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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Episode 19 Recap: “Pictures of You”


A Night to Remember

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve last seen the Mystic Falls gang and tonight is Prom Night. We start off with Bonnie (Kat Graham) paying her respects to Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) at the Gilbert Family plot. It isn’t until moments later she looks over to see Jeremy in the “flesh” screaming for her to wake up. As she finally, awakes, she realizes she is on fire and unsure of how something like this could have happened.

Back at the Salvatore house, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) strategize a way to get Elena (Nina Dobrev) to switch her emotions back on. After the stunt she pulled back in PA, it is no secret that they have to tread lightly with this tactic. While the two brothers think of a clever plan to suede Elena to rid herself of her wicked ways the Original Vampires discuss Rebekah’s (Claire Holt) interest in obtaining the cure. Photo: CW

Elijah (Daniel Gillies) makes a wager with Rebekah. “Prove to me that this isn’t another one of your whims that you know precisely what you are giving up here.” Elijah informs Rebekah. Her challenge is to live one day as a human without using any of her supernatural powers and the cure is hers.  Klaus (Joseph Morgan), completely opposed to this idea threatens (like Klaus usually does) to compel her to forget him when she is dying from what will one day be of “old age”.

Caroline (Candice Accola), all set for the senior prom, tries on her dress at a local boutique. Knowing that Tyler (Michael Trevino) will not be there to accompany her, she tries to find the silver lining by making prom night about “friends, and memories.”  Rebekah and Elena walk in were her eyes instantly draw to Caroline’s dress to what she soon steals for herself. Stefan and Damon play chaperone and escort their criminal mastermind to the prom. Pissed off and anxious, Caroline goes to no other than Klaus for help. Since she has a brief history with his family heirlooms, Caroline asks Klaus for him to lend a dress to the prom.

It almost seemed too good to be true when for a moment, Elena seemed to have switched back as she viewed a montage of pictures Caroline had put together for the dance. Many of the shots were of her and the rest of the group along with one shot of her and Jeremy. Unfortunately, it still was not enough to bring back the Elena we’ve grown to love so dearly who now have grown to hate; Bonnie, for example who is on team “I hate Elena” as she watched her insult Bonnie for being controlled by Silas, back when she told everyone she knew a way to bring Jeremy back from the dead. Needing to get some air, probably before her expression ignites the entire room, Bonnie walks outside to see Jeremy peek through the trees. Desperate for an escape from reality Bonnie shares a dance with her deceased friend.


The Heart of Life

Rebekah still on human duty confides in Matt (Zach Roerig) asking if she would make a good human. “I think Good is a hard word to live up to, I’ve never seen you do anything remotely good so, honestly no I don’t,” Matt says to Rebekah which by the expression on her face felt like a white oak dagger to the heart Stephan, still hard at work trying to switch Elena back tries to send her on a trip down memory lane. He tries to get her to remember how she felt when they were in love how the touch of his hand on her waist, the way their fingers would touch with his, and the look he would give her made her feel. Yet again, still no reaction. At least from Elena since soon we see an annoyed Damon lurking from the distance.

Caroline, making a late, but grand entrance composes herself from strangling Elena’s neck after she sees her wearing her prom dress. Stefan swoops in, and takes Caroline to the dance floor as he confesses his struggle to get over Elena no matter how many times he says he is over her. The optimist that Caroline is comforts Stefan to believe that one day he will find someone new and move on from Elena one day.

What would be a prom without a prom queen? And Rebekah knows just the candidate. Trying to get April (Grace Phipps) to up her vote as queen, Elena quickly intervenes and threatens her to be the winner. Dancing in the moonlight, Bonnie discovers her dance partner is no other than Silas. He warns her that her expression will get worse, but Bonnie has no interest in what he has to say.

Later at Klaus’ domicile, Elijah hands over the white oak dagger to Klaus as a peace offering. Completely over the prom she’s worked so hard on, Caroline leaves the gathering early saying “if anyone asks I’ll be at the after party” Bonnie warns Damon and Stefan her encounter with Silas while Elena listens from the distance. Just before they ditch the prom to collaborate a plan, April announces the prom King and Queen who is no other than Bonnie and Matt (Does anyone else even go to this school?).

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Somber, Caroline sets up for the after party at Tyler’s old estate. With her wicked sharp senses Caroline turns around to see Tyler in a tux that came back to Mystic Falls to surprise her from Prom. Damon confronts Stephan on his feelings for Elena who sarcastically tells Damon their connection was only due to the sire bond. Before Damon could blink to bum rush his brother Stefan (Silas) Stakes Damon with a dagger saying his real brother is left back in the woods.   

Elena comes up with the idea that if they can’t get rid of Silas the next best thing is to kill the witch that is powerful enough to help him. Backstage, Elena attempts to attack Bonnie until her expression takes over to where she is practically killing Elena. Pissed, Elena bites April for not cooperating when she told her to make Rebekah prom queen. Photo: CW

Matt begs Rebekah to feed April her blood in order to save her. However, Rebekah knows if she uses any of her powers then all bets are off with Elijah. Silas still trying to get to Bonnie warns her once again that she needs his help. For only a moment of weakness Elena is able to grab Bonnie and bite her neck. Her expression soon becomes stronger than ever as she nearly rips Elena from inside out. Fortunately, Bonnie is able to stop herself, but is not pleased with how her magic is taking over her.

Rebekah does the right thing and saves April’s life. Matt promises to not tell anyone so Rebekah still has a shot at obtaining the cure. Happy she actually got away with cheating, Klaus creeps in forcing Rebekah to tell Elijah the truth. The scene flashes forward of Rebekah telling Elijah her night as a human was 100% successful. Elijah hands over the cure to Rebekah to when he receives a phone call from the real Rebekah warning Elijah to hold onto the cure. Putting two and two together we discover Silas has transformed himself to finally get his hands on the cure.

Tyler and Caroline share one last dance until Tyler tells Caroline he cannot stay due to the fact he’s supposed to be “dead” and not to mention if Klaus finds out he really will be. Before he can make his escape, Klaus gives Tyler a head start before killing him. Luckily for Tyler, Klaus’ infatuation with Caroline is the only thing keeping him alive.

Back at the Salvatore house, Damon and Stefan lock Elena in the basement as “plan C” of getting Elena to switch her emotions back on. As he arrives home, Klaus receives a letter from Katarina threatening that there is a witch who is more of threat to him than anyone ever will be. This may have sparked some fear into Klaus. And curiosity as to whom this witch is. Bonnie tracks down Silas where it seems she’s decided to help him in his plot with the cure. Before she agrees to assist him she asks that she show his face. He begins to stand up and for a moment we see a small look at what is Silas.

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