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Rihanna & Chris Brown break up again, 'MTV’s Teen Mom' a Porn Star, Kid Rock's $20 tickets


Rihanna & Chris Brown break up againRihanna and Chris Brown Back Together? photo: celebrific.com


The world was shocked to learn that Rihanna and Chris Brown had gotten back together,
especially after the explosive and violent history that the two had. 


Both swore that the past was the past and this time things would be better. And they seemed to be right because nothing bad happened.


Regardless of if their relationship was better or not, it just couldn’t last and the two have once again called it quits.


While things are pretty hush hush when it comes to why the two have gone their separate ways, it is being said that Rihanna will always have love for her ex, but will now be focusing on her career and many business ventures. 


Will they get back together?  Who knows!  Have either moved on and found someone new already?  So far reports point to no.


Regardless of what the future holds, hopefully both can be happy.


  MTV’s Teen Mom a Porn Star


If you watch MTV’s Teen Mom, then you probably know who Farrah Abraham is.  She’s the hot mess who fought with her mom, tried her hand at a modeling career, and has gotten a bunch of plastic surgery even though she was pretty to begin with.


Now she has another thing she can add to her hot mess resume—porn star.


Yep, she has filmed a sex tape with James Deen.


Rumors of a relationship between the two were beginning to swirl after they were seen holding hands while walking to Vivid Entertainment.  While those rumors were proven to be false, it was found that she did, indeed, shoot a scene with the porn veteran.


According to Deen, “We definitely shot a scene, and in my opinion it was very amazingly awesome.” 


Right now nothing is known about the movie or when it will even be released, but according to Steve Hirsch, Vivid’s founder and co-chairmen, “Farrah looks incredible and if the move ever gets released there will be huge interest.  I like our chances.”

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Kid Rock's $20 tickets


 If you like concerts and you like Kid Rock, but don’t have a ton of money to spend, you’ll be pretty excited about this one!


The singer knows all about the sucktastic ecomony and wants his fans to have a way to see him without breaking the bank.  So, he’s decided that he’s going to make going to his concert affordable.


He will be touring this summer with Uncle Kracker, Kool & the Gang, and ZZ Top.  And if you’re lucky enough to have a date schedule near you, you’ll be able to snag tickets for $20.


Yes, you read that right, $20.


Why is Kid Rock doing this?


According to the announcement on his website, he understands how bad the economy is and wants to be able to give his fans the concert experience that they want at prices that they can afford.


But, that’s not all.  If you plan to buy a beer at the show, it’ll only set you back $4.  Seriously.


Want tickets?  Get them from Live Nation starting April 12th.


Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.

Contact Valerie at writerval@comcast.net

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photo: celebrific.com