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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 13 Recap: “Into the Wild”


It’s game time in this episode of The Vampire Diaries. In episode 13 “Into the Wild” we start off with a flashback of Professor Shane (David Alpay) running through the woods from what looks like a 14th century native. Eventually Shane pauses to look into what seems to be a cave, he grins hinting this is the cave he’s been looking for. The flashback ends with him shining his flashlight down a dark abyss. Now, in present day we see the group gathered on a remote island which required a few motorboats to get there. “Congratulations, we made it,” says Shane to himself. Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Follow the Leader
Still not over the fact that Elena (Nina Dobrev) killed Rebekah’s (Claire Holt) brother Kol, she stands by Stefan (Paul Wesley) (giving her the evil eye along with a few snide comments. Elena makes use of her vamp powers and rushes over to Rebekah as she tries to stake her with a white oak dagger. “Go ahead and try to kill to kill me, but then you’d have to face your real problems.” “Like the fact that Stefan invited me here himself. I guess he likes me again,” Rebekah says.

In the meantime, Bonnie (Kat Graham) is photographing Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) bare chest while she takes pictures of his tattoos. Its roll call and Rebekah takes the liberty of explaining everyone’s role for finding the cure. “Jeremy has the spell on his body. Bonnie is the witch that unseals the cure. Shane is a human compass. Stefan and I have the tombstone that does God knows what and Elena has no point,” she says. What would seem like a regular hike through the woods turns into a quick history lesson when Professor Shane informs the crew of Sila’s cave. He explains that inside the cave contains a magic well that if human blood is dropped inside of it you can see the last loved one you lost. Shane learned about this experience after revisiting his wife. Moments later the group is interrupted to Shane’s discovery of a booby trap in the middle of their trail. While they were informed to keep an eye for clever contraptions they weren’t prepared for face painted men shooting arrows. One that aimed right for Jeremy. Luckily for him he was saved by an anonymous hero who throws a hatchet into the killer’s back.

Later, Shane tells everyone that they should set camp though Damon argues they should keep going. The professor reminds Damon that when Elena becomes human he will have the most to lose and being in a hurry would be foolish. Once again Elena is confident that the love for him will not break. After being M.I.A for two episodes, Tyler is busy tormenting Klaus (Joseph Morgan) who is still trapped in the Gilbert living room. Caroline, the good girlfriend that she is tries to stop Tyler of his childish antics. Noticing Kol, still crunchy from being burned to death she takes a sheet and covers up his body. “Tyler’s mother is dead. So is my brother, we’re even,” Klaus says.

A little too cocky and slightly forgetful of the thin line of safety between her and the wall binding Klaus from the rest of the house Caroline lectures Klaus of how stupid he sounds to compare his brother’s death to the death of Tyler’s mother. Just as she tries to exit stage right Klaus grabs a coat stand, and jabs her in the stomach to pull her in closer and bite her.  The rule of this scenario is only Klaus’ blood can save her.  Though he has a history of rescuing Caroline from death, he’s not much in a rush this time to save her, even after Tyler’s desperate plea for him to save her. During a nice toasty bonfire Rebekah asks Stefan, “What are you going to do when Elena becomes human again and comes running back to you?” “You said that you would take the cure to be with her, you’d have children and grow old, is that still true?” Ignoring her question, Stefan asks why she wants the cure. To her being a vampire is miserable and she would give anything to be normal. Answering Rebekah’s first question, Stefan explains “If I take the cure, it wouldn’t be for her, it’d be for me.”

Snowball's Chance Ad

Unable to find a spell off of Jeremy’s tattoos Bonnie informs Shane of her frustration. He tells her more of the use of expression and that it doesn’t require a written spell. “Just think of it as a way of accessing magic that already exists inside you, you just have to want it bad enough” Shane tells Bonnie. Obviously not convinced he can be trusted, Damon steps in to get more answers himself. Shane tells a story of why Bonnie needs his help to control his magic. Betrayed that Shane never told Bonnie this information she becomes infuriated that not only did this magic overwhelm her it’s what killed her, too.

Law and Order
Damon Back at the island, Jeremy appears to be missing. Bonnie does a locator spell to help track him while Elena, Rebekah and Stefan go off to keep looking for him.  Damon stays back to have some “guy time” with Shane; aka the perfect opportunity to interrogate Mr. Insane of his real intention of getting the cure. Damon ties Shane to a chair demanding he tell the truth. We flash back to his 1st encounter in the cave with him and his “wife.” “If a single drop of blood can give you a vision can you imagine what two liters can do?” asks Shane. When Damon questions what she has to do with the cure, Shane replies “She got nothin’ to do with the cure but she has everything to do with Silas.”  Bonnie, still trying to locate Jeremy seems to have found herself following a fiery trail that may lead her to where he is.  Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Elena, screaming for Jeremy to hopefully answer only annoys Rebekah even more. It’s no question the two hate each other. “I tried to be her friend but somehow I ended up with a dagger in my back because I’m the evil one. Moments after Elena’s smart rebuttal Rebekah saves Elena from a spiky booby trap aimed right at her. Grateful for Rebekah’s random act of kindness, Elena decides to head back and help Bonnie.

Still in memory lane we learn why Shane was responsible for all the massacres he’s charged for. Damon wants to know what his next move is. Bitten and bruised, Tyler asks Caroline to take a leap of faith so he can save her life. He places Caroline in front of Klaus, using guilt to keep her from dying. “If you want her to die, fine but then you can sit here and watch her die yourself” Tyler says before walking away. Apparently talking isn’t working anymore for Damon he then uses torture to get Shane to speak. Close to breaking his neck, Elena steps in and sets him free. After another lecture to Damon that she is madly in love with him the gang soon notice not only is Jeremy missing but so is Bonnie and Professor Shane alone with the tombstone.

Heart to Heart
Now on the couch, assuming she dragged herself there on her own Caroline isn’t convinced that Klaus will let her die. “Maybe it’s because I’m pure evil and I can’t help myself” Klaus tells her.  “No it’s because you were hurt, which means there is a part of you which is human” she tells Klaus. Stunned that she could make such an accusation, Klaus walks closer to Caroline to make sure he heard her correctly.  A few breaths later, Klaus fears he’s lost her. He jumps in and gives her his blood in order to save her life.

Frantic and confused that this was all a trick to distract Rebekah Elena tells her that the three of them together is all they have or the whole operation is over for good. Elena hands Rebekah her dagger as a peace offering. Deep in the woods Shane meets up with the guy who captures Jeremy and Bonnie who was lead there by a spell not made by her. “The gang’s all here” Shane addresses. “Silas awaits.”

Looking for Bonnie, Damon gets hit by arrow. As he pulls it out, annoyed of what idiot would be responsible for this he is soon wrestling with an unknown enemy. “You’re one of the five” Damon says after noticing the tattoos on his hand. Before he can say more the attacker breaks his necks leaving him there lying in the woods.


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