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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 14 Recap: “Down the Rabbit Hole”


Let the Games Begin
We can now put a name to the face of Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) attacker. Galen Vaughn (Charlie Bewley), who appears to be from Scotland, makes it almost hard to hate him when he sounds like Sam Worthington’s little brother. We find Damon tied to a tree to later being held captive as Galen drags him through the woods. If things weren’t already creepy, apparently Galen has been watching the group for a while. Knowing all of their names and relationships towards finding the cure, he also reveals though he has been hunting all of his life, his tattoos only appeared soon after Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) killed Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic). Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Back in Mystic Falls, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is still trapped in the Gilberts’ living room. Caroline (Candice Accola), now back to normal after facing death (again) is catching up with Elena on the status of finding the cure. Once she learns everyone is missing except Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Rebekah (Claire Holt), she also learns they are also unable to map out Jeremy’s tattoos in order to locate Silas. Caroline volunteers to find Klaus’ hunters sword and translate the markings.

Assuming Klaus is an evil genius, one would think he would hide such a valuable tool to the cure where no one would ever find it. Unfortunately for him, Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Caroline had no problem obtaining the sword from his attic. However, though finding the sword doesn’t get them out of the woods just yet. The sword is written in Aramaic. Saving Caroline must have done something to his psyche because he agrees to translate the cryptex for them.

While waiting for Caroline and Tyler’s results to the cryptex, Elena get’s some hard truth to Stefan’s true intention to becoming human.  He tells her that immortality taints even the best parts of being a vampire. Little do they know that a few miles away, Damon discovers some hard truth of his own. Galen informs Damon that there is only one dose of the cure. Galen’s intention is to dose Silas and then kill him. We soon find Bonnie and Jeremy inside the cave. On their way towards the bottom, Bonnie (Kat Graham) slips and cuts her hand leaving a small pool of blood dripping onto Silas’ tomb. If we remember from last episode, blood that makes contact in the well will reveal the ghost of a loved one.

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls, Klaus discovers the truth about the cure while translating the cryptex. When Caroline and Tyler call Rebecca to tell her that they have everything they need to find Silas, Klaus quickly cuts them off to tell her there is only one dose and to find it before the others. Frantic, Tyler and Caroline quickly attempt to hang up though it’s too late.

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You Can Run…
Still tangled up in vervain covered rope, Damon and Galen continue to walk through the woods to find Shane’s tribal friend dead on the ground. Before assuming Galen had anything to do with it they draw the conclusion that they are not alone. Elena, Stefan and Rebekah head towards the cave now having the map at hand. In order to reach the cave they have to cross over a lake. Elena jumps first while Rebecca informs Stefan what she has now discovered of the cure. Before we watch his reaction Bonnie attempts to use expression to pull power from Jeremy’s tattoos. Jeremy focuses on keeping her calm. “Remember just like you taught me, you are in control,” he tells Bonnie. Shane helps to guide her as well, though I’m sure they would prefer he just shut up since he has “helped” enough already. Back at the lake, Stefan reacts to Rebecca’s news about the cure. “Even if I wanted to ease your pain and I gave you the cure to save yourself, you’d give it to Elena wouldn’t you?” she asks. Stefan does not reply. “That’s what I thought,” she says. Then she snaps his neck and heads for the cave, taking the map with her. Elena looks up just in time to see Stefan fall.

After seeing the crumbling of rocks from Bonnie’s spell, she discovers she opened the passageway to Silas. Shane was not as lucky in this operation for he is now injured with a broken leg. Not in the compassionate mood, at least for Shane’s sake Bonnie and Jeremy leave him there and head of to find Silas. Annoyed of the games Galen has been playing, Damon rips off his vervain restraints.  Rebecca soon enters the scene and attacks Galen who was not kidding when he said he’s been hunting his entire life. He attacks both Damon and Rebekah with contraptions that even Harvey dent would be jealous of not having in his collection. Aware that Bonnie’s spell is soon to expire, Tyler panics and decides to leave town. But Caroline stops him. “Let me fix it,” she says, using the same words he’d said to her a day earlier. Vampire Diaries photo: CW

As Bonnie and Jeremy get closer to Silas’s grave, Grams appears to Bonnie. Luckily for Bonnie, Jeremy pulls her back to reality since he has the power to see ghost. Jeremy tells Bonnie Silas is trying to control her by confusing her with images of the people she has lost he emphasizes the importance that in order to get the cure, she has to block him from her mind. At the Gilbert house, Caroline tries to get Klaus to leave Tyler alone. Klaus counteracts by getting her to admit that she isn’t even interested in the cure, he isn’t the only one that noticed how more at peace she has been since she turned. Still in love with her, he digs way deep down and agrees to give Tyler a “head start” before he kills him.

It’s so hard to say goodbye
Later at the cave, a frigid Elena is roaming around looking for Stefan. She hears footsteps and tumbling stones from a distance, but it’s not Stefan who she runs into. Stefan catches up to Shane, who had no recollection that there was only one dose of the cure. Though he confesses all of his actions were just to be reunited with his family, Stefan as well has no sympathy for the professor, and leaves him there to suffer. As Stefan walks away, Shane’s wife appears telling Shane that he did not fail her, and that “everything is going to be fine.” Though he will soon find out that in reality it’s not going to be fine.

At the Gilbert house, things get less intense and more emotional when Caroline and Tyler have a heart to heart. Devastated, Tyler tries to console Caroline and assures her that they will “find a way”  Finally, Jeremy and Bonnie find Silas. Having a rather difficult time getting the cure from Silas, Bonnie has a revelation to what they need to do:  they’re going to have to feed him their blood to wake him up. Upstairs, Damon crawls over to Rebekah and takes the wood pellets out of her. She asks why he stayed behind instead of helping the rest of the group. He informs Rebekah that he cannot control everything.

Refusing to feed Silas their blood, Jeremy tries to bust his way into the tomb. Galen once again interrupts and stabs Bonnie in the back. (Literally) as she is writhing in pain, Jeremy and Galen battle it out since not only did he stab one his friends, he stabbed his future girlfriend. “You can’t use the cure on Silas,” Jeremy tells Galen. Just before he can execute Jeremy altogether, Elena steps into to save him.

However, she is not quite herself at the moment, for she’s actually Katherine (Nina Dobrev). She forces Jeremy to feed his blood into Silas. Once he is strong enough to hold his own “bottle,” Katherine grabs the cure and runs off. Happy to have gotten a meal in for over 2,000 years, Silas disposes of Jeremy by snapping his neck and throwing him aside. We then see a weak Bonnie devastated, but too injured to react.


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