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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 17 Recap: “Because of the Night”


In this episode of The Vampire Diaries, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) takes Elena through a trip down memory lane; year 1977 to be exact. Since humanity-less Elena had a little too much fun in Little Mystic Falls, Damon decides to bring Elena (Nina Dobrev)  to New York City to have a little fun. “In a city with so much life, a little death goes unnoticed,” Damon tells her.  Photo: CW


Damon fills Stefan (Paul Wesley) in on his departure to explain the real reason for the trip. Will, the vampire he killed last episode while looking for Katherine, was an old friend of Salvatore’s.  He had lived in New York, and Damon wants to get into his apartment to see if it leads him to Katherine. As always, Stefan is a bit apprehensive when it comes to his little brother.   


Back at the Salvatore mansion, Caroline (Candice Accola), jilted over Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) decision to remain missing, is found cleaning up the remains of Elena’s party. While tossing leftover liquor bottles, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) appears. Apparently, Stefan had asked him to stop by, now that there is a vast chance Silas is the reason for the events that have been occurring in Mystic Falls.   


Bonnie (Kat Graham) still completely brainwashed by Silas’ needs her help, and if you don’t already know, he’ll do anything to get it. Such as invoking the memory Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) to convince her. Sadly this is enough to sway Bonnie, who listens as “Shane” (David Alpay) details the plan for his final massacre. 



Walk This Way 


Damon is giving Elena the tour of his New York. Billy’s — the club where he takes Elena, was the place to be for the true underground scene. It’s where he first met Will, the owner of the club. As well as running into old friends such as Lexi, story time is soon cut short by the arrival of Rebekah (Claire Holt), who’s livid from him ditching her. Stefan, Caroline, and Klaus browse through Shane’s office to find clues that could help find Silas. Caroline comes across a book that explains the use of expression triangles. In order for the Spell to be complete Bonnie must murder 12 witches. Silas tries to convince Bonnie’s father he needs more time with her. Frustrated with “Shane” Bonnie gets defense causing her expression to build up but not before she busts a few windows in the process.   


It’s dinner time back at the club. Elena and Rebekah fed on a young girl while the scene flashes back to Damon and Lexi doing the same. Now that both Elena and Rebekah’s guard is off for a moment, Damon uses the opportunity sneak out and find Will’s apartment.

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Blinded by the Light 


Bonnie’s plan is already coming into play as she gets all 12 witches to meet her in the woods for what Aja (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) thinks is detox of Bonnie’s expression. After a hearty meal, Rebekah and Elena have a small heart to heart. Rebekah suggests they work together in finding the cure. However, Elena is confused to understand why an original would want to give up such power to be human again.Photo: CW


“Do you remember what it’s like to be human? Weak fragile? Why would you want to go back to that?” Elena asks. “Because someday I want a family of my own,” Rebekah replies with total sincerity. “The best part of having no emotions is that I can think rationally. I’ll do whatever it takes to get this done. You’re the opposite a pile of neuroses insecurities hopes and dreams,” Elena says to Rebekah, causing her to regret making amends with her in the first place.



Undercover Angel


The coven begins the cleanse on Bonnie while Bonnie herself begins her plan to wipe them all out. Things get intense (not to mention her freaky Storm like eyes glazed over) as her power gets stronger. We flash back again to Damon and Lexi as she psychoanalyzes him on turning his switch back on. While looking for Bonnie, Caroline and Klaus are caught up in Lover’s quarrel. Stefan finds the triangle and tries to stop Aja before it’s too late. Caroline scared of losing another best friend intervenes and stabs Aja in the heart, but doesn’t realize she’s actually completed the spell.


Up on the club’s rooftop, Elena tries to seduce Damon so she can find out why he’s been so sneaky all night. We flashback once again to the morning after Lex and Damon’s hot night for her to discover he had tricked her into thinking his humanity was back on. He wanted revenge for her constantly trying to nurse him back to being human again (at least on the inside for that matter).  Damon tries to explain to Elena how screwed up her life will be when she has to battle the guilt once her humanity is turned back on again. The only way to protect her from that is to find the cure.


Bonnie wakes up confused and a bit amnesiac. Her last memory was her on the island she had no recollection of going postal on an entire coven. Caroline, full of guilt for having killed 12 witches, is even more aggravated when Klaus has no remorse or at least struggles to find any (though his humanity may tap in very soon when he is visited by Silas, who proposes he help him). Before Klaus can reject his proposal, Silas daggers him to get his messages across. Damon wakes up after having his neck snapped by Rebekah to find the two ladies driving off in his convertible like the beginning of Thelma and Louise.

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