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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 16 Recap: “Bring It On”


I Can Do Bad All by Myself

After having all her humanity turned off, we find Elena (Nina Dobrev) pretending to be wounded and left on the road.  A woman comes to Elena’s aid is frantic and tries to help her. As she runs to her trunk for a blanket, Elena attacks the poor woman almost draining her of her blood. Damon, (Ian Somerhalder) who always seems to swoop in at the right time, pulls the blood-thirsty Elena away from the poor woman demanding she have some self control. Photo: CW


We are later reunited with Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), who has been trying to stay under the radar once deciding to assist Professor Shane (David Alpay) and Katherine. She is saved by Klaus (Joseph Morgan) after being nearly ripped to pieces by a vampire. Unfortunately for Hayley, she is not being protected the way she thinks she is- for she is only kept under the watchful eye of Klaus, so he is one step closer to finding the cure.


Back at the Salvatore house, Damon and Stefan (Paul Wesley) agree that it would be in Elena’s best interest to play “normal” back at the high school. Caroline, (Candice Accola) still leaving voicemails for Tyler (Michael Trevino), updates him of everything that has been going on in Mystic Falls. No thanks to the switch turned off in Elena’s psyche, she comes across a flier for Jeremy’s (Steven R McQueen) memorial that is being planned for him, but ironically is more interested when she sees the flier for the cheerleading squad. Caroline is shocked by Elena’s request, but is excited to see her caught up in her old self again.


Be Aggressive!

Damon and Stefan investigate the missing blood supply from the hospital. Stefan and Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite Macintyre) discuss who could have caused the matter. “So who can you think wants blood that bad, who would be so careless?” Forbes asks Stefan. By the look on his face it’s no mystery who his first suspect could be. Dressed for the part we see Elena in her cheerleading uniform, for the competition against Grove Hill High. Oblivious to Elena’s behavior Caroline doesn’t notice the thirst in Elena’s eyes as she watches the other team mates.  Luckily Caroline’s intuition kicks in when she notices a blue ribbon in Elena’s hair and a shell shocked cheerleading in the crowd after attacking her on a bus.  


Stefan calls Damon to tell him the sire bond has no effect now that her humanity is turned off. Rebekah (Claire Holt) catches up with Damon who herself is looking for Katherine. Klaus continues to play nice in order to get information out of Hayley. Since wining and dining her doesn’t seem to be working, they both find a different “approach.”  Back at school, Elena continues with the competition. Things start off smoothly until Elena refuses to catch Caroline, leaving her flat on the floor and furious.  In order to stop his rebellious vampire ex girlfriend, Stefan tries his usual reverse psychology approach so he can inject vervain into her system.



Party Rock

Finally awaken by a mean dose of vervain, Stefan attempts to talk some sense into Elena. However, nothing he says seems to be getting through to her, since the entire time he talks she is texting on her cell.  “Why do you care what I do and who I kill?” Elena asks Stefan.  He soon realizes her slight distraction was her arrangement to throw a huge party at the Salvatore house.  Caroline tries to bring a silver lining to the situation. “Yes, this is all very bad, but doesn’t she make you just want to let go?” Caroline asks Stefan.  She proposes that Stefan just let go himself and have some fun for one night. However, the sight of Caroline and Stefan dancing sets something off in Elena’s head. Guess there’s still an ounce of humanity lingering inside of her. Photo: CW


Sheriff Forbes enters ready to shut the party down. But before she can, Elena does something that sets Caroline off as well. Before she can break her neck, Elena flees the scene. She and Damon search for Elena as he stresses to Caroline to snap Elena’s neck once she finds her.  Caroline eventually runs into Elena, who immediately picks a fight which would have ended in another tragic death if Damon and Stefan hadn’t stepped in to pry Elena off her.


Not the best week for Caroline, Stefan tries to convince her that the old Elena is still in there.  So sure things are fine without her humanity, Damon doesn’t want to accept the new Elena and would much prefer the old one. Caroline’s bad week soon climaxes when she no longer can come inside Tyler’s house. She see’s Matt standing by the door allowing her to come in. Caroline reads a letter from Tyler, saying Matt now has the deed to his home, and the only way to protect her is for him to not come back, since Klaus refuses to refrain from hunting Tyler and killing him.


After finally breaking Hayley’s silence, Klaus notices a birthmark on her back while she dresses herself. He reveals that he may have some information about her family, since earlier she revealed she was an orphan.  Stefan receives a call from a anxious Sheriff Forbes, who tells him that there has been reports of six other blood banks thefts within 30 miles of Mystic Falls. Stefan calls Damon with the idea that maybe Silas could be the one stealing the blood, since he hasn’t fed in 2000 years. Elena and Damon are seen driving off for a road trip to New York City.


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