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Bask Spa at Revel Casino offers restoration and relaxation!


It’s hard to believe, but spring is less than a month away. However, the gloomy weather persists here in the mid-Atlantic areas and I have just the thing for chasing away those winter blues.
You must get yourself to Bask Spa at Revel.Bask Spa

I have been to many spas in the United States. All gave me comfort, relaxation and a wonderful massage, scrub or facial. However, I have never spa-ahhhed like this before. Bask goes above and beyond restoration and relaxation. This is the spa you want to be at!

Beginning with a calm check-in among various fun gifts for sale (robes, lotions, etc) in the wellbeing boutique, you will be escorted to the women or men’s wet areas to change. Both rooms have ample changing space with secure lockers, shower facilities and a wonderful makeup and grooming area (these lights let you look gorgeous). While you are waiting for your treatments, there are separate areas to relax, The Zen Lounge, to have some tea or fruit and nuts and take a moment to breathe.

From there you will be whisked off to your treatments. You always want to arrive early for your treatments, but arrive in plenty of time to enjoy the other amenities. This sanctuary offers 32 spa rooms accommodating facials, massages, and body therapies, as well as Core Fusion, yoga, and SurfSET classes.

I got a massage, so my amazing therapist Jasmine down the long quiet hallways led me to my treatment room. I was warm, comfortable, and as we began the massage, I felt even better. She was able to adjust the table to reach my maximum comfort and work on my body- especially legs and neck- to release toxins and just feel better!

I thought the adjustable massage table was genius, as it wasn’t completely flat, because getting up from a flat table tends to give me a head rush after the appointment, which I don’t like. I was all stretched out, comfortable, and relaxed, with all my limbs free of aches and pains.

She escorted me back to the Zen Lounge, and from there, I decided to seek some water therapy. I went back to the wet aBask Sparea where I relaxed in the sauna and steam rooms for a bit, then lounged in the ladies hot tub. No one else was even in the spa (it was a Tuesday at 2pm!) so I stripped down and relaxed in the hot bubbling water.

From there I headed to the center of the Bask sanctuary, the co-ed area that is truly a stunning delight. High arched columns soar above a mineral pool that soothes your joints. This is no hot tub, not a chlorinated pool. It is a mineral pool that purifies you as you float. There’s even a push-button waterfall to have the warm waters cascade over you. You can also sit in the co-ed hot tub to relax, or sit up in the beautifully decorated Hammam.

Another delight to this spa is the salt grotto. The cool air circulates over the Himalayan salt blocks to detoxify and purify your body! I totally loved this, as it’s very soothing and relaxing! This is a truly difference experience, and one I have never seen at another spa.

So after sampling everything that I could within Bask, I prettied up and met my pal Lor for dinner at the Mussel Bar within Revel.

This spa offers treatments, classes, and all forms of relaxation within its walls. Even if you aren’t staying at Revel, you still can experience the enjoyment.

So go to Revel. Pamper yourself all day and play all night. Because this is one experience you should never miss!


Christine Tarlecki is a P2P writer from the Phoenixville area and can be reached on twitter and FaceBook under engchik, and at engchik@comcast.net.

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Spa pictures courtesy of Revel.

Special thanks to Meg Mendelsohn of simoneink!