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Game of Thrones’ future, Finding Nemo spinoff, Heidi Klum- Superhero?


Game of Thrones’ future 


The third season of Game of Thrones might have just started this past weekend, but fans of the show are already wondering what the future may hold.  Not for this season, but for future seasons—like, will there be any?Photo: www.pcmag.com


Good news!  There will be at least a 4th season.


It has been announced that HBO has renewed the hit series for 10 more episodes.


Of course, some expected this announcement considering how popular the show is and how high its ratings are each week.  In fact, as of right now it is the biggest moneymaker for the network at this time and could possibly bypass True Blood as the networks most popular series.


Unfortunately no details about the next season have been revealed, but it is being said that that the storyline may come from the second half of the 3rd book  (A Song of Ice and Fire) and might even use content from some of the other novels as well.

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Finding Nemo spinoff Photo: www.collider.com


You’ve seen the movie Finding Nemo, haven’t you?  Or maybe you’ve at least heard of it.  It’s the animated Disney Pixar flick about a father fishy looking for his son after the two were separated—you know, his journey, who helped him, etc. 


If you have seen it, perhaps you remember Dory, the funny blue tang fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres.


Apparently the character was so popular and so memorable that Pixar has decided to create a movie focused on her.


As of right now there isn’t too, too much known about Finding Dory and its storyline.  It looks like it will take place a year or so after what happened in the original film, will include a lot of your faves from Finding Nemo, and will even feature new characters.


The movie is set to hit the big screen November 25, 2015.


 Heidi Klum: Superhero?Photo: www.Perezhilton.com


We all know that Heidi Klum is a supermodel, but did you know that she is also a superhero? 


She is, kinda.


You see, the model and host of Project Runway was recently vacationing with her family in Hawaii when tragedy struck.  Her 7-year-old son was caught in a strong current and pulled into the ocean.  She thought fast and managed to save him!


“We were pulled into the ocean by a big wave,” she said in a statement to E! News.  “Like any mother, I was very scared for my child and everyone else in the water.  Thankfully Henry is a strong swimmer and was able to swim back to land and we were able to get everyone out safely.”


Klum and her bodyguard/boyfriend Martin Kristen helped to save both the boy and two nannies from drowning.



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Game of Thrones photo: pcmag.com

Nemo photo: collider.com

Heidi Klum photo: perezhilton.com