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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 12 Recap: “A View to Kill”


The episode opens with Stefan (Paul Wesley) waking up in bed with Rebekah (Claire Holt). He doesn’t have the look of satisfaction on his face as he does regret. As he gets dressed to begin his walk of shame Klaus (Joseph Morgan), standing at the doorway blocks his escape. He proposes that Stefan help Klaus kill Kol. “Damon (Ian Somerhalder) will be uncompelled. Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) will live and we’ll all be on our merry way to a human Elena”

Let’s Get This Party Started Vampire Diaries photo: CW

It may be safe to say that no season is complete without an annual dance. Apparently the whole Scooby gang was supposed to contribute their efforts for this year’s 80’s themed shindig, leaving poor Bonnie (Kat Graham) to blow up balloons all on her lonesome. When Bonnie calls to find out their excuse as to why they were a no show, Elena informs her that she had to keep a watchful eye on Jeremy. While Matt is there as well, that leaves us to wonder where Tyler and Caroline have been hiding these past two episodes.

Still on the phone with Bonnie, their chat is soon interrupted by a painful surprise in Elena’s kitchen sink. Apparently Bonnie’s father has laced the water supply with vervain. Cruel, but a little surprising that no one has thought to do this sooner. Not only has he gone out of his way to contaminate the town’s water he has also informed her that the dance will be cancelled. Pissed of her father trying to get in the way of her capabilities of protecting herself, he interrupts with a not so fatherly rebuttal. “Would you like me to read you all of the names of people who’ve gone missing or who’ve died in tragic accidents in your senior year alone?”

Hocus Pocus

As Bonnie heads home to what will soon be a “family meeting,” Kol takes a strong attempt to kill her. The reason for his actions is that if he kills their only witch, the others will not be able to find the cure. Once again Bonnie’s rage mixed with magic causes Kol to be brimming with extreme pain and a few popped balloons for effect. Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Damon, still trapped in the Salvatore dungeon due to his compelled attempt to kill Jeremy has a strong case of cabin fever. Only allowing him water and small vials of blood Stefan asks Klaus to keep an eye while he looks for a dagger to steal from Rebekah.
Elena calls Stefan to warn him while sharing she has a plan of her own to kill Kol. “I want Jeremy to kill him” Elena explains to Stefan. Agreeing to help with her plan, Stefan continues to distract Rebekah in order to find the dagger.

Unfortunately for Rebekah, unaware that the school dance has been terminated she is found slightly cheerful having picked the perfect outfit for the event. Taking advantage of her misfortune Stefan asks her to be his date to the dance anyway.  Back at home, Bonnie and her father get into an argument over Professor Shane and her use of magic. “I lost your mother to witchcraft, I don’t intend to lose you too,” he says to Bonnie. Before the dispute escalates any farther, Jeremy arrives to tell her that Kol is at his house. As Bonnie starts to race out and head to Elena’s, her father tries to stop her, but before she can step outside, her mother, Abby arrives at the scene.

Chickie's and Pete's Valentine's Day Special


Not phased by this mother daughter reunion, Jeremy attempts to kill Abby by trying to stake her. Bonnie quickly calms Jeremy and tells him not to hurt her mother. While we would have liked for this to have been beautiful moment between the two. Abby quickly gets into the mommy role and begins to lecture Bonnie on her use of dark magic. Prepared that she would rebel from her advice, Abby drugs her leaving Bonnie temporarily sedated. Before Abby is able to make a second dosage, Bonnie wakes up breaking the herbs and her mother’s wrist. “I don’t belong to the spirits anymore,” Bonnie says. “I belong to myself.”

Almost closer to retrieving the dagger, Stefan attempts to distract Rebekah by reenacting the classic hallway scene from the 80’s flick The Breakfast Club. Eventually, Bex gives up the charade and hands Stefan the dagger from out of her boot.  Matt is found close by waiting for his mark. For a moment we are given the impression that Stefan’s plan actually worked until compassion kicks in and he suggest he take her home.

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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Not even a second after Jeremy arrives home, Kol is there ready to attack. After about a good five minutes of combat Elena is left staked to the wall and Jeremy is now dragged down the stairs so Kol can slice into his right arm. As Elena eventually frees herself we end this battle with two limbs connected to Jeremy and a barbecued Kol writhing in pain on the floor. Not even moments after their victory, we start to feel a bit of humanity for poor Klaus as he has just witnessed his brother helpless and in flames. His eyes water in devastation for only a short while before he threatens to not only burn down the Gilbert house, but kill both of them for not allowing him to get to Kol himself. “You kill us you’ll never get to the cure, you’ll never be able to make more hybrids,” Jeremy says. Amused by his oblivion, Klaus confesses his true intent to find the cure. He doesn’t want it to create more hybrids, but to destroy it.

Still in his usual threatening monologue, his chilling performance is cut short when Bonnie arrives crippling him. She forces Jeremy to invite him in; confused by her demand Jeremy performs her request. Using the power of the new moon, she creates a way to trap Klaus inside the living room.

And Here….We…Go…

The gang arrives at the Salvatore house to wait for Jeremy’s mark to fully grow. Damon and Elena reunite until Stefan enters with the headstone from Sila’s grave. He informs them that he failed to dagger Rebekah because he is not a threat to them. “She wants to find this cure more than anyone” confused of Stefan’s actions “Why would you possibly think that you could trust her?” Elena says “Let me guess, you pledged your allegiance to her by getting naked in the sake,” just the smart-ass comment Damon would say to make a tense moment even more tense. This lover’s quarrel is immediately interrupted by the screams of Jeremy’s mark growing. Ripping his shirt, the group watches as it begins to covers his body.


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