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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Episode 23 Recap: "Graduations"


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It’s finally graduation, and Mystic Falls is yet again hit with an abundance of supernatural controversy. With the veil down, the group has to deal with dozens of ghosts with unfinished business.

Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) standing in front of the graduation podium making a speech to what looks like every person that has crossed over with unfinished business. Lexi (Arielle Kebbel), enjoying her time on the other side is found hanging with her bestie Stefan (Paul Wesley) at the Salvatore house.

Below school grounds, Bonnie (Kat Graham) is on the phone with Caroline (Candice Accola) who is above on why she as yet to bring the veil back up. Little does Caroline know, it’s Bonnie’s soul that’s talking to her while her body lies next to her in the middle of the triangle.

Time for the Reckoning


Elena is enjoying her time left with Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and while adjusting back to having her humanity at full swing. Her friendly lunch is soon interrupted by a call from Connor (Todd Williams).


It seems like everyone is getting an unexpected visitor this afternoon in Mystic Falls. Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Matt (Zach Roerig) are held hostage with her ex boyfriend Alexander who has crossed over. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) gets shot by Vaughn (Charlie Bewley), the Scottish hunter we met back at the island. Now that they are able to cross over, they apparently want access to the silas and the cure.


Alaric (Matthew Davis) runs to the grill to stop Connor who is strapped with C4. Alaric grabs Connor in time to save the bar but not enough to prevent an explosion. Rebekah, and Matt still stuck on a booby-trapped surface that seems to be sensored by weight and movement try to focus on other things. Rebekah tells Matt that he is going to see the world with her to which Matt accepts her invitation saying, “It’s a date.”  Annoyed by Rebekah’s interest in Matt, Alexander throws a dagger at her but catches it- saving Matt’s life.


Still keeping quiet of her demise, Bonnie runs into Katherine (Nina Dobrev) who wants her the immortality she was promised. Bonnie tells Kat that because Qetsiyah never showed up she is unable to give her the power of immortality. Katherine is not pleased with this news threatens to kill Elena if she doesn’t get what was promised to her.


As a graduation gift, Damon gives Elena the cure. Elena refuses to take it, which also confirms there no longer is a sire bond between them. Stefan comments to Lexi the reality of the sire bond that she is the love of his life, and would go back to her in heartbeat. Because the sire bond is broken, there is hope she can chose what she wants for herself.


With graduation and a ghost running around, Damon now has to deal with the fact that the bullet hit by Vaughn was laced with werewolf venom- which won’t heal like any “normal” wound to a vampire. Elena suggests that Damon take the cure (since Klaus is still in New Orleans) and would be the only person that could heal him.


Damon throws Vaughn the cure to “dig up Silas” and leaves. Damon takes Vaughn to a cliff that has a large body of water underneath. He tells Vaughn that he dumped Silas into the water. Rebekah and Matt (who are still held captive) discuss a strategy to escape Alexander’s death trap. Matt tells Rebekah that he is still wearing the Gilbert ring so he cannot be killed by anything supernatural, and if Rebekah detonates the bomb he has a greater chance of living. Rebekah believes if he blows up, the ring will too and won’t save him. Taking a leap of faith, Rebekah takes Matt and they kiss passionately- for this may be her only opportunity to express how she truly feels for him. Using her supernatural powers, Rebekah lets Matt free so he won’t miss his graduation. We see her run off and the lot explodes.

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Right of Passage


 Frantic, Elena strategies a plan to stop the hunters from getting the cure. Both Jeremy and Stefan insist that she go to her graduation. The group all meet up to an emotional group hug. The ceremony begins, and we watch each member of the gang receive his or her diploma. Watching her friends enjoy this right of passage, Bonnie turns to see Kol and six other supernatural ghosts close by. Before he can threaten her any further, Bonnie shows Kol her lifeless body. She tells Kol that like him, she has unfinished business and wants the same things he wants. Thinking she is on the same team, Kol realizes Bonnie has trapped him until he can be sent back to the other side.


Not amused by Damon’s game to distract him from where Silas really is, Vaughn shoots three more laced bullets into his body. Damon refuses to take the cure because he wants it for Elena. Angry witches interrupt the rest of the ceremony, causing a high-pitched frequency to pierce everyone’s nerve system. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) swoops in and stops the witches from hurting his friends- well one in particular who has a smile on her face when she see’s her immortal crush step in to save her life.


With little time left until the veil is brought back up, Elena takes a moment to talk to Stefan. Elena thanks Stefan for not giving up on her when her humanity was shut off. As an appreciation of her gratitude, Elena gives Stefan the cure. She feels if anyone deserves the cure, its him. Klaus gives Caroline the ultimate graduation present and tells her that Tyler is free to return to Mystic falls (“He’s your first love. I intend to be your last. However long it takes.”) Damon tells Elena he is not sorry for rejecting the cure. He tells her that he’d rather die than be selfless because he isn’t good for her. Thought the sire bond may have been broken, Elena tells Damon no matter what, she loves him and is not sorry for anything that has happened.


Stefan overhears their conversation and heads out to take Silas to the quarry. Stefan tells Damon that he’s not happy about Elena, but isn’t unhappy about him either.




 Jeremy comes to see Bonnie. He tells he is ready to cross over.  The moon is now full and it’s time for the veil to be brought back up. Stefan and Lexi drive away, where she tells him that it’s time for him to start living his life. Stefan questions whether Elena was the one before Lexi crosses over and tells him that Elena will always be an epic love, but there will be an opportunity to find another “one” if he just lets go.


As Jeremy thinks he’s about to cross over into the other side, he and Bonnie kiss. Air starts to fill his lungs and Bonnie informs him that her spell was a success and he is human again. When Jeremy tries to thank her, he sees that he can’t feel her because she is still dead. Bonnie walks over with Grams and crosses over.


Rebkah stops by to see Matt. Matt tells Rebekah that he wants to be with her just apparently in secret. Katherine and Elena duke it out since she has yet to get her humanity. Guess she wasn’t bluffing when Katherine threatened Bonnie. She’s not just hurting her because of the deal- she hates that Elena seems to get everything she’s ever wanted. Close to death, Elena flashes back to when she gives Stefan the cure. Stefan hands it back to Elena, who shoves it to Katherine.


Stefan gathers Silas to find that when Bonnie died, the spell broke and Silas is no longer bounded into stone. Silas reveals that he is a doppelganger of Stefan. He shoves him into a safe and throws him into the quarry.

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