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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 5 Episode 8 Recap: "Dead Man on Campus"


After being turned in Dr. Maxfield’s (Rick Cosnett) laboratory, Jesse (Kendrick Sampson) soon comes to terms with his transition as a vampire. Bonnie (Kat Graham) deals with her new role as the anchor to the other side while Stefan (Paul Wesley) is still facing his post-Silas demons.


As a way to say “Welcome back to the land of the living”, Elena (Nina Dobrev) decides to throw a party for her anchor friend. Elena decides to use this opportunity to get more information out of Aaron (Shaun Sipos), who appears to have a connection to Dr. Maxfield.  Katherine (still depressed about her aging) helps Matt (Zach Roerig) with the killer that is after him- once she discovers Nadia (Olga Fonda) has something to do with it.  Photo: CW

Desperate for help, Jesse immediately calls Caroline (Candice Accola) for assistance. Not used to controlling his thirst for blood, Jesse finds himself attacking Aaron.  It has been brought to her attention that Maxfield is the reason Jesse’s transformation. Already being compassionate and having a crush on Jesse, Caroline helps him with his conversion.

They say misery loves company, however in Stefan’s case, company is the last thing he wants for himself. Katherine (having baggage of her own) tries to find a bright side to Stefan’s stress by distracting it with her own dilemma.  Katherine asks Stefan and Nadia to assist her with the traveler living inside of Matt.  Running for mother of the year, Katherine decides to kill Kristoff (Nadia’s lover), for she thinks he is a terrible fit for her daughter.  Jeremy and Bonnie’s relationship remain on hold due to Bonnie’s role as anchor.  

Lean on Me

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) uses his free time to torture Dr. Maxfield in order to find out why he’s using students as lab rats. Now single, Caroline starts to find a silver lining to Jesse’s new life as a vampire.  Damon finds out that Professor Maxfield is creating a new breed of vampire. While Jesse is able to survive on human blood, his thirst is only fulfilled when he has the blood of another vampire.

Damon’s encounter with Professor Maxfield is cut short when Jesse’s thirst begins to take over. Almost killing Damon, Elena jumps in to save him. Already having reservations of their relationship, Caroline questions her friendship with Elena.

Humanity is definitely playing a role with Katherine. Still fighting his past, Katherine helps Stefan focus on the things that actually matter. Roles soon become reversed when Katherine decides she refuses to watch herself wither away. After saving her life from a fifty foot drop, Stefan reminds Katherine of the fighter she has always been.

It is brought to Damon’s attention that Maxfield is a part of secret society called Augustine: a society he once thought shut down decades ago still exists today.  The fates of all vampires are soon to be in danger.

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