandon.  But keep in mind that no human being ever left this earth feeling like they should’ve spent less time around the Thanksgiving table with loved ones…and more time gift shopping.  Just putting it out there.


Rule #2 – Remember your best shopping buddy – your computer!  Gang, the days of fighting over parking spaces just to earn the right to wrestle into an overcrowded mall so you can argue over the last overpriced bell-encrusted reindeer sweater are over.  Instead, grab a cup of coffee, pull a chair up to your computer, put on some Christmas music and do your shopping in a fraction of the time.  For kid’s gifts, remember Craigslist for gorgeous toys, clothes, bikes, books – you name it.  It’s all there, it’s waiting for you, and it’s generally about 90% off retail.  For adults, give a look to Craigslist as well! Antique china, anyone?  How about beautiful crystal, cashmere sweaters, jewelry, fur coats or antique books?  I’ve bought them all on Craigslist, and I highly recommend it.  When it comes to electronics, if you’re buying for anyone under the age of 18, remember that last year’s must-have, overpriced gizmo is now available on eBay or Craigslist for easily 95% off, and it’s one of the lightest gifts on earth, meaning low shipping costs. No driving, no parking, no hassle – and it all comes right to your door.   


Rule #3 – Remember how you felt last January when the credit card bills started rolling in!  There’s two possible answers for this. You might fall into the group that opened their January credit card bills with shaky hands, looking at it with your fingers covering 99% of your eyes (as though the numbers could scorch your retinas) and then – upon seeing the amount due - promptly falling into deep despair.  Or, you might be part of the crowd that opens your bills without a care in the world, looking at the amount due, cackling with glee and shouting “WOOT-WOOT!” as you do the “Stir The Pot” dance move from the mailbox back to the house.   You work hard folks, you deserve to fall into that second category – this year, make sure “Black Friday” means that your books are in the black by the end of the day as well.   


Happy shopping, everyone!



Kristen Hagopian is a Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host & Author of “Brilliant Frugal Living”.  “The Kristen Hagopian Show – Living a Luxurious Life, for Less!” airs Thursday and Saturdays on Philadelphia’s WWDB-AM 860-Talk.  You can find Kristen online at www.BrilliantFrugalLiving.com


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