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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Episode 20 Recap: “The Originals”


It’s time for another road trip on The Vampire Diaries, and in this episode, we are in New Orleans. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) visits his old town he once ruled to find the witch Jane- Anne Deveraux (Malaya Rivera Drew). Apparently when you leave a town you once ruled 100 years ago, things are intended to change. Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), who was sired by Klaus, now rules the town- keeping all of the residents in fear and the witches sleeping with one eye open. Photo: CW


Home Sweet Home


We find Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) searching town for answers of her ancestors. Jane sends Hayley to a town that she says will have more information to her family. Little does Hayley know she is part of plot being made in the form of magic which (according to Marcel) is illegal in this town. Happy to be in his natural habitat, Klaus lurks through town in search of Jane. He comes across a witch who isn’t exactly thrilled to see him. Klaus is soon informed of the town’s new leader. 


While New Orleans used to be Klaus’s town, it’s now Marcel’s. Marcel is Klaus’ one-time protégé. Klaus tells Marcel that he needs to speak to Jane. But after an underground court hearing for Jane’s use of magic, Marcel kills her for breaking the rules. Upset that his questions will not go unanswered, Klaus heads to the local bar to find Jane’s sister Sophie (Daniella Pineda). Trying to get information out of her, Sophia informs Klaus that she couldn’t tell Klaus anything about her sister even if she wanted to. As Sophie takes a moment to mourn her dead Sister, Marcel’s crew is already on her case, accusing her of using magic. At this moment, Sophia thinks this is it for her until Elijah runs in saving her life from the evil vampires.


All My Children


On his way to confront Marcel for thinking he needs two babysitters on his tail, Klaus learns Marcel’s need to enforce so many rules. Elijah takes Klaus to meet up with Sophie, who tells Klaus that since it was his fault for making Marcel who he is, it’s his responsibility to stop him. Since Klaus isn’t the easiest person to persuade, Sophie tries another tactic. She informs Klaus that Hayley is pregnant with his child. Because Klaus was born a werewolf before he became a vampire, it granted him an enhanced likelihood of this procreation. Like many men who aren’t the breeding type, Klaus wants nothing to do with the baby. If anything, he does not believe there is a child to begin with until Elijah tells him to listen to it’s fetal heartbeat

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Oh I Just Can’t Wait To Be King


Elijah feels this child is gift to the family, which would allow them to reclaim everything they have lost in the past. With adrenaline still pumping through him, Klaus isn’t exactly rationalizing with this concept. Elijah calls Rebekah (Claire Holt) to vent why his brother cannot take the high road with anything. Rebekah feels that Elijah is wasting him time trying to find his humanity. “I’ll stop searching for his redemption with I believe there is none left to be found,” Elijah tells Rebekah. Klaus has had enough of Marcel’s power over the witches. Though Marcel owes everything to Klaus he no longer feels sired to him. “The blood never stops flowing and the party never ends. You want to pass on through you want to stay awhile great! what’s mine is yours, but it is mine! My family, my home, my rules,” Marcel tells Klaus. Photo: CW


Lucky for Klaus, being an original has perks no other vampire can posses. He bites one of the party goers- breaking one of Marcel’s rules knowing Marcel cannot kill him because when you’re an original you are immortal. However, in order for Klaus to win this battle, he has to play smart.


More than anything, he wants the power that Marcel has over the town. “I want what he has, I want to be king,” Klaus confesses to Elijah. For his plan to fall through, Klaus also decides that it would be wise to include an heir to his thrown. “Making peace” with Marcel, he gives a dose of his blood to save the man he bit. Completely oblivious to Klaus’ tactics, Marcel accepts his token of apology.


Something must be lurking in the bayous of New Orleans due to Klaus’ gushy phone call to Caroline (Candice Accola) telling her how everything this town has to over reminds him of how much he wants to share this experience with her. Back at Mystic Falls Rebekah is livid to Klaus’ plan while Elena (Nina Dobrev), still locked away has had enough of Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stephan’s (Paul Wesley) deal to switch her.


Let the games begin.

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